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Knowing daily constellation in Horoscope!

Description of knowing daily constellation If one has to know the constellation of a particular day in a particular month he should count from the heginned of kartik to the month before the target month. Double the figure so obtained. Add to it the date of the target time. If the total is more than 27 leave it as 27. If it is dark portion count from ashninak shatra and if it is light portion count from sawat constellation. The digit on which the number comes to an and will be the constellation of that particular day.

Name and order of constellations

Constellations are 28 in number described in any prevalent almanac in terms of ghari and pal according to the dates of each months. Of these there is one unnamed constellation him which is not taken in counting due to its first movement. Its number is twenty second. The remaining 27 are clear mentioned in Alananacs. Greeks call them destinations of Moon where in all bodies rotate at their fixed time. The timings of constellations are collated from the time of Sun rise.

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