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Planet Moon's Effect in 12 Houses Astrologically!

Moon is a royal planet and is the queen in astrology. It is also called Sasi, Sasanka, Somah, Nisakara, Sitamsu. Moon represents the mind, emotions, sensitivity, the mother, house and domestic comforts, milk, sea and all things connected with the sea, hotel and food industry, textiles and apparels. Its cold and calm, Its color is white, direction north-east, metal is silver and gem is pearl. The moon is the fastest moving of the 9 planets and takes approximately 2-1/2 days to travel a sign. When the sun and moon are in the same rasi it is called Amavasya or new moon day or the 1st day of the dark fortnight. The lunar days or Tithi changes with every 12 degree difference between the sun and the moon. When the sun and the moon are in the exact opposite signs or 180 degrees apart, it is called Poornima or the full moon day or the 1st day of the bright fortnight. He is the Matrukaraka or planet connected with mother.

Where the Moon is placed in ones horoscope has a very significant impact on ones life. The following are the results of Moon placed in the 12 houses from Lagna.

Moon in the 1st House

1. Moon symbolises beauty. Its placement in the ascendant makes the person very handsome in appearance.
2. Moon is always waning and waxing and represents mind. The mind of the native will therefore be somewhat unsteady.
3. Moon is a watery planet. The native will therefore like watery places.
4. When the Moon is in Aries in the ascendant, she will be lord of the 4th in the 1st. When it is in Taurus she will be exalted as lord of the 3rd in the 1st. When the Moon is in Cancer she will be in her own sign, in the Ascendant. So the results are that he will be versed in shastras, wealthy, happy, a king. He will be soft spoken, will be of strong body but not intelligent.
5. In Libra and Pisces in the Ascendant will also be good because she will be in the ascendant as lord of the 9th, the 10th and the 5th respectively.
6. If the Moon is aspected by a benefic the native will be powerful, intelligent, wealthy etc.

Moon in the 2nd House
1. Moon is also significator of face. The Moon in the first as well as in the second house gives the native a handsome appearance.
2. If a benefic Moon in the second (preferably in Aries, Taurus or Cancer) will help the native to achieve in his young age a distinct professional achievement by the favour of the King and Government.
3. The second house is house of wealth (Dhanabhava) and educational achievements also fall within the sphere of the second house. If the Moon in the second house is under benefic influence, or if there is a full Moon alone in the second house, he will be highly educated and wealthy. In this connection it should be noted that full Moon is rated as a first class benefic.

Moon in the 3rd House
1. The placement of the Moon in the third house is not favourable in the matter of finance as Moon, the natural 4th house lord will be going to the 12 from the 4th.
2. Backbiting nature because of above as 3rd is the house of communication.
3. 3rd is connected with joints & watery planet moon can cause rheumatic troubles
4. The signification brothers and sisters are not damaged by the presence of the Moon in the third house as the 2nd from the 3rd is coming to the 3rd.
5. Having negligible agricultural production, payment of penalties to Government and loss of cattle wealth are all results of being unfortunate as it is opposite to the 9th house.

Moon in the 4th House

1. The fourth house signifies amongst other things, mother, milk, agricultural land, conveyances etc.
2. The Moon will cause the native to achieve king like status because from the 4th house, she will be aspecting the 10th house but for this it must be essential for the Moon to be very strong and beneficial. This can be possible when the Moon is full or is in Cancer or lord of the 5th (Pisces Ascendant), 9th (Scorpio Ascendant) or 10th (Libra Ascendant). Other good results ascribed to the Moon will accrue if the Moon is disposed as mentioned above.
3. The mother will be sickly or the native will be brought up on the breast milk of women other than the mother because Moon as the Karaka of the 4th house causes a dosha called KARAKO BHAVA NASYA.

4. He will be over romantic by nature.
5. He will conduct business across the rivers or oceans as moon is a watery planet.

Moon in the 5th House

6. ‘Mantra Siddhi’ is one of the important significations of the 5th house. A beneficial Moon in the 5th enables the native to get the blessings and pleasure of the female deities – DEVI - by sincere and devoted worship.
7. Being ninth to the ninth house the 5th house is also a house of Dharma and Bhagya. This house also signifies riches etc. Therefore with the beneficial influence of the Moon, the native will become very prosperous in all respects and will be able to keep two wives. Benefic influence of the Moon can therefore make the native a Rajyogi. Moon is a female and fruitful planet.
8. The wife will be beautiful because the Moon is a planet who symbolises beauty and placed in the 11th from the 7th. She will be quick tempered as the 5th is owned by Sun in the natural zodiac.
10. Female planet Moon in 5th house, house of children, naturally gives more female issues than male issues.

Moon in the 6th House
11. The Moon if posited in the sixth will lose all her good significations and the evil effects will be aggravated if the Moon comes under malefic influences.
12. The native will indulge in sinful and immoral deeds because the ‘sattvic’ qualities of the planet will be destroyed in the malefic sixth house.
13. The Moon is a watery planet, therefore under malefic influences watery places will become a source of danger for the native.
14. If the Moon in the sixth is under benefic influences the native will enjoy good health as 6th is the house of health.

Moon in the 7th House
1. A benefic Moon will give good effects in the seventh house. The marriage will be delayed because of his over romantic nature.
2. Other ill effects will be felt if there is evil influence on the Moon.
3. Moon being a royal planet, she enables the native to get fame from the Government.
4. If the lord of the seventh is powerful the native will have the privilege and means to enjoy the company of two wives.
5. A malefic Moon will cause loss of wife.
6. If the Moon is full, exalted or in his own sign he will be a devoted husband and will therefore like to keep only one wife. Such Moon will also provide him with all comforts and luxuries.

Moon in the 8th House
1. The 8th is one of the most inauspicious houses of the horoscope and a planet loses all its good significations when posited in this house.
2. 8th house is 12th (house of loss) to the 9th house which signifies fortune and prosperity. The Moon in this house will therefore spoil the fortunes and comforts to the person
3. He will be deprived of the comfort of conveyances as moon signifying conveyances is in 8th.
4. The 8th house is a powerful significator for accidents. The Moon being a watery planet will produce danger to life from drowning.
5. Moon in 8th house will separate the native from his relations on account of his wife as 8th is the kutumba sthana of ones wife
6. If the Moon is exalted or is in her own house the native will be long lived. This is because the 8th house being house of longevity a strong Moon (she will be lord of 8th in 8th if she is in her own sign), will give a long life to the native. Life will be shortened if the Moon is weak and quantum of shortening life will be in proportion to the weakness of the Moon.

Moon in the 9th House
1. The ninth is house of dharma, bhagya, prosperity and also of father and 5th from 5th - children.

2. He will become highly religious learned and charitable and will have prosperous children.

3. If the Moon is full he will become very prosperous and his father will be long-lived.

4. When there is any kind of evil influence on the Moon, the significations of the house will suffer. The native will be unfortunate and will get unhappiness on account of the loss of his parents early in his life.

5. If the Moon is in his own sign in the ninth, the lord of ninth will be in the ninth giving rise to a powerful Rajayoga conferring great name, fame and prosperity to the native. If the Moon is in Taurus (then the ascendant will be Virgo) she will be exalted in the ninth as lord of the eleventh house (house of gains) and this disposition will be highly beneficial to the native in every respect.

Moon in the 10th House

1.The tenth house is house of karma, profession, honours etc. If there is no evil influence on the Moon, and the lord of the house is well disposed she will give beneficial results in respect of all the significations of this house.

2. The native will do good deeds and be highly intelligent and kind.

3. As the Moon will aspect the 4th house, the native will achieve high academic attainments. 4.With evil influences on the Moon, the significations of the tenth house will be spoiled and the native will indulge in sinful deeds of all kinds and his life will be full of obstructions.

5.If the Moon is in her own sign Cancer (the ascendant will then be Libra), the Lord of the tenth will be in the tenth house, giving rise to a powerful Rajayoga conferring great name, fame and honour upon the native.

Moon in the 11th House

1.Unless the lord of eleventh is weak, the placement of the Moon in the eleventh gives very auspicious results in matters of acquisition of wealth, land etc. and also children.

2.If Moon is with Venus in the eleventh house the native will own conveyances as Venus is the significator of conveyances.

The results of the Moon in the eleventh will be still better if the Moon be in Cancer. Then the lord of 11th will be in 11th. If the Moon be in Taurus (Cancer Ascendant), the exalted lord of Ascendant will be in the 11th forming a powerful Dhanayoga which will immensely benefit the native financially and in many other respects.

Moon in the 12th House
1.The twelfth house is an-inauspicious house and it is termed as the house of loss. Therefore Moon will lose all its good significations there and will be overcome by the evil significations of that house resulting in a miserable and immoral life for the native.

2.The twelfth house being- twelfth to the first house (which signifies birth), represents the end of life. If there is evil influence on the Moon and the twelfth house the native will go to hell after death. Beneficial influence will take him to heaven.

3.Most of the ill effects of the Moon in the twelfth house will be warded off if she is in her own sign Cancer without any malefic influence.

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