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The Man

Shanker Adawal wears white; to him it signifies totality, the amalgamation of all hues. He speaks softly. There is never a raucous voice in his stream of conscious thoughts. As a corporate head, he has never missed the bull’s eye; that is his job. As an astrologer he steps beyond the mundane and explains the inexplicable; astrology is his passion. He is an activist who holds on to honesty and stands by those whose truths are muffled. That is his peace.

Too many roles, too many expectations, but Shanker is at ease. Everywhere.

He studied economics, learnt the nuances of management and hurried up the corporate ladder. As President, Corporate Affairs, Reliance Industries, Shanker has dabbled in millions and handled projects large enough to unnerve the mediocre. But he has dug his heels in; whatever job he undertakes, whichever alley he walks, for Shanker the method always remains the same: diligence.

When he is not brainstorming strategies, Shanker moseys to another realm – an astrologer keen on understanding the intricacies of the metaphysical and the randomness of human lives and their destinies. The esoteric fascinates him, he has written several books on astrology.

When he sits behind the mahogany desk as president of the Manavadhikar Samajik Manch, he knows he is fighting the battle for the values which are under siege in this modern world. Violation of human  rights is his pet peeve and he stretches beyond putative boundaries to ensure justice and dignity to all.

Too much to pack in one life? But Shanker is not complaining. He does not. He would never rewrite his life.

At the end of the journey when the credits for his life roll, Shanker will take responsibility for his actions and their consequences. He would stand for his beliefs, for his dreams, for the questions that brew forever, for the blessings that he can count, for the mistakes that cannot be erased and for the chaos that simmers in his heart.

That’s Dr. Shanker Adawal. 

“This too will pass”. That would be his epitaph.

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