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Dr. Shanker Adawal

Dr. Shanker Adawal - Man for all seasons!

Dr. Shanker Adawal is a man who dons many hats; from strategizing in the corporate boardroom to warding off ill effects of planetary misconfigurations, all come under his repertoire of rich knowledge, experience and vast skill sets. He is also passionate about promotion of human rights. Currently, President, Corporate Affairs, Reliance Industries, he can be aptly described as a seasoned management professional, accomplished astrologer, activist and an author - all rolled into one.

After doing PhD in economics and studying management from Delhi University, Dr. Adawal joined the corporate world. He soon climbed the corporate ladder and worked in senior positions in a plethora of prestigious companies such as DCM, Modi Xerox, Tatas, Nortel and presently Reliance Industries. He has served in the field of telecom since the liberalization process started in India. His experience of 35 years plus has been with regulations, government relations and support services in the field of telecom, energy, retail and life science.

Dr. Adawal played an important role in Reliance’s smooth network roll out in the first decade of 21st century.

Simultaneously, he has been working in the field of higher education.

Dr. Adawal is also President of Manavadhikar Samajik Manch (MASM) that he founded in 1997. It is headquartered in New Delhi with chapters in Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. MASM since the past 20 years has been fighting for human rights and its motto is ‘the creation of a just and equitable society’.

His organization - MASM, has action-oriented and research-oriented goals: one stressing on medical and legal camps; second, identification of incidence of human rights violation & networking with similar organizations and third, focusing on seminars, surveys and research on various subjects.

Dr. Shanker Adawal has authored at least 18 books on astrology, that shows not only his love for this subject but also a deep insight into the world of planets and their knowledge. In fact, astrology has been a passion with him since his childhood days. It is for him an inner seeking as well as a way of public outreach, especially as a helping hand for those who have approached him in distress.

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