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Combination of Stars in order to Yogas and its description!

Name and order of yogs (Combination of Stars)

How to Deduct the Constellations!

Suppose we must know the constellation on Magh Budi and Shudi Sambat 1975. So, as per above-described rule when one will count from Kartika to Push the resultant digit will be 3. When above bled the figure will be 6. Since we must see the constellation of Magh Budi Dashmi two members of dasmi tithi will he added to that, thus making a total of 16. As these figures are indivisible, when they are divided by ashni due to belonging to the brighter phase (krshn paksh) the Sixteenth constellation is of vishakha. Thus, one knows vishakha constellation will appear at the time of Dasmi. Some treatises mention that the fixed constellation of a month invariably appears on the full noon of that month such as Kartika Nakshatra on Kartika Shudi Puranmashi; Mrgshishir on Maghar; Pukh on puh; Maggha on Magh; Puranmashi on Phagun; Chitra on chait; Shakh on Baisakh; Sharvan on Savan; Purva Bharepad on Bhadun and Ashi on Asuj Puranmashi. However, there arms a difference of one or two constellations due to shortage or excess of tithis.

Description of Yogs (Cambinalin)!

Cambianation of constellations or stars in known as yog. Just hike name and order of constellation that are 27 years yogas mentioned in the prvaent almanacs taking into consideration the events of days in terms of ghari and pal. Their timings also are calculated from series.

Dr. A. Shanker

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