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Analysis on the Imminent Government - Election 2019!

Analysis by Dr. Shanker Adawal

By Elections, 2019
Horoscope of India:
15 August 1947, Time: 00:00 hours at Delhi

The Daśā of Jupiter: Planet Moon will be in operation from August 2018 to December 2019. Jupiter the sub-period aspects the 10th house both from Lagnā and Rāśi. Planet Moon indicates that the present Government may continue in power. Jupiter is the lord of the 8th house and placed in the 6th house – slightly negative and unhelpful, which shows that the NDA Government or the upcoming government will be the weaker one than the existing formatted in 2014.

Tenth (10th) house is an important factor for steadiness, the same depicts that the upcoming ruling Government may be a stable one BUT we cannot ignore transiting Saturn when transits Sagittarius - a present situation, this permutation is 8th from Lagnā and 6th from Moon means instability, a weak government.

Note: The same position happened earlier in 1989-90, this was the worst time of instability in centre, was a weak government; there were changes and coalition etc. The same may repeat in 2019, a weak Government or a coalition may be the only way.

As per the Bhrīgu-nādi rough analysis, transiting Saturn despositor in Libra, transiting Jupiter with Ketū. Transiting Saturn having all major planets placed in the 8th house from its place plus Mars with Rāhū is opposite to transiting Saturn. This tells a weak government, turmoil, war like situation in 2020 where instability in 2022.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

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