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Astrology is an alternative or supportive therapy, a handy tool to mitigate problems and help people become better within their parameters, their context.

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Know, how does the planet Jupiter help you?

What will happen if Jupiter is weak, and vice versa.

Opportunities, prestige, top posts and possessions of wealth means planet Jupiter is in extremely good positions in your horoscope.

The planet Jupiter strength depends on its own position and its associated planet’s influence on it. The weak Jupiter creates many crises in life, but due to the strong Jupiter (guru), person will get many benefits. The strong and well position Jupiter (Guru) means, auspicious in every sense, the person receives more spiritual benefits than physical means or materialistic things.

Every position of planet Jupiter gives different results. The zodiac in which Jupiter is present, is also influenced by the other planets. Planet Jupiter is the master in any horoscope, whatever the object or a person has, i.e. the magnitude of any good thing in person’s life, its factor is the planet Jupiter (Guru). 

The Jupiter is also representative of gold and valuable items and materials. Jupiter is the highest auspicious planet in comparison of all nine planets. Its presence enhances the purity. The Jupiter also gives his strength by putting his vision on his enemy.

The Jupiter is also a representative planet of Son. Jupiter’s presence in the horoscope of the woman, means is the factor of the husband. Weak Jupiter in any woman’s horoscope means a delay in marriage and also her husband is not happy for her. Balancing of the planet Jupiter is a necessary condition for a happy married life of a woman. In the same way, if planet Jupiter (Guru) is sitting on 5th house where Guru’s influence on son blessings.

With the strengthening of Jupiter, person is good critic, logical and blessed with all types of happiness along with lots of money. The other way, if its strength is impartial, the injustice, shame, blasphemy and fear of punishment etc. will be on their way always.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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Delayed in Marriage, Why?

Combinations for delayed marriage:

When Saturn is in 13/5/7/10 either from Lagna or from the Moon and Saturn does not get beneficial aspect or does not own beneficial houses.

When Mars or Saturn own 7
th house and a malefic planet occupies 7th houses.

When Mars is in 8
th house or Rahu is in 7th house.
When 7th house lord and Jupiter are aspected by Saturn.
When 6/8/12 house are occupied by malefics.
When Lagna, Lagna Lord, the Moon or the Sun are under aspects of malefic planets.
When there is intense connection by aspect or otherwise Rahu and Mars in relation to 7th house or Mars.

When 7th, lord is posited in 6/8/12 house, girl marriage is delayed. More delay is indicated if malefic associated with 7th Lord.
When Rahu and Venus are in Lagna or 7th house or Mars and the Sun are in 7th house with other afflictions. With this combination, native can also run away for love or also involve in a scandal.

Combinations resulting in 'on marriage':
When the Sun, the Moon and 5th Lord are in conjunction with or aspected by Saturn.

When Venus is at a distance of 43 degrees or more the delectated Sun (Sun in Libra and Venus in Scorpio) and Venus is aspected conjoined with Saturn. In such a situation, even negotiations will fall through at the time of final stages.

When the Moon in the case of ladies and the Sun in the case of men is in Scorpio and is aspected by Saturn. With this combination, 7th house should have no planet.

When the 7th lord, Venus and Lagna Lord fall in barren signs i.e. Gemini, Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius.

When malefics occupy 6th, 7th, 8th house and even malefics on both sides of 7th house are considered unfavorable for marriage.

When Saturn is in 7
th and is aspected and conjoined by malefic planets.

When the Moon and Venus are in opposition without any benefit aspect.

When Lord of 7th is in 12th without any been aspect but receiving malefic aspects of Saturn Sun, Rahu all speak of separative aspects.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Profile: www.connectingmind.com
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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Significance of Numbers in your Life

Now we will give general characteristics or predictions about the combinations of personal month and personal day numbers.

numbers GIF by GIPHY Studios OriginalsNumber 1 as personal month and day - New beginnings, new ventures, meeting new people, new ideas, will power, courage independent, leader, inventor and initiative, wear red/orange.

numbers GIF by GIPHY Studios OriginalsNumber 2 as personal month and day - Sensitive but tactful, cooperative and persuasive, modest but friendly and romantic, to over-come negative side wear gold / white / yellow.

numbers GIF by GIPHY Studios OriginalsNumber 3 as personal month and day - Number: attractive, loving, lucky and happy and the negative side include ego, moody and gossipy. Wear wine red/ forest green.

numbers GIF by GIPHY Studios OriginalsNumber 4 as personal month and day - Hard working, opportunities, detailed oriented, punctual and practical/ methodical but slow, rigid and frustrated. Wear blue/ grey/ light brown.

numbers GIF by GIPHY Studios OriginalsNumber 5 as personal month and day - Ddynamic, primitive and progressive, sociable but original. Lack focus and unreliable, Wear Red, Pink, Black or Blue.

numbers GIF by GIPHY Studios OriginalsNumber 6 as personal month and day - Domestic, helpful and loving, compassionate skilled in legal affairs. But selfish and instable and guilty in self. Wear violet, purple or turquoise.

numbers GIF by GIPHY Studios OriginalsNumber 7 as personal month and day - business like efficient, strong, rewarding, respectful, powerful planner. But, greedy, dishonest (not necessary) money problems, aggressive (few). Wear gold, blue, grey or lime green.

numbers GIF by GIPHY Studios OriginalsNumber 8 as personal month and day - Life path, compatibility, destiny. Karma, reaping what is sown, assumption of power, fincial success. These are the foundations for the numerology meanings of the enduring the eternal number 8. As the eighth of all numbers 8's symbolism is that of mind over matter. 

numbers GIF by GIPHY Studios OriginalsNumber 9 as personal month and day - complete but detached, artistic, serviceable, humane, and broad minded. But, aloof, indifferent and self-pity. Wear gold, green, red, white or olive.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Profile: www.connectingmind.com
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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Technique to Find Your Lucky Day and Month

james bond win GIF by Feliks Tomasz KonczakowskiNumerology has major role to play in life of all individuals/nations. Nothing works without numbers and number is a must for all objects- whether animate or inanimate. Number gives identification to all moveable and immovable properties- be it a house number, car number, telephone number etc. it would be apt to say that the foundation for all facets of life in numerology and thus the need to know your lucky number in various matters.
To know the lucky month (personal month number) it is necessary to know about the Personal Year Number and to know the lucky day (Personal day number), we have to know about the Personal month number.

To find out personal year number, add all the numbers in your date of birth i.e. year, month and date. For example, if you are born on 15th May, 1992, the total of this day

would be as under:

1992 = Total sum is number 3
Month: May = total sum of 5th Month is number 5
Day: Dated 6 = total sum of 6th day of the month is 6

3+5+6 = 14

Therefore the personal year Number would be 5 i.e. the final reduced number. In view of the year involved, your personal year number shall change every year.

The influence of Personal Year Number beings in January and ends in December with some influence of the three months preceding and also for the first three months of the year. The influences of the first three months is considered waning and the year's energy gets increased thereafter and peaks around September and after October, the influence of coming year may also be felt in some matters. There is difference of opinion among the numerologists as some of such persons feel that the Personal Year Number start around your date of birth but others takes it from the Universal Year. I feel that the reckoning of the Personal Year Number must be with reference to date of birth as that is more practical and see the results after the birth month/ year.

To find your personal month number, add the single digit value of the month to your personal Year Number. For example, if the above native with 5 as Personal Year Number, wants to know his personal month number for July, add the said 5 to 7 (July) and have the figure and therefore July would become 3 Personal Month number for someone in the 5 Personal Year. For example, a person with a personal number 4 (15th may, 1991 i.e. 6 plus 5 plus 20 or 2) and wants to know the Personal Mont number for August, 1999, then add 8 (August) to the said number 4 which comes to 12 and this number in turn is reduced to 3. The Personal Month Number for the native for the month of August would be 3.

Now we analyse the reckoning or personal Day for august. To find personal day for August 23, 1991, we would add 5 (23), plus 3 (for the personal month) and this total ups 8. Therefore the personal number for August 23, 1991 born persona would be 8th day of August.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

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The Best Uses of RUDRAKSHA for Common People?

psychedelic GIFRudraksha is a dried herbal fruit. Rudraksha mother land or birth place is mountains of Himalayas more so in Nepal. Rudraksha are considered to be sacred and have many spiritual and medicinal values both as preventive and curative. Rudraksha is the King of Herbal medicine working effectively and positively on mental faculty and also correcting by using internally and externally aiming for PERFECT HEALTH of body, mind and spirit. We have taken up this project under Indian Medicine Academy and developed it as "Rudraksha Therapy".

The mode of action of Rudraksha Therapy is covered by basic principles of Ayurveda and it also fulfils the ideals of gentle, harmless and quick restoration of health basing on comprehensive principles. This therapy being purely herbal and most tolerable by natural human body, can be taken by persons of any age, sex & profession ad it has no side effects, after effects or reactions.

As now we have realized that the more indiscriminately we use the Allopathic drugs, the worst the disturbance of the vital force and the human body's natural mechanism and the resistance power of the body are gradually reduced. Hence there is rapid growth in the usage and wearing of Rudraksha by more and more people in this computer age in India and in various other parts of the World. It is mainly due to the positive results gained by Rudraksha warning and internal usage for perfect health.

Rudraksha Therapy has been found useful broadly in the treatment of High Blood Pressure. High Cholesterol content in the blood, thus keeps the Heat ailments away various allergies neurological diseases, early stage of Asthma, Diabetes, Cancer, Many other circulatory and mental ailments, both as preventive and as curative. In chronic cases of long sufferings with many complications, which could not be successfully treated by any other medical systems, Rudraksha mixed with various Ayurvedic herbs given internally, not only improves its effectieness but also cuts short the treatment period, defending upon the patient's conditions, seriousness of the disease with any other complications with multiple occupational or domestic serious problems.

When the Japam is being performed with Rudraksha Mala keeping the beads little pressed and pushed, a type of acupressure is being done on the Acupressure points in the Thumb and Middle finger. This improves the blood circulation at eyes, mental nerves, pituitary and pineal and it prevents the cold and Asthma.

The latest research result is no wearing Rudraksha necklace or Rudraksha Mala in helping to radiate out the accumulated static electricity growing due to internal bioelectrical current flow and radiating out the accumulated charge in outer space thereby allowing the free circulation and the uniform distribution to all the parts of human body. Rudraksha can be wormed by people of all caste, communities, Ladies can also wear them, Rudraksha should not be worn by ladies during the intercourse time by all, it is sound that for the purpose of medical use and worshiping, the bigger Rudraksha is the best one. Smaller or medium size Rudraksha are most effective for wearing and Japam. Rudraksha can be wormed on wrists, forearms, necks, chest, head, forehead in rings, on ear lodes, on stomach and also as yognopatitham, as per the experts' advice and one's need. Tulsi Mala will give psychic powers and prosperity. To get complete benefit Rudraksha Mala can be made of 108, 54, 36, 27 or 18 beeds. One should use those Rudraksha only which are nice, handsome, strong, auspicious and well thorny and clearly grooved faces and having natural central self holed Rudraksha wearer gets different types of benefits depending upon the Rudraksha faces.

On the basis of pharmacological experiments made by Indian and foreign experts it is proved that Rudraksha are beneficial in the treatment of Neurological diseases and various mental disorders. Rudraksha worked as Central Nervous System Depressants. Anticonvulsant, Cardiac, stimulant, smooth muscle relaxant. Hypertensive and Hypoglycemic. Rudraksha showed the following biological activity. 1) Anti bacterial, 2) Anti Fungal, 3) Anti protozoal, 4) Anti helminthic, 5) Anti Viral and 6) Cancer properties.

It is evident from the subjective survey, that 30 percent people use it for spiritual purpose, 35 percent fro mental troubles and 35 percent for cardiac troubles. As regards its effects, cardiac troubles. As regards its effects, cardiac patients found to get 85 percent relief, followed by 71 percent relief of mental troubles and 50 percent in spiritual group. These findings clearly indicate that Rudraksha has more therapeutic values as compared to spiritual values.
Dr. Shanker Adawal

Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

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Some very important and tested facts in Astrology

mercury retrograde GIF by GIPHY Studios OriginalsAmong other principles, it is known and accepted principle of Astrology that the Sun is exalted in Aries ruled by Mars and the Deep exaltation degree is 10 degree of Aries. It is also a fact that unless the horoscope is otherwise weak, the native born with Sun in Aries is bound to get the high-powered authority including that of the king with name and fame as the Sun himself becomes the representative of all nobility and royalty. It may not be possible of other planets in exaltation but in order to lend support to the scientific validity of Astrology, it would suffice to say that the following Notable Persons had Sun in Aries.

We have innumerable yoga, combinations principles etc. for all matters and most of them work in the present-day also though these principles were coined in the ancient time. In the books, reference comes to acquision of elephants/horses etc. but they have to be applied to the modern times and we will say that the native may have a big car and even an aero plane etc. in view of the limited space, 

only few of the principle are mentioned below:

 A) Intuitive Power- Jupiter in the 5th or 9th house from Lagna (Ascendant) confers high intuitive powers if the native, in addition, becomes the worshipper of Lord Shiva and also recite His Mantras. Jupiter in Lagna itself may also do some help.

B) Profession – The Sun and The Moon in opposition i.e. the Sun in the Xth  house and are capable of causing professional changes (change in authority etc. once in seven years).

C) Marriage and married life.

Disappointment in married lie is indicated when Venus joins Rahu/Ketu/Mars in Leo. Great misfortune is indicated either on account of separation or death of spouse.

Retrograde planets in the 4th house form Venus may create some pitfalls in married life.

The seventh Lord in Virgo may give a defying wife.

Venus in opposition to Mars say Venus in the seventh house and Mars in Lagna, or vice-versa, will produce far-reaching complications (including of character assassination) in marital life.

D) Worries on account of children.

If the fifth and eighth house are simultaneously occupied by powerful malefic, there will be insurmountable difficulties/worries on account of children.

A retrograde planet in fourth house from Jupiter will not give desired happiness from children.

E) Unfortunate year – Jupiter's transit on Natal Rahu in Sagittarius or Pisces will bring misfortune or disadvantage in that year. In 1996, the Jupiter was in Sagittarius (both in Direct and Retrograde motion). Please check placement of Rahu in birth chart and be careful.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

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How horoscope houses are accountable in your source of Income?

horoscope GIFNow a word about what the classics say. According to Sarvath Chintamani, source of income should be declared from the planets occupying the 10th house from the Lagna (Ascendant) or from the Moon (Chandra Kundli). Stronger of the planets will determine the profession or business of the native, if there is no planet in the 10th house, support is to be taken from Nabamasha chart, Dasamasa Chart apart from Deskhokone. However, according to Marteshwara (Phaladeepka), the profession of the native is decided by the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 10th house from the Lagna, from the Moon and the Sun (severally) whoever is the strongest. Be that as it may stress has been laid on the benefic or malefic nature of the 10th Lord. Detailed significations have been given to planets and houses in Uttarakalmrita. Without analyzing in detailed significations so far 10th house is concerned: Commerce, honor from the Government, Service, Teacher. Here I may mention that is it's for the astrology to apply their mind before the ticklish question as to what would be 'My profession' is answered. The judgment has to be left to the astrologer to pronounce results in view of horoscope before him, his experience and God-gifted institution.

It is clear from the above that the role of the planets in detaining the nature of profession and sources of income for livelihood cannot be ignored. It may not be possible for me to refer to the possible contributions by all the planets. The Sun represents the top brass in older times as well in modern times i.e. the King (now President, Prime Minister, etc. Member of political parties, Legislators, Ministers) even lawyers, Judges and government servants including high officials. The Sun in Scorpio or in Leo and at times in Aries is capable of making the native a king say Prime Minster etc. from the past, I can quote, that Akbar the Great has Sun in Scorpio, Alexander the Great had Sun in Leo, the Sun in Virgo produced persons like Mahatma Gandhi, Adolf Hitler had both Sun Mars in Aries, and The Sun in Aquarius produced a great Astrologer Bangalore Suryanarain Road.

Closely connected with Sun, I also refer to the position of the Sun in the horoscope (Taurus as Lagna), the Sun was in cancer with Venus, Saturn, Mercury and the Moon, in the horoscope of the Congress with Saggitarius Lagna, the Sun was Scorpio and Mercurry in Scorpio, the case of horoscope of Bhartiya Janta Party (with Gemini as Lagna), the Sun was in Pisces and in case of horoscope of Shiv Sena, the Sun was in Gemini with Cancer as Lagna. Though this information is connected with profession but has been included as the politics has also come to stay as profession.

Summing up, it would be apt to say that while pronouncing the judgment of profession, the Astrologer has to see the horoscope form various angles and if there are no planets in the 10th house, the results would depend on the placement of the 10th Lord aspects on the 10th house and 10th Lord and conjunctions, if any. Even Saturn in the 10th house is capable of making the native a king or a leader of masses.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

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How Nakshtras are Responsible for your Source of Income?

return tax GIFI have already written broad details on many occasions about the nature of profession/ business to be determined with reference to birth chart and the houses to be considered for determining the nature of business. Normally it has been seen that all the consulters would like to know what business/ profession would be suitable for him. Apart from other factors, 10th house and 10th Lord is the most important. Now a reference shall be made to more minute details.

Nakshtra in which the person is born is equally important for the nature of business/profession. As per certain classics, each Nakshtra has a different story to tell about the native with regard to his education and profession. As is known, there are 27 Nakshtras apart from Abhijit and for the limited time allotted, I will broadly deal with important factors.

Taking Aswini, Magha and Mula ruled by Ketu gives different professions when with Mars, Sun and Jupiter. This combination speaks of high position of females including joining of Administrative Service. Literary pursuits, artists, writers, doctors are produced by this combination.

Bharani, Purva-Phalguni and Purvaashard ruled by Venus gives different results when associated with Mars, Sun and Jupiter. This combination in general becomes responsible for tobacco business, surgeons, independent business, doctors. Females under this combination have been seen to be Lecturers, bankers and teachers. Religious preachers also are produced by this combination.

Kritikia, uttaraphalguini and Uttarashada ruled by the Sun gives different results when in association with Venus, Mercury and Saturn. Engineers, doctor, financiers, advertisement business and service in Universities and educational institutions/research institutions come under this combination. Ladies generally get to small scale industry hospitals, model/ actresses and also in banks and financial institutions.

Rohini, Hasta and Saravana ruled by Moon gives different results when associated with Venus, Mercurry, and Saturn. Rohini born are normally 'jack of all and master none'. Generally, chemical engineers, mechanical persons, industry and petroleum products come under this combination Ladies get to service in hotels, agriculture, dance and fine arts.

Mrigsara, Chitra and Dhanishta ruled by Mars when associated with Venus, Mercury and Saturn gives, different result. Under this combination, company director, financial advisers, engineers/textile technologists and scientists and historians come. For ladies, fine arts/social service, nurses, actresses, lecturers are the normal fields.

Ardra, Savati and Satbhisa are ruled by Rahu. It is not necessary that Rahu always gives bad results. Depending on its placement (some say it is exalted in Taurus and others say it is exalted in Gemini). Without entering into this discussion, it would suffice to say that when associated with Mercury, Venus and Saturn, it gives the profession of research work, shipping, transport, goldsmith, drug sellers (chemists) and in some cases lady doctors are indicated.

Puarvasu, Visakha and Purvabhadrapad ruled by Jupiter when associated with Mercurry, Moon, Mars and Saturn give different occupations. Teacher, writers, physicians, writers, physicians, actors, politicians, bankers, religious professional, well versed in fine arts/oratory come under this combination, for ladies, poetess, famous writers, artists, statistician and research works are indicated.

Phshya, Anuradha and Uttabhadrapad ruled by Saturn gives different professional when associated with Moon, Mars, and Jupiter. Generally, theatres, arts, commerce, chemicals/drugs, books on history or prolonged articles come under this combination. For ladies, income from landed property, secretive agency, music, dance, typing work and teaching are indicated.

Ashlesha, Jeyshtha and Revit ruled by Mercurry are capable of giving various professions when associated with Moon, Mars and Jupiter. Military/police department, oild and liquids, trading, ancient culture including astrology and astronomy come under this combination. Females are expected to be telephone operators, receptionists and in some cases having administrative jobs.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

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To know Astrologically, Why some children are Violent!

students GIFHere we will discuss about what are the best possible solutions to make Violent and Spoiled children the best and successful human being. Most of the Guardians complain that their children are more into mischief than studying, etc. Often parent look disturbed by the actions of their children because they live according to what they say and how they guide them. Many children look more engrossed towards shattering incidents etc.

At the same time, some children show interest in creative work more than studying, such as drawing, architecture, poetry or story writing or dance and other musical instrument, etc.There are children who have more interest in outdoor games, than in some are into indoor games. But there is a common compliant of the Guardians of all such children why their child’s mind is not focused into studies.

We have astrological solutions for the children who are into shattering incidents. Solutions are in astrology and it can also be proved in very clear words that why does a particular mind feel more than into spoiling normal routine life.

In any horoscope, the second house is of higher studies while the fourth & fifth house originally reproduce the intellect. The Moon is a clear cause of mind and depending on its relation and its status to the stability and versatility of the child’s mind can be judged.

Now, if the planet, moon move from LAGN to ASTAM BHAVA in any horoscope of a child, that child is more into creative fields instead of study.

Now, if planet the planet Moon moves into ASHTAM BHAVA while becoming PANCHMESH and also it is affected by other cruel and hostile planets or it is affected by its own ASHTAM than the mental state of that child is turmoil. In such a situation, due to the presence of auspicious and friendly planets, its condition can become normal, this type of child is into spoiling and shattering occurrences.

Either if there is a low-lying moon in the ASTAM (eighth house), like there is a low level of dissolution RAJ-YOG or the eye of any friendly planet on it can be reversed the situation.

Now it will be more appropriate if it is understood in the actual astrological language.

As per below mentioned ‘astrological combinations’* are always distract JATAK’s mind. In this situation, that person will be mentally upset always. Also, if a situation occurs like RAHU & KETU’s put their site on the weak moon, then JATAK become rowdy and mad maniacally.

*Astrological combinations
a)    Moon Lagna & Shastam, b) Astam or Dwadash situation c) Weak moon d) moon affected by sinful and cruel planets e) Frigid moon f) weak moon and low rated moon.

Have you ever wondered that on the day of full moon and new moon, why mad people who are under observations are being monitored by extra cautions, and those who are more likely to be violent are kept tied in chains? So that there will be no unexpected event happens.

But on the other side the unstable conditions of the moon are also beneficial. There are many examples of people who were world’s renowned scientists, innovators with full of creativities are having very weak and tortured moon. The logic is if the moon is in a stable state in a person’s horoscope, his intellect could only make a balanced imagination and he did not even imagine the new creative things.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

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Number 8 and Shri Krishna. What Coincidence is this?

Number 8, this is the only number in the number category which can be completed from the both sides. You will make up from the top or bottom. The number 8 is not just that much, it is also the ‘number’ of hope.
If you see number 8 in the upper case, the lump in the middle of it shows the complexity of life. But if we go deep into it, then we face a different reality.

The score of 8 indicates that life is nothing but two bubbles. It is also believed that the number 8 is related to plant Saturn.

The other belief is that Lord Shri Krishna's birth and his life relate to number 8 only. 

Lord Vishnu took the eighth incarnation on earth as Krishna. When he took the first step on earth at the time of his own birth, then there were darkness and storm everywhere. His birth is a reality related to the victory of good over evil.

Shri Krishna was born during the English months, August and September, i.e. on the Ashtami of the KRISHAN- PAKSH of the month in the Hindu calendar. Birth of Shri Krishna is the main event of Hindus, which celebrated every year with great fanfare in the form of Janmashtami.

It is believed that Lord Krishna was born about 5000 years ago, in the Dwapar era. He was born as a child of Devaki and Vasudeva.

According to the prophecy, evil KANS got to know that he will be killed by the eighth child of his sister Devaki and Vasudeva. So, evil KANS kept them in a prison and started killing their new-born babies, but at the time of their eighth child he failed. When Lord Shri Krishna became the eighth child, all the ways of reaching him at the door of death proved unsuccessful and finally, the eighth child of Devaki, Lord Krishna killed his evil uncle KANSA. 

Lord Krishna had eight dear wives, who were given the name Ashta-bharya. Shri Krishna saved the life of 16100 (1+6+1+0+0 = 8) queens from another evil NARAKASUR. 

As per Hindu belief that after saving the life of 16100 queens Shri Krishna had married all these women so that they did not face any social neglect or quarrels in any way of their rest of life.  

The eighth stanza of the eighth chapter of Bhagwat Geeta, Lord Krishna's teaching, "PARITRANAYA SADHUNA VANISHASHAY CHA DUSHKRITAAM, DHARMA-SANSATHAPNA-RTHAY SAMBHAVANI UGE UGE" been termed as very important in the era of the establishment of religion.

The meaning of this Shri Krishna's teaching is, "to destroy the sinful people and to save religion and to deliver saints, I will appear in era and era".

As per Hindu Sanskrit, Shri Krishna stayed on earth in a living state for about 125 years (1+2+5=8) years.

So, the link of number 8 with Shri Krishna is just a coincidence or is there any relation? 

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

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