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What is death really? Are you also afraid of death?

Beginning of New Life
What is death really? Why, we afraid of death? Are you also afraid of death?

These are very obvious and relevant questions in every human mind. Death and its fear, always haunting conscious creatures and every human being. 

In my dictionary, "Death is equal to complete wipe-out of our subconscious mind." 

I believe that death is simply a process of changing of new bodies of our soul, it is like we change our clothes every day. But on the other hand death in this fascinating world is such a route which no one wants to adopt. Death is unbreakable, it takes a person to make his own misery.

Why, we afraid of death, that is because nobody in any society wants to discuss death and its reasons. Only saints, philosophers, intellectuals talks about it, we must talk about it.

We are afraid of death because we are submerged in the "physical pleasures", "selfishness", "jealousy" and "greed".

Death is not a matter of mourning or fear, ask any philosopher or saint! Fear of death is for those who does not want to leave the pleasure of this materialistic world. Other than this we do not understand and try to know that death is always firmly rooted, it is the only truth of God's creation. One must try to understand, 'What is Death?'

Actually, we never die. Death is only about to leave the physical body made of PANCH-TATVA for our Soul or Spirit. So, here question arises then who dies? And the simple answer is no one but our body, it also has its own life which varies as per every individuals' handling. Our body also needs good care like other important things in everyone's life.

Here, we will try to explain that how we never dies, but our body dies. 

You must have seen some people lives beyond the age of 100. But have you ever seen them running or walking without any support? They all are dependent for almost everything. Still, you want to live, I think no one, at this span of time! 

Every person at this age wants to be in normal life, it is only possible with a healthy body, which is only possible when our soul leave this body and adopt the newborn body. This process is life and once we (our soul) move to the other newborn body, we (our soul) forget every memory linked with previous body.

So, complete wipe-out of our subconscious mind is death, which can be a normal course of action like changing clothes every day where the only difference is the time duration.

Imagine, if nature change this rule and we remember everything related to our previous body then what will happen to our materialistic world? Total chaos everywhere may be!

At the end we must say that Death tells us to leave the physical body made of PANCH-TATAVA i.e. Earth, Sky, Water, Vayu and Fire (पृथ्वी, आसमान, वायु, जल और अग्नि), if our body dies then do we think or say that we die?

And even when we do not die, this soul which is 'we' does not die, then where is the fear-factor, how it arises?

One must accept this change joyfully, feel happy for getting a new life, or according to karma, salvation is the most beautiful gift of this nature. 

This shattered sick body, painful life is going to go now, new morning is coming. This shattered sick body, life in pain, life is going to go now, new morning is about to come.




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Lord Shiva's Worship - Do's and Don't!

It is believed that Lord Shiva is easily pleased and he fulfills every wish of the devotees when worshiping with a true heart. The month of Shravan is the booster of Lord Shiva's happiness.

Image result for lord shivaDevotees start Lord Shiva's worship from Monday onward in Savanah with proper rituals. During this time, it is considered necessary to follow all the disciplined routines with eating few fruits and vegetables.

According to the scriptures that a particular type of clothes have to be worn during the worship which often people ignore. Here we are specifically told you about the garments which should be wear during his day (Monday) in Savanah or any other day during Shiv Puja.

Clothes which should not be worn during this month, especially during Monday-Fast or any day of Lord Shiva's worship.

It is considered auspicious to wear green clothes in Shiva Puja. Apart from this, do not wear black clothes while during Puja on Monday. It is said that Lord Shiva does not like black color and he gets angry with black clothes, so always avoid wearing black clothes during Shiva worship. If you want to please Shivaji in the month of Savanh then take special care of it.

Wear red, white, saffron, yellow or Asparagus on every Monday during Shiva Puja.

The clothes to be worn after bath should be of cotton and clean as these clothes are considered pure, light and comfortable. It is believed that it is necessary to be completely meditated during worship.

During chants, men's should wear 2 garments max, this is the reason for men to wear dhoti during worship.


Is there anyone in your life who is breaking you mentally?

As long as there is life, people will continue to come and go. Every person around your life is coming under some special purposes till the assign objective is completed, the role of that respective person will almost finish. Yes, every person has some special motives which are prior destine by the divine hidden forces. Their importance is significant whether it’s for good or bad.

We met thousands of people and going to meet millions of people in the future. But some these are such that one never forget, these are those people whom we felt some positive energy within and enjoyed their presence in our life.

On the other hand, there are people whom you meet, often feel some negative energy, I mean one can't feel much joyful to be staying with them for some more time or within a few moments of the meeting, one feel trapped. That's because they are themselves carriers of negative energy which always tries to expand by the people who are unfortunately coming in contact of the primary carriers.

Now the question arises here is, how to deal with such people, how to get them out of our life as soon as possible, so they do not make negative energy effective in our body. 

The more tense the question is, the answer is as straightforward as possible. At first you have to identify such people. Whenever you meet a new person, you must pay attention to this fact that how you feel, how your thoughts arise in you.

Do you feel strange meeting someone or some awkwardness comes within you, or do you feel there are many drawbacks within you and you start decreasing yourself? We can say this in a simple and straight forward words that we started feeling demotivated.     

If this happens then you should make the distance from that person as soon as possible, because that is working to expel all the energy from your body. Regardless of how difficult it is, you should be expelled from your life as soon as possible.

Such people not only harm you both mentally, but physically, you cannot be happy with whatever you do to keep them happy or to influence them but these people can never be happy with you. They only play with you until their needs are met.

By watching this video you can easily understand how people try to break you mentally and how you should treat them.


'H' Line on your Palm, How Strong is your Luck?

There is always a meaning of any mark on your hand. There are different kind of lines patron make some characters on the palm sometime. This kind of line patterns is shaped like English alphabets which are like 'M', 'X' and 'H'. But today we will tell you how the 'H' letter of English brings effect on hand.

According to palmistry, there are not only simple lines on our palm, but some kind of special symbols or shapes predict our future and responsible for spoiling it as well.

Trident on the hand, conch, whistle, etc are considered auspicious symbols but on the other hand, 'cross or cycle on hand is considered inauspicious.

Today we will discuss letter 'H' on Hand. First of all, we will tell you that letter 'H' is being formed on which part of our palm and how it is being formed.

It is important to know that how are these characters made? If you have a little knowledge of the scriptures and hand lines then you will understand it faster, but still we gradually tell you how the letter H on hand is being made naturally. Look at the picture, moving from the smallest finger of our hand to the other side, a line is called a heart line or heart line.

Just below the heart line there is another line formed which is known as the headline or the brain-line. One another mark that is formed between these two lines have the greatest effect on our lives. If there is a straight line between these two lines and meets them, then these three lines together make the English letter 'H'. 

Make sure that this line is formed like, i.e. its origin should be between the heart-line and head-line. If the line which is in-between, comes back from the reverse of these two lines, then it is not considered right H. There is no auspicious effect on such a life of H.

So, lets find that how strong is your luck. According to palmistry, lines on someone's palm are shaped like H only is auspicious and fortunate.

How strong is your luck, people who are having such a combination of palm lines are the most lucky people on this earth but their fate and stars only work at certain age. Let us know what happens to the people who have H-character lines on their palm.

Who is having this 'H' patron lines on his palm, such a person is virtuous but his fate does not work at least for the first 20 years of his age where the duration of till the age of 20 is with chaos and full of confusion.

Fate of this kind of people works after a certain age. After the age of 20, their fortunes start working slowly. As soon as their skills get their rightful place, these people become kings by the rink. But till the right place does not get it, the luck keeps on testing them. 

Apart from any auspicious symbol on the palm one must recognise their skill-set and work hard is the only way to progress in life.

People who got the alphabet H on their hands, their talents make them different and extra-ordinary. Such people are clever, smart and having savvy eyes, no one can cheat them easily. These people know how to control the heart and mind well in balance. Since their 'H' line connects the heart-line and the brain-line together, they are affectionate, full of emotions due to this association.

Analysis of a Chart with regard to Marriage & Sex!

Let us take a chart and analyse the basics. My intent is to show you that a chart which looks powerful may give opposite results once we look at it closely. We need to apply the basic principle that i will try to explain.

Click Above Image to Enlarge it!
The first look at the chart. You will be fascinated by the exalted Jupiter which holds the Kartatwa for second, fifth, seventh (in case of ladies & this chart is of a lady born in 1979), ninth and eleventh. All houses related to family, marriage and good understanding with the spouse - Jupiter looks promising.

The situation is opposite. The husband  maintains no physical contact, emotionally gives little support, married life is on the brink of divorce and they have no children. Jupiter is with Moon and Mercury - a powerful yoga. 

Saturn, Sun , Venus and Rahu are in the 11th house (LEO) & Mars is in 9th house (GEMINI) and is also the 7th lord. 

Why has Jupiter (exalted) not given her the desired results. 

THE FIRST REASON IS THAT IT IS COMBUST. Combust Jupiter never gives good results. It gave marriage and it was a settled marriage & performed as per rituals. Jupiter whenever combust by Sun will never give good results for marriage. Sun as a planet does not auger well for marriage and straight relatioships. Jupiter gets those properties when it gets combust. 

Venus again as Lagna Lord is COMBUST.  Close conjunction of Sun and Venus.

Jupiter is in Ashlesha. This Nakshatra is not positive for marriage, married life and emotions. It is all about deception, illusion, tricks and ruled by the serpent kingdom.

Always look at the Nakshatra (not for the lord) but the characteristics of the Nakshatra and the Diety which presides over it. 

Ashlesha where Jupiter & Moon both fall is the best in present times to rise in life. It is also deals with communication and using mass communication to your advantage. The serpent looks glamorous and beautiful - has a different aura. Can make you very successful as one knows how to talk and do the required PR work. 

She is in the world of PR, event management and has started building her own events. She is presently an entrepreneur. She will do well but not reach great heights as Jupiter & Venus are not inherently powerful as they are combust.

Rahu in 11th with  Sun, Venus and   Saturn will take her to a good level though. Rahu has its own ways in giving & taking. In this case it will give money, powerful friends and the works. Sun in 11th will put the spot light on her network of associates, PR skills and she will also when the Dasha -  Bhukti helps give huge gains.

So the exalted Jupiter which rules marriage looses its power and characteristics nakshatra as I explained) to sustain marriage. Venus which is all about UNION is also combust but will give results of a different nature because of Rahu and it being in Magha Nakshtra (material side of Ketu becomes dominant in Magha).

Please remember not to start telling benefic results for Jupiter or Venus if well placed. They may give some results that are benefic and modify results with respect to profession or some other aspect. HAVE A CLOSER LOOK. NO PLANET IS A COMPLETE BENEFIC OR MELAFIC - MY VIEW. 

Lord of 7th Mars is in Gemini in Ardra Nakshtra (gives a dominating & unrelenting nature and ruled by Radra which is Shiva and has the energy of Rahu which is all about being in your own world of illusion. They can be deceitful and tricky) which will give her a very stubborn person  and a husband who can keep tricking her. That is what is happening. 

The idea of EXPLAINING this was NEVER look at exalted Jupiter and start predicting all great things on Marriage. Same is with Venus for sex and marriage.

Yes - all can never be bad so on the professional front she will do good and this Jupiter may not allow her to get out of the marriage easily. The husband represented by Mars is not a straight person as i have  tried to explain. 

I would like to end now as wanted to explain a limited point.

Horoscope of Sh. Amit Shah!

Let us understand the strengths of the horoscope though at the outset it looks a weak horoscope.

At the outset a Debilitated Sun and Mars one may not give a second glance. Two major planets signifying power and might are in their fall.

Look closely and you see the exchange of Moon and Mars - involve 8th and 11th house. Shows sudden gains as a part of destiny and the capability to intuitively understand a situation, get into the depth and a sharp brain to convert a situation (I mean, especially those situations where you feel there is a hopelessness and surgery is required) into again (fulfilling your aspirations or desires).

Mars debilitated is good as then you are a soldier, but with a strategy and scheme. Approach is to be a caretaker & custodian.

Similarly, look at the exchange of Sun and Venus. It involves 2nd and 12th house. The 2nd house is for RAJYA (GOVT) & 12th is for strategy, working with computers, secret planning and international affairs. You earn wealth & prestige (2nd house) by the 12th (planning and what we can call using social media).

Yes 8th also signifies struggles, disputes, danger, going deep into the occult, health issues, secretive enemies and 12th also signifies expenses, isolation, left alone, struggles and spirituality etc. And all these would have also manifested.

The exchanges make the horoscope very powerful as the case was of Smt. Indira Gandhi (of course the houses were different). Planets in exchange are like planets placed in their own houses, but the travel which happens in the process of exchange gets its energy.

The exchanges make the horoscope very powerful as the case was of Smt. Indira Gandhi (of course the houses were different). Planets in exchange are like planets placed in their own houses but the travel which happens in the process of exchange gets its energy. 

Ascendant in Hasta (Hasta has a connection with Moon & Mercury - logic rules but greater understanding of emotions. Deity is Savitur - first rays of the Sun. Remember a KING which Sun represents through the ruling God is a planet that has a big heart, has power, rules, but also aware of all the traits of deceit and negativity).

Haste is represented by the clenched fist - such people operate, but being in control and only with a few trusted people to keep strength & unity. Rahu also has a role in this Nakshtra & RAHU is the planet of today (it thinks and does things that are out of the box).

The above is also sustained by the Nakshatra of Sun and Moon in Bharni makes him a person, who will keep a log of things & people - help / act fairly. I am not discussing other factors as the Moon in Bharani may not be very good for Mother but that is NOT the theme of this article.

This makes the horoscope very strong and much more than what it looks by a first glance or more also!

RAHU IN 10TH & that also alone make it very strong. In Gemini it is as good as exalted. Mercury (the depositor of Rahu) is in the second house in the house of Libra (its friend and also signifies a guru, trying to balance things and joining matters/issues) which is 5th form Rahu and the 10th house.


Dasha is of Rahu-Venus is till June, 18, 2018 (excellent) and then Rahu-Sun till 13/03/2019 and then Rahu-Moon till Sept, 2020 & Rahu-Mars till  Sept, 2021.

You would observe ANTAR DASHAS of Venus, Sun, Moon and Mars operate till September, 2021. Venus & Sun & then Moon & Mars is in an EXCHANGE which I have explained above.

The exchanges will give their impact and take him to dizzy heights and also getting more spiritual with an understanding of what that is the meaning of UNION with the ULTIMATE (the SOURCE).

Involvements of 8th and 12th in the exchange, is the reason, but analysis is only on the tenth house (power, prestige and the impact of Rahu in Gemini IN Mrigasira which gives a great understanding of direction & purpose & chasing things - searching new horizons is a continuous process - RULED BY LORD SOMNATH as the DIETY).



What makes Yogi Adityanath an Unmarried and a Sanyasi?

Sun rules mind which makes him independent and a person who mostly never depends on other people intellect. Person uses his own mind.

Ketu sitting here in 3rd house in Cancer Sign which means spiritualism. This affects persons family life which means that person prefer being alone but with spiritualism. This combination is known for exceptional leadership capabilities with intense emotions.

Planet Moon which indicates mind, is in the house of fiery Mars which is not only retro-gate but rules the 12th house of renunciation. This means Obstacles (Vighna) along with foreign travel, expenditure etc.

Here Moon is in Aquarius sign (Kumbh Rashi) in Purvabhadrapad Nakshatra which is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter cum Saturn combination here gives spiritual depth, Occult knowledge, intuitiveness to Yogi Adityanath. This also makes his attitude towards work is very positive.

What makes Yogi Aditya Nath Horoscope different from Others?

Yogi Adityanath, the present cheif minister of Uttar Pradesh was the youngest member of the 12th Lok Sabha at the age of 26. He has been elected to the Parliament from Gorakhpur constituency for 5 consecutive terms in 1998, 1999, 2004, 2009 and 2014 elections.

He was born as Ajay Singh Bisht on 5th June 1972 in Panchur, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

As exact time is not known so as per the solar chart here are the planetary combinations made Adityanath a Yogi or a Raj-Yogi?

Combination 1: Venus, the lord of his horoscope is combust and in first house. Also, Venus rules the sixth house of opposition and enmity and denial. So as venus rules comfort and pleasures of life but a combust venus here denies pleasure and comfort to Yogi Adityanath.

But at the same time Venus being the ascendant lord and in Taurus lagan, is suggest that he would stay in aishwarya or in luxary but may be not be a part of enjoyment.

Combination 2: Sun or Surya the lord of mind and mother which is home is in ascendant. Sun or Surya also is in Raj-Yoga that is Karka in the ascendant which is promising him a higher position and authority.

Sun is in Rohini Nakshatra ruled by Taurus sign or in Virshabha Rashi where Nakshatra ruler is Moon. This gives a good appearance to the person and makes him political powerful. Slight stubbornness is there being Sun is in Taurus or in Vrishabha Rashi.

Is Dog's Cry during mid-nights a Bad Omen or Is it Symbolic to someone's Death!

Dr. Shanker AdawaL

How would you feel if you heard the sound of screaming or crying of an animal at night? We will think this an ominous in some way or a sign of some bad happening in that area in near future. 

Is this a bad Omen? 
what would be the reason of dog's crying during mid night? 
What is the science behind this?

there are many questions comes in our mind as no-one likes dog's crying specially in midnight.

Yes, there is also an ominous belief associated with dog's crying during midnight, which we often heard from the mouth of the elderly people in our family. According to ancient beliefs, if a dog cries out at night, then it is an indicator of the coming death or it reflects the "future crisis".

Is Dog's Cry a Bad Omen

Yes, I think we all must be inquisitive to know that Is the dog's cry a kind of bad luck... or like other deceptive beliefs, it also comes under a thoughtless basis. The answer can be learned after we have a scientific assessment of crying of dog. 

According to science, those who understand these peculiar voices are the cry of dogs, they are wrong. These voices are not their cry but a way in which they have to deliver a special type of messages to their other companions. They do not cry but rather 'hail'. So that their companions can know their place.

Apart from this, when a dog is in pain or trouble, he try to call his other group dogs by these peculiar voices or hailing instead of cry. Dogs do not tolerate sharp sounds, so they gradually get used to 'hail' and we understand these voices their cry.

Dogs too do not like being alone. So when they feels lonely, they call other group dogs by these peculiar voices. It is our mistake to understand that these voices are their cry.

Please never bother or treat any dog whenever listen these kind of peculiar voices from them, they maybe in pain or feeling lonely.

Transit of planet Mars in Gemini, Good or Bad!

Dr. Shanker Adawal

As per astrology point of view, planet Mars is considered to be a very strong but destructive planet. This is the reason that when planet changes its location then everyone gets cautious and would inquisitive to know about Mars transit.

Let us know the effects of Mars transit on each zodiac sign.

Image result for mars and gemini artworkMars will change its position on 27 May at 1:53 as per IST. This time planet Mars will enter in Gemini zodiac sign from the Taurus which will remain there for a month. After that on July 11, 2017, the transfer of planet Mars will be Cancer zodiac sign.  

But what will be the transit impact on Gemini as well as other eleven zodiac signs during this time. These astrological results are based on as per your lunar zodiac sign in your horoscope.

Transit impact on Aries: Mars will transit in the 3rd House which will be beneficial for every Aries horoscope. This transit will improve the opportunities in your carrier with strong self-belief, as a result you will get success in both the sides during the period. Apart from this, fortune will also accompany you. But be careful about the health of your parents. 

Transit impact on Taurus: Here Mars will transit in the 2nd House, which will be directly linked with your finances but there will be no big change in your income where expenses may be more. Do not ignore the health of your spouse during this period. During this transit, take measures to calm the planet to avoid losses.

Transit impact on Gemini: From the arrival of Mars in your own amount, you will be able to see its effect on the first of your horoscope. But there is nothing as terrifying, this transit will wake up your destiny and give new opportunities. But during this period, your anger may increase which is the biggest sign of stability.

Transit impact on Cancer: Transit of Mars in the 12th house of Cancer zodiac sign, a little harmful to your health. Either disease can grow suddenly or the long-standing disease can prove to be dangerous beforehand. Therefore, one must take measures to calm the planet Mars before transit approaches.

Transit impact on Leo: Mars transit in Leo will be in 11th house in this planetary change which is going to be auspicious. There will be new opportunities, you can get some good news from your work place. Apart from this, your confidence will also be seen growing during this time but the strength of Mars will also give your anger. So, it will be necessary to do some measures to calm the planet. 

Transit impact on Virgo: For Virgo people, Mars transit is going to be auspicious being moving in the 10th house. There will be a sudden bounce in your career, you may get promotion too. For the people who in to business, will get new clients and big advantage deals. Again the strength of Mars will also give anger, be cautious. 
Transit impact on Libra: Mars transit will be in the 9th house in Libra zodiac. During this time your income may increase, can travel a long distance. You will get great love and support from your spouse and would be life partner. Need to take care of mother's health and siblings.
Transit impact on Scorpio: Mars is moving in the 8th house in Scorpio sign which is great concern. It can have any physical pain due to its effect. This transit can also give you unexpected benefits but there are some legal issues which can trap you. Be alert, vigilant and take every decision carefully as this transit is going to give you some mixed impact. 

Transit impact on Sagittarius: Transit of Mars in Sagittarius will be in the 7th house, whose direct effect will be on your nature. Your attitude will be full of aggression all the time and at the same time irritability, moodiness and anger even on small-small things. Need to be lot of control over this type of attitude.

Transit impact on Capricorn: Mars transit will move to 6th house in Capricorn. There are possibilities to get success in legal issues. Mars in 6th house will change your attitude, nature towards the better than earlier. Anger and aggression will be still there but on the other hand, children will get the benefit of this transit where they can be stubborn in nature.

Transit impact on Aquarius: Mars will move 5th house in your Rashi. Impact of this transit will be mixed beneficial for you. Promotion in service or change in job may be there but expenses are going to increase during this period of transit.

Transit impact on Pisces: Transit of Mars will be in 3rd house for Pisces people, a little decline in mother's health can be found, ideological differences and depression may occur during this transit. Your married life may too affected. 

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