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Jupiter’s effects in Your Horoscope - I

lights planet GIF by NASAOf the nine planets, Jupiter is undoubtedly the most benefic planet. Jupiter is the Devaguru or the Guru of the Gods. A well placed Jupiter gives excellent luck, good spiritual inclinations, education and knowledge of the scriptures, deep rooted culture and ethics and many more. The following are the effects of Jpiter placed in the twelve houses from the ascendant.

Jupiter effect in First House!

If Jupiter is in his own sign (Sagittarius or Pisces) in the first house (ascendant) the native will be a good speaker and well-versed in Shastras. He will have full knowledge of three Vedas good number of children and will be happy, long lived and learned. If Jupiter is in his sign of exaltation (Cancer) all the above results will be fully realised and in his 16th year the native will enjoy the effects of Maharaja yoga so caused by Jupiter. If Jupiter is in the house of his enemy, or in the house of a malefic, or is associated with a malefic or in his sign of debilitation (Capricorn) the native will indulge in sinful deeds, he will have an unstable mind and a medium span of life. He will be childless, ungrateful, full of false vanity, will forsake his near relations and well wishers, likes travels, will be inimical towards others and be miserable.

The logical reasons -Jupiter is the greatest benefic amongst all the planets. The first house in the horoscope is the most ideal position for Jupiter. He gets directional strength in this house and casts benefic aspects on the 5th house (signifying children, intellect etc), the 7th house (signifying wife, marriage, married life etc.) and the 9th house (signifying religious mindedness, bhagya, prosperity, father etc). If Jupiter is in the first house in a horoscope, it indicates that the native is blessed with the grace of God. According to Jatakadesamarga, when Jupiter possessed of exceeding strength with clear bright rays, occupies the lagna, the child born should be declared to be free from all afflictions. This means that Jupiter posited in a kendra position to the Moon wards off all evils (that would otherwise befall on a child) caused by all the planets, just as a lion, though single, is able to kill thousands of elephants. Jatakaa Parijata says:- If a powerful Jupiter in his full rays is posited in a kendra (1,4,7,10), he alone wards off all aristhas just as a sincere prayer to God Mahadev destroys all sins of the devotee.

Thus all the good results will definitely be realised if Jupiter is not in any way afflicted. If afflicted, the native will have to face a few negative effects.
If Jupiter is in Sagittarius in the ascendant, he will be there as lord of the 4th and the ascendant. If Jupiter is in Pisces, he will be there as lord of the ascendant and the 10th house. If Jupiter is in Cancer (his sign of exaltation), the ascendant will be Cancer and he will be there as lord of the ninth. These are very beneficial dispositions for any horoscope. The disposition of Jupiter in Sagittarius, Pisces or Cancer in the ascendant (Lagna-Kendra) also gives rise to Hamsa yoga (a Panch Mahapurusha Yoga), the effects of which are:

”The native’s legs will have the markings of a conch, lotus, fish and ankusa. He will possess a handsome body; he will be liked by others; he will be righteous in disposition and pure in mind.”

Jupiter effect in 2nd House!

If Jupiter is in the second house the native will be rich and intelligent. What he foretells will come true. In his 16th year he will enjoy financial gains and agricultural prosperity. He will also be very powerful. If Jupiter is in his own sign (Sagittarius or Pisces) or in his sign of exaltation, the native will be very prosperous and wealthy. If Jupiter is associates with a malefic there will be obstacles in educational pursuits and the native will be a thief, liar and will have vulgar speech.

If Jupiter is in his sign of debilitation and associated with a malefic, the native will be a drunkard and immoral. He will be a destroyer of his family and will have relations with other people’s wives. He will also be childless.

The logical reasons -The second house is native’s Dhana bhava. Jupiter in the second will give the native financial prosperity early in his life. According to the author second house also deals with education and Jupiter associated with malefics will cause obstacles in the educational sphere. The second house also signifies speech and family. Jupiter associated with malefics will make the native immoral in every respect. Jupiter is a significator for children. If he is afflicted or is in his sign of debilitation, there will be no issues. If Jupiter is in Sagittarius the ascendant will be Scorpio and Jupiter will be in the 2nd house as lord of the 2nd and 5th houses. If Jupiter is in Pisces, the ascendant will be Aquarius and Jupiter will be in the 2nd as lord of the 2nd and 11th houses. If Jupiter is in Cancer (his sign of exaltation), the ascendant will be Gemini and he will be in the 2nd as lord of the 7th and 10th houses. These dispositions give rise to powerful Dhana yogas. For Virgo ascendant also Jupiter will be very beneficial in the 2nd house. cont...


Dr. Shanker Adawal
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Why EAR Diseases? Astrological Point of View!

vibrant GIF
    Astrology-the Divine Science has answer for all diseases right from the conception of the native. The body of the native is astrologically divided in twelve house and most of you know about them. The 11th house stand for left ear and the 3rd house stand for right ear. Depending on the horoscope of the native trouble will be in either or both ears.
      Diseased or sickly body is also dependent on the horoscope of the native and one of the factors is weak Lagna and Lagna Lord. Every planet has something to may for a particular disease. What is disease? When you are not at ease with reference to any part of the body, you are diseased. The ear trouble and dental trouble are most irritants' for the native.
      Actually, ear, nose and throat go together and even in some cases it has been seen that ear trouble alone is capable for harming brain nerves as all of them are connected inter-se and that is the reason we have separate ENT specialist. Placement of malefics i.e. Mandi, Mars, Rahu, Saturn, Ketu and afflicted Mercury becomes responsible for ear trouble specially when placed in the 3rd/11th house. The Sun also becomes trouble some for ear trouble depending in the strength, aspects on the Sun and conjunction/association of other planets with the Sun.

      Now, we have the following principles with regard to ear trouble:

      1)      If Saturn in 3rd house in with Mandi and has no benefic aspect, the native has nervous trouble in the ear.
      2)      If the Lord of 3rd house is under malefic influence, the trouble to the ear is also indicated. Navamsha may also be seen.
      3)      Hearing power is governed by the ears. If there is benefic in the 3rd house and has the aspect/conjunction of benefic, the native hears sermons on religious and spiritual matters etc. on the other hand if malefic planet is in a malefic sign the hearing is of under variable type including destruction of the hearing power.
      4)      Even according to Phaladeepika, the trouble to the ear should be considered from the 3rd and 11th house. If there is malefic influence on 3rd/11th house, there will be trouble to the ear.
      5)   For a Virgo Lagna, Saturn becomes the Lord of 5th and 6th- the horoscope is moon in Sagittarius, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in the 9th (trine-well placed) Rahu in 6th, Saturn in 9th house and Ketu in the 12th house. Here in spite of well placed planets in the 9th, Saturn (significator of diseases and lord of 6th) aspects the 11th house and 3rd house, 11th lord the Moon is aspected by Mars, all these factors resulted in operation of the ear twice.

      1. Before processing further, it would be apt to divide the Ear in three parts so far diseases are concerned. The parts are external, middle and internal. So fare diseases of the external, middle and internal. So fare diseases of the external not are concerned, the treatment can be given on the face of it. Any irritation and inflammation in the middle of the year can ultimately lead to deafness for which the astrology has some combinations. Deafness is a major disease but comes under the ear disease. Apart form 3rd house (right ear) and 11th house (left ear) other houses namely 9th, 8th, 6th, 5th and 12th also come in picture when the planets  therein aspect either 3rd or 11th. Some astrologers attribute ear disease for signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces but that may not be true as such unless the totality of the malefic influence is traced to the 3rd/11th house, their lords, aspects on them and the Dasha under which the native is going.

      1. Internal ear disease is the most difficult to diagnose and diagnose become more difficult with involvement of Rahu. Under medical astrology the internal part contains a Cochliar nerve which carries the sound and speech. Any injury to this part can cause Cochliar nerves which carry the sound-sensation to brain and thus causing trouble in sound and speech. Any injury to this part can cause deafness permanently. The other medical term is Mastoid bone and when it becomes diseased, surgical intervention becomes necessary.
      Following principles may be kept in mind where surgical intervention may become necessary:

      1)      When Moon, Mars and Mercury join together either in 3rd or in 11th and Ketu is in 7th from them, Mastoiditis occurs and surgical intervention becomes necessary.
      2)      When Mercury is with the Sun (in close degrees i.e. in Combest position) in the 3rd or 11th and if Mars or Saturn are placed in 7th from them, diseases of internal part occurs and medical surgery becomes inevitable.
      3)      For Gemini or Virgo Lagna, if Mars and Sun combine in the 3rd, 11th, 6th, 9th or 12th, internal part of the ear become diseased. Sun is important for diseases of bones and when the Sun is placed in the 7th from the afflicted house, surgeons' knife come into place.

      However, I caution my all astrologer colleagues that the above combination may shoe improvement by the aspect or other involvement of Jupiter and the disease may not come ore may pass off with little discomfort. Hence the need to make well-guarded predictions after taking into consideration the totality of the horoscope.

      1. I would also now give some more combinations for middle ear discuses :

      1)      If the Moon and Mercury combine with Mars or Saturn in the 3rd or 11th houses, middle ear disease may be predicted for the relevant ear. Benefic aspect on this combination may make the disease as mild or temporary.
      2)      Even simple combination of the Moon and Mercury in 3rd or 11th house apecially when these belong to Mercury i.e. Gemini or Virgo, there may be eatery discharge from the year but no pain.
      3)      When Mars and the Moon combine in 3rd, 11th 5th, 9th, 6th or 12th house, there will be middle ear disease and serve pains as Mars causes inflammation and rupture of tissues or ear drum.
      4)      When the Moon and Mercury combine Aries or Scorpio (3rd or 11th house) pain and pus formation is indicated in the corresponding ear.
      5)      When Mars and Mercury combine in 3rd or 11th house either from Lagna or Chandra Lagna. Middle ear disease is indicated.
      6)      Mars and Saturn in Gemini/Virgo Lagna can cause middle-ear diseases and same results are indicated even from Chandra Lagna.

      From the above it is clear that Mercury and her signs Gemini and Virgo have major role to play.

      Dr. Shanker Adawal
      Profile: www.connectingmind.com
      Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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      What is Adhi Yoga in Astrology?

      astrology GIFWhen I had just passed my B.A. honours examination my father took me with him to an astrologer, familiarly known as Singapore Jotishar. He was a real Tejaswi, in the traditional way putting on kumkum mark on his forehead but he used to chew paan and tobacco frequently. My father showed him my horoscope, given below, and asked him will he come up and shine well in life?” He gazed at the horoscope, just for five minutes, and replied “What?” This is a good horoscope with Chandraadhi Yoga which is a Raja Yogas and which is unpolluted. Budha, Guru and Shukra are in the 6th and the 7th houses from the Moon and they are not combust. They are not spoiled by malefic planets especially they are not eclipsed by Rahu or Ketu. He is surer to come up very well and reach very high positions in life.” The chart is as follows:

      Mark Mercury in the 6th house from the Moon. Guru is in the 7th house from the full Moon and Venus is retrograde in the 6th house from the Moon. Later, only I studied law, after M.A. degree and I passed B. L.

      When I studied law, at the instance of my maternal grandfather who had financed me for this course for enlistment as an advocate. I consulted Sr. Kavassery Subrahmania Sastrigni who used to practice astrology from the small frontal room in a house in Lingichetty street, Madras while his family was in his native place near Palghat. He also predicted a high position quoting Brihat Jatakam sloka as follows:

      Soumyaih Smarrari Nidhaneshwadhi Yoga Indo

      Stasmeemschamoopa sachiva kahitipa Bala Janma

      Sampatta soukhya vibhavaa Hata Satravascha

      Deerghaayusho Vigat a roga Bhayaascha Jeetaah.

      Neither the Singapore Jotishar nor Sri K. Subrahmania Sastrigal referred to or relied on the 9th and the 10th houses and the strength of the lord of the 10th house. As I had picked up some knowledge of astrology, by that time. I asked the Sastrigal how he could predict high position in life for me when Saturn, the lord of the 10th house, was relegated to the 12th (hidden) house. He replied since Saturn was in Meena (Pisces) it had the good aspect of exalted Jupiter, the 9th lord. But he explained that, apart, Adhi Yoga is a very important Yoga and it has alone capable of conferring very high position.

      According to Brihat Jataka, Adhi Yoga is a Rajaj Yoga especially when it is caused by the Moon who was powerful and who was aspected by exalted Jupiter. This was also the view of Kalyana Varma of Saravali concurring with the views expressed by Varaha Mihira. Adhi Yoga gives the native long life, health, freedom from ailments or disability, power to overcome cruel enemies and to be a king or a Senadhipati or a Mantri of Nyayadheesh. The exalted placement of Jupiter always magnifies Adhi Yoga. Adhi Yoga can also be formed in relation to the ascendant.

      The principle is that all the four benefits namely full Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are or should be involved in the formation of Adhi Yoga to make the Yoga fully effective and powerful. But if the Moon is weak and or is not well placed then the effect of Adhi Yoga will not so beneficial as it should otherwise be. Another classical text defines Adhi Yoga in a slightly different way in which it says that Adhi Yoga becomes useless if Chandra is placed in the 6th the 8th or the 12th house from the ascendant in spite of Budha, Guru and Shukra being in the 6th the 7th or the 8th from the ascendant. This is perhaps Yoga Bhanga or cancellation of the beneficial power of Yogas. The effect of Adhi Yoga will be totally diluted.

      Mahadeva, in Jataka Tatwa, says that benefit Mercury, Venus and Jupiter should all be necessary for the 6th, the 7th or the 8th from the Moon for a native to become a Senadhipathi, Mantri or King’s Counsel. Further, the strength of the Yoga will depend upon the strength of all the planets. Kumaara Swamiyam, a Tamil work, says that Guru or Jupiter must not be in the 8th house from the Moon but preferably it should be in the 7th house from the Moon for the formation of an effective and beneficial Adhi Yoga.

      Another important point is that all the three benefits namely Mercury, Venus and Jupiter together in the 6th or the 7th house also cause Adhi Yoga in which event they better stay in friendly houses alone.
      A question arises whether Adhi Yoga is constituted when only 2 out of 3 benefic planets are in the 6th, the 7th or the 8th houses from the Moon or the ascendant. The fact remains that for constituting a strong, beneficial and useful Adhi Yoga all the three benefits must be there in the 6th, the 7th or the 8th houses from the Moon or the ascendant.

      I know some Kerala astrologers and even others who overlook Adhi Yoga or ignore it. This is not correct. Adhi Yoga is one of the best Yogas and it raises a man from very ordinary circumstances to dazzling heights. But it is one of the most difficult Yogas to be easily interpreted; and unless the astrologer possesses expertise thorough knowledge and Vak siddhi he will prove a failure in interpreting Yogas. Intuitive ability and capacity to assess the planets properly are both a must to evaluate the strength of Adhi Yoga from its correct perspective.

      Dr. Shanker Adawal
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      Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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      How 7th House Lord responsible for Marriage Prosperity, Pitfals, Partnership, Sex and Sexuals diseases?

      astrology GIF
      In astrology, 7th house is known for marriage, marital affairs, romance, sex and sexual matters apart from partnerships, joint ventures etc. In this horoscope we explain the position of 7th Lord i.e. planet owning the seventh house. For example, for Aries Lagna person, the 7th house is owned by Venus and if this Venus is placed in various houses from Lagna  (1st house) to 12th house, it shall give different results. (For your guidance, houses have been marked in normal numbering. Results would change when Venus would shift from 1st House to 2nd House and so on.

      2. All matters concerning marriage, divorce, separation, widowhood are looked from 7th house and 7th lord though other houses namely 2nd house, 4th house and 12th houses have also a say in the matter. But, here we are concerned only with 7th house. How cruel can be the husband or wife are also looked from the 7ththth house and is heavily afflicted by other planets including affliction of the Moon (controller of mind) house. A wife also become responsible for getting her husband murdered is also seen from the position of 7 Lord gets 8.

      3. With the above chart and principles mentioned below with regards to 7th Lord, you can also check your horoscope but do not from any judgment as the totality of horoscope must be taken into consideration.

      Lagna First house: When 7th lord is in Lagna it indicates good marriage and she will love her husband, although she will choose her husband but may have an arranged marriage; the husband need not be a relation.

      In case of males, one will have intrigues with other women, also of sharp intellect, loose morals, is prudent, skilful, and may suffer from rhevmatism or gout particularly if Lagna rises in Scorpio and 7th lord is in Lagna. If Mars or Rahu are in 7th house, and Venus in Scorpio, the native may be a debauch. Similar results can be expected if Lagna rises as Libra and Venus, Saturn, Mars and Rahu are in 7th house.

      Second House: Unconventional marriage or love marriage, may be to a relation. A happy married life but financial difficulties will be in life.

      In male horoscope, one will be a henpecked husband. Result will be happy in case of Aries and Scorpio Lagna. In other Lagnas finances will be average. If for Aries Lagna, Venus is in conjunction with Jupiter and Mars in 2nd house, native will be very rich.

      Third House: Marriage to close relations or close family friends. Late marriage after 25th year and preferably in 27th year, which will be happy. If Mars or Saturn aspects, relations will blame the girl for marriage.

      In Male’s chart if 7th lord is combust, the wife of the native will either be short-lived or sickly. If 5th house lord and house are strong and well disposed favorable results indicated for children.

      Fourth House: An unhappy conjugal life. The native will be truthful and various. If aspect by Mars, Saturn or Rahu, the marriage will be with a low caste man and unhappy.

      In male chart, one will do well in business if 7th lord is not afflicted but accepted by favorable planet.

      Fifth House: Marriage through profession with a self made man: A happy married life. Marriage will be approved by parents.

      In male’s chart, native will be meritorious, wealthy and happy. The results will be favorable in case of Gemini Lagna when 7th Lord Jupiter in conjunction with Venus is in the 5th. Also in case of Scorpio Lagna when 7thth place from Lagna. lord Venus and Jupiter are in 5

      Sixth House: Love or self- arranged marriage opposed by relatives, the native will love her husband but the marriage will be unhappy.

      In male’s chart, his wife will be sick, he himself will become peevish, irritable and unhappy. Unless benefices aspect on the 7th house or its lord, his business or profession may be unsuccessful.

      Seventh House: Generally this denotes love marriage. If accepted by Mercury or Jupiter, the marriage will be approved by parents, otherwise arranged marriage in early age. A happy marriage in early age.  A happy married life.

      In male’s chart, the native enjoys a happy married life, his wife will be faithful and pious. If 7th lord is with Rahu, Saturn or Mars, his wife will be uncontrollable, haughty and unchaste. She may be involved in an accident.
      Eighth House: A most dreadful position. Late or delayed marriage. Marriage will be self- arranged, out of act of folly or foolish passions which may result in happiness. If malefic occupy 8th, she will become a widow unless Jupiter aspects.

      In male’s chart, above results will be good. Gain from marriage. The native may suffer from disease of intestine or abdomen sudden accident.

      Ninth House: Gain through marriage amongst relations and known family and generally happy marriage unless afflicted by malefic.

      In male’s chart native may be benefitted by his wife or in laws shall be lucky.

      Tenth House: A happy marriage chosen by the girl from amongst the colleagues and co- workers.

      In male’s chart, native will be truthful, pious and happy. If Lagna, rises in Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces and 7thth, native will be highly educated, will build his own career by his merits and efforts and will get power, authority and fame. In case of Aries Lagna, results will not be so favorably disposed. lord is in 10

      Eleventh House: It is a house of gain. so a good and gainful marriage arranged by the parents and amongst the family members.

      In male’s chart, unless 5th lord and house are strong, the marriage, will be unhappy, his children may be short- lived.

      Twelfth House: Unconventional and self- arranged marriage. If the Jupiter is in 12 th house, the marriage will be approved by planets and will be average nature. A few people say unhappy marriage, but in my views aspects and role of other planets should be considered.

      In male’s chart, loss of domestic peace. If 10th lord and house are favorable, family peace may be restored occasionally, bad health of wife, and short journeys etc. are indicated.

      Dr. Shanker Adawal
      Profile: www.connectingmind.com
      Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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      What is Vishnu Yoga in Hindu Astrology?

      108 GIFConstituents: Vishnu yoga is caused if the lords of Navamsa’s which the 9th Lord is placed and the 10th lord joins the 2nd house in conjunction with the 9th lord.
      Fruits: The native subject to other combinations in the horoscope is likely to lead and enjoyable life and reap the following fruits:

      Acquire fortunes from various countries,
      Earn in crores (reasonably large turnover and profits).

      Will be strong physically and mentally,
      Witty in conversations,
      Worshipper of Lord Vishnu,

      Capable of getting awards from the Government and also praised from the Government,
      Long life up to 100 years-mostly free from disease.

      Our View:
      But, it is possible that all the results may not happen but the native may enjoy most of the blessings of Vishnu Yoga. Astrologically, Navamasha in which the 9th Lord is place plays an important part in the formation of this yoga. Yoga is expected to operate through out life if the Navamsa Lord happens to be the strongest planet (having the need quantity of shadbala). Where the lord of Navamsa occupied by the 9th Lord happens to be Saturn not having much strength (debilitated Saturn), the yoga would operate with certain restrictions.

      It is for the Astrologer to judge the strength of the planet forming Vishnu Yoga. Be that as it may, combination of the 9th lord and 10th lord itself constitutes a powerful Raj Yoga. If this occurs in the 2nd house, combined with the Namamas Lord would indeed amount powerful Dhan Yoga and Raj-yoga.

      In this horoscope, the horoscope belonging to high ranking influential man, Vishnu Yoga did not work well because of Rahu in the 2nd house though Lord of 9th Venus in Taurus Amsa and Lord of this Amsa is again Venus. He is the 2nd house along with the 10th Lord and he himself happens to be the 9th Lord.

      However, Vishnu Yog is more pronounced in the following chart. Venus happens not only be the lord of 10th house but also lord of Navamsa occupied by 9th Lord Mercury. Both Mercury and Venus are in the 2nd. With huge earnings, the native almost enjoyed all the blessings of Vishnu Yoga.
      Dr. Shanker Adawal
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      Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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      What is Brahama Yoga in Hindu Astrology?

      supreme GIFThe origin of Universe is attributed to Brahama -Vishnu and Mahesh. Though Lord Shiva (Mahesh) is also referred to as the Creator, Protector and Destroyer.

      Astrology the Vedic science, has also given rise to three Yogas Brahama Yoga, Vishnu Yoga and Shiva Yoga. All the three Yogas are discussed below:

      Constituents: If Jupiter and Venus are in angles (kendreas respectively from the lord of the 9th and 11th and the Mercury is in a similar position from the lord of either lagna or the 10th, Brahma Yoga is caused.

      The person born with Brahma Yoga is conferred with highly beneficial results implying that the native would command health, wealth, fame and above all instincts for social service (serving others). From the constructions it is seen that all beneficial planets are involved. As the classics say, such native enjoy luxurious foods and are respected by Brahmins and taught men (Present-day VIP). The native himself is highly learned and long lived. With charitable disposition, the native does good deeds.

      Our View: It has been seen that this Yoga does not come in operation for certain Lagans and in some cases the laid down conditions are not fulfilled.
      For Aries born natives, this yoga cannot be deemed to be formed in all its aspects in as much as lord of the 9th is Jupiter and Jupiter’s disposition in an angle (Kendra) from the 9th Lord is entirely ruled out.

      For Cancer born natives, two conditions of this yoga would be absent as lords of 9th and 11th respectively become Jupiter and Venus.

      For Virgo or Sagittarius born natives, the yoga cannot be full because in regard to Virgo, Mercury become lord of the 10th while in regard to Sagittarius, Mercury and Venus becomes the lords of the 10th and 11th is not possible.
      As a clarification it can be stated with regard to Sagittarius born natives that in place of 10th Lord, Lagna Lord may be considered.

      Summing up. It can be said that Brahma Yoga is possible in respect of all the signs except Aries, Cancer and Virgo. But partial Brahma Yoga had been noted to give full/partial results i.e. if four combinations are needed to form a yoga, then the presence of tow three combination may suffice. Braham yoga is present with slight modification in his chart. It may be noted that Jupiter is in a Kendra from the lord of the 9th i.e. Venus. Venus is in Kendra from the lord of the 11th i.e. the Moon. Since Lagna is Virgo one defect would remains.
      Dr. Shanker Adawal
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      Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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      Lines of Love, Affection, Romance and Marriage!

      urban GIF1. I would have a first look at the horizontal lines at the outer edge of the Mount of Mercury. (Marriage lines). I count these lines and say that the number of marriages or love affairs would be equal to the number of these lines (There are some exceptions).

      2. In the Western Countries where sexual relations before marriage are the general rule, these lines are also called lines of association or lines of affection.

      3. My experience and study tells me that these lines may indicate less about marriage and more about the sexuality of a person. That is why the lines are also known as the lines of sexuality. To answer a question about marriage, the other lines on the palm must also be studied.

      4. The firmness or the prominence of the Mount of Venus also indicates the amount of sexuality a person possesses. But the Mount of Venus also indicates the amount of human sympathy or the vital force of a person, but these lines near the Mount of Mercury only indicate sexuality. Need to study the Palm from various angles including the mounts.

      5. Before the Hindu Code Act came on the statute book, a Hindu male could marry more than once; the Hindu women had no such right. Divorce had no legal sanction in Hindu religion. But, if the husband and wife could not get along, they could separate. The wife went back to her parents or the husband left his wife and went away. Even though such separation did not amount to divorce, but was very much similar in effect.

      6. First have in mind the traditions, customs and law. The lines and mounts when be consulted to answer questions about marriage, divorce and inability to live together on the part of the husband and wife are being mentioned here in the order of their importance. Be cautious for interpreting the marriage lines which are also called the line of sexuality/Love.


      7. Marriage Line is a horizontal line which enters the palm from the extreme percussion edge of the hand. That is why one must make a note of its position while taking a hand print. It starts from the edge of the palm and ends at the Mount of Mercury.

      8. A line reaching the middle of the Mount of Mercury is a normal one; if it stops short of that point, it is short and if it goes beyond that it is considered to be long. If it reaches near the Mount of the Sun it is very long. I however believe that one single line of marriage in a palm merely indicates that the person has attraction for a person of the opposite sex. Two such lines indicate that the sexuality would endure for a long time.

      9. If such lines are straight and well-defined, it is indicative of the fact that the person loves his suppose passionately. If there is no such line on a palm, the prominence of the Mount of Venus tends to make up that deficiency. A thick little finger with a long third phalange has a similar effect.

      10. If there is no line of Marriage (sexuality) on a hand and the Mount of Venus is also level under-developed with the little finger being short and thin, there is no likelihood of that person possessing any sex urge. If the line is there but is indistinct, there is lack of interest in marriage and sexual relations. If the Mount of Moon is prominent then lack of interest is accentuated.

      11. If the first part of the line is deep and the last one shallow a person loses interest in love, but conversely, if the line is shallow in the beginning and becomes deeper thereafter, love tends to become more intense. This proposition may need study of money hands specially of person getting to meditation, spiritualism, detachment etc.

      12. If the line of sexuality is near the Heart Line it is an indication, according to some palmists, of early marriage. But I interpret such a line as indicative of sexuality becoming strong during adolescence, but if it is near the base of the little finger, the libido tends to increase after middle age.

      13. If there is a single line of sexuality and lies halfway between the little finger and the Heart Line, libido tends to be strong during youth. If the age at which marriage will take place is to be calculated, both the Mount of Jupiter and the Line of Saturn should be studied. If there is a cross on the Mount of Jupiter near the Line of Life an early marriage is indicated. Otherwise a cross on the Mount of Jupiter indicates happy marriage. If the Mount of Saturn is prominent, marriage is delayed.

      14. Early and late are relative terms and must be interpreted according to an area or the society in which an individual lives. In India it is now customary for a girl to get married at 17 or 18, but in the West girls do not think of marriage before they are 25, in some cases, even 30. A marriage is late or early according to the customs prevalent in a region/country.

      15. If there are two lines of sexuality, one near the base of the little finger and the other near the Heart Line, it signifies that sexuality manifesting itself during adolescence would continue till after middle age.

      16. Some Senior Palmists measures the distance between the Heart Line and the base of the little finger s 70 years of age. They consider the middle point in this distance as signifying the age of 35. But some say that the space between the base of the little finger and the Heart Line signifies an age of 50 years. Half of that distance means 25 years.

      17. The various palmists have reached the following conclusions about the line of sexuality.

      18. If the line of sexuality is inclined towards the Heart Line, it indicates ill-health of the spouse. If the line so inclined intersects the Heart Line, a person is likely to survive after the death of the spouse.

      19. If the line of sexuality does not interested the Heart Line but a branch of it does, it indicates marital troubles.

      20. If there is a break in the line of sexuality, there is a tendency to live away from one’s spouse.

      21. If the line of sexuality is inclined towards the little finger, the spouse of that person is liable to outlast him.

      22. If there are islands on this line it indicates tension, ill-will, and desire for divorce or separation. But one must see the position of the Line of Mars. If it divides into two branches at the end, separation between the spouse is a certainly.

      23. i) If there is a tassel or a trident at the end of the line of sexuality, love between the spouses tends to diminish as time passes. If the line has two branches, love is diminished to some extent.

      ii) If the branches are going upwards it is free from all defects. If there are two branches of the line in the beginning which merge to make one line, love between the spouses tends to become intense as time passes.

      iii) If the line of sexuality is longer than usual, love tends to endure for a long time. Conversely, if it is shorter, love tends to get diminished.

      iv) A person with a wide and shallow line of sexuality lacks fidelity in love. If the line touches the Mount of Apollo, marriage to a talented person is indicated.

      24. If there is a spot at the end of the line there are obstacles in the course of love.


      25 If the Mount of Venus is prominent, a person is likely to marry for the physical pleasure of it and an early marriage is indicated in their case.

      26. If the line of influence emanating from the Mount of Venus meets the line of Saturn, a marriage is indicated. If the line meets the Mount of Apollo (Sun) it is a happy and prosperous marriage. If the line of influence meets the Mount of Mercury, it is an unfortunate marriage that is indicated. The age at which marriage is indicated can be calculated from the line of Saturn.

      27. If a person wants to marry for the sake of getting found from the line of Saturn. Lines of influence emanating from the Mount of Moon joining the line of Saturn also give an indication of marriage. The age at which marriage will take place can be calculated from the Line of Saturn. If the line of Saturn remains deep and distinct after the line of influence touches it, the marriage proves fortunate. But if the line of Saturn or the Sun becomes defective it cold turn into a misfortune. If the Sun line arises at that age, marriage brings good fortune and honor. Both the palms must be studied before answering a question on the subject of marriage.

      28. A cross on the Mount of Jupiter is lucky and indicate happy marriage.

      29. The Line of Mars too gives some indications about marital relations. It depends on the study and experience of Palm Reader.

      30. The mounts also influence marital relations and love affairs. Those with a prominent Saturn are normally disinterested in marriage. If such a person has a developed Mount of Venus, he seeks only physical pleasure in marriage. He is generally devoid of a sense of responsibility that goes with marriage.

      31. Those with a prominent Mount of the Sun have many expectations from their spouses. Tension can upset their marital relations quickly.

      32. Those with a prominent Mercury or Mars tend to marry early. Those who have a prominent Mount of Moon are disinterested in marriage. They marry only if their lines of sexuality are very strong, failing that they are happy in a single state. This principle need to be authenticated by study of various hands with prominent mount of Moon.

      Dr. Shanker Adawal
      Profile: www.connectingmind.com
      Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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      Combination for Debts And Poverty Part 1

      First and fore aim of any person is to fulfill basic needs of himself and his dependents.

      horoscope GIFGenerally food, clothing and shelter are quite important to protect life to live in society. Now a days many highly educated class of persons are also suffering from dire poverty, at the same time many illiterates are enjoying rich posh comforts of the life. Some earns lakhs of rupees effortlessly, but some others hardly earn their bread. All these facts can be traced successfully through the individual horoscope (Birth chart) by competent astrologer or a palmist. In my opinion person’s future depends solely on their birth time i.e. (Birth chart) which cannot be demolished or renewed like building by men.

      However, favourable Dasha Bhuktis are cause of little fortunes well within the scope of basic horoscope. In every chart there will be Dhana Yoga and as well as Daridra Yoga, of the two which ever is strong native under goes its influence. Here my chosen heading is Poverty/Debts and hence, I try to place certain such Yogas before you, they are as follows:

      (a) Lagna lord in 12th house and 12th lord of lagna.

      (b) Exchange of 12th lord and 2nd lord.

      (c) 4th, 5th, 9th, and 10th, Lords in 12th or 6th.

      (d) 2nd, 3rd, 11th Lords in 12th or 6th.

      (e) 2d Lord debilitated and placed between malefic.

      (f) Persons born in Gola Yoga.

      (g) Those born in Sakata Yoga.

      (h) Those born in Kalasarpa Yoga. In addition to above 2 or 3 conjunctions.

      (i) When 3 or 4 planets in their deep debilitation and without Neechabhanga.

      (j) When Lagna Lord placed in 12th and aspected by Maraka Planet.

      (k) If Lagna is occupied by Saturn & placed between Malefic Planets (Lords of 12th & 6th).

      (l) If the 6th, 8th or 12th from Lagna becomes Arudha, poverty results in.

      (m) When “Kemadruma Yoga” exists without canceling effects.

      (n) When “Yuga Yoga” exists.

      (o) When 6th, 8th & 12th Lords occupies 2nd house.

      (p) When all planets are in debilitated condition and placed in Kendra.

      (q) When Lagna Lord is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th along with malefic and aspected by 8th Lord, will be poverty stricken even though born in rich family.

      (r) When Lagna and Amsha both in moveable sign and aspected by Saturn or debilitated Jupiter, he would beg for his food.

      (s) Rahu in 2 in some signs cause extravagant expenses and heavy debts. Many combinations are still there. I request the learned readers to apply these rules to compare/contrast their case studies and

      Dr. Shanker Adawal
      Profile: www.connectingmind.com
      Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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