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Transit and Research on Predictive Technique - A Pointer!

Transit and Research on Predictive Technique - A Pointer!

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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Planet Moon and Your Education!

space sun GIFAll astrological texts and astrologers accept that the Moon, inter-alia, is Mind and the question for consideration in this small write-up is whether and to what extent education can be acquired by benefic or malefic Moon. At the same time, the involvement of major significators for education namely Jupiter and Mercury cannot be ruled out. Similarly certain signs and their lords play their parts. However, though total consideration of the horoscope may be needed but the discussion shall be confined to the specific question of the role played NATAL MOON in acquiring 'Education'.

What constitutes 'education' for purposes of astrology would differ from native to native and in view of the modern times, astrology would cover education from primary to secondary, secondary to graduation and therefore graduation to post-graduation augmented by higher studies. At the same time it becomes inevitable to mention that' education' is a word of wide importance and taking the dictionary meaning into consideration, education stands for bringing up or training as of child, instruction, strengthening the powers of the body or mind. Further analysis would say that education includes 'culture', technical education, and cover various fields of Art, Music, Drama, Archaeology, Economic and Sanitary Science and Psychological healing. This apart, the word 'education' has come to stay for the process of training and developing the knowledge, skill mind and covers normal schooling. However, education cannot be restricted to scholastic education only. It would cover all steps of learning apart from education through schools/colleagues and universities. Hence the need for mind (Moon) for any type of 'learning education' would differ from native depending on the personal horoscope.

The Moon in mind. The Moon represents 'Chitta' or emotions of all sorts. The Moon represents the highest state of mind and learning in all kinds of liquids, including water and milk, is inter-alia, provided by the Moon (a watery planet). The requisite skill (education) to rule general public is governed by the Moon. In astrology, the Moon has also been treated as an eye, specially left eye and no education would be possible without proper eyesight, thus the Moon plays its role though in Modern times, even a blind-man can learn to read and write.

 The Moon in various signs and houses also influence the scope of education to be acquired by the native. Briefly, the Moon in Taurus makes the native intelligent (with or without proper schooling), the Moon in Gemini makes the native scholarly and learned, and intelligence is also conferred by the Moon in Virgo and Libra, though in Libra, the native would be of balanced mind, the moon in Sagittarius make the native well versed in literature and some natives may become authors and the Moon in Aquarius makes the native learned with power of institution.

The internal darkness of the native dispelled by the rays of the Moon and is said to rule over the lives of the beings on the earth. All this amounts to self-realization and learning from within. Introspection is provided by the Moon.

The Moon in the 1st house (Lagna) makes the native normally educated, the Moon in the second house though makes the natives intelligent but also stands fro 'break in education',3rd house Moon make the native to possess good knowledge and thus become intelligent, the Moon in the 4th house enable the native to acquire high education, the Moon in the 4th house enables the native to acquire high education, the moon in the 5th house gives clarity to mind but also give interrupted education, some of the learned authors are of the view that even Moon in the 6th house makes the native intelligent, apart from giving success in all undertakings, the 10th house Moon makes the native intelligent and the Jupiter and Moon together makes the nature learned in ancient subjects and skilled in astrology. And finally, it has been seen that 12th house Moon would given eye-trouble, mental troubles thus compelling the native to have no education or less education.

Now, about the main significators of Education. The known and accepted significators are Jupiter and Mercurry. For all education purposes, one looks for the placement of Jupiter and Mercurry. For all educational purposes, one look for the placement of Jupiter and Mercury. Apart from these significators, the houses to be considered for education are 4th, 2nd, 5th and 9th. For higher and higher education and Government awards, we look into the 11th house. However some of the writers have taken 10th house also as house of education. (10th house is one of the houses of educations). Without dwelling into controversy as to what extent 10th house is to be taken into account fro educational purposes, it would suffice to say that the main houses for education art 2, 4, 5 and 9.

It would be relevant to day that apart from the consideration of 'Lagna' and lagna lord' for basic characteristics (main is known by the company he keeps i.e. planets in lagna), a reference to the following houses for 'education' of the native is inevitable though these houses tell about so many other things:

2nd house - basic and primary education.
4th house - main academic education specially upto Ten plus two or near about
graduation if the field of education is diversified i.e. some diplomas etc.
9th house - Post Graduation, and
11th house - Higher education.

The main point for consideration in the write-up is whether and to what extent the Moon plays its part in giving education in full, break in education, education by stages and slows, education while doing work (service or profession). Few aspects can be explained by the individual horoscopes to shoe that the Moon has definite role to play in the education of the native. In this horoscope (Chart No.1) the native played truant while in school, failed in matric during Rahu dasa but came up later with higher educational qualifications apparently with Moon in the 5th house though Jupiter is giving its 5th aspect on the 5th house with Saturn therein. Therefore, the Moon has its part to play.

Mar, Ketu


Chart No. 1





Lag Jup., Mar


Sun, Mer

Ven, Mars, Ketu


Chart No. 2




In this case (Chart No.2) the native, a female teacher, had to work hard to acquire the education qualifications (M.Sc., B.Ed) though the 4this inter-alia, hemmed by malefics and the saver is Moon's aspect and the lord of 4th house goes to the 5th house. Saturn in the 3rd mad the native to learn while earning (service after Matric).

Sun, Mer, Ven

Jup, Rahu



Chart No. 3




This horoscope belongs to late Shri Ram Krishan Dalmia (Chart No. 3) noted industrialist and from an earlier news-item (Hindustan times dated 10th March, 1993). It was known that he studied upto matriculation only though he came out to be an excellent speaker and writer of English, Hindi, and Bengali. Saturn in the 4th did its part but Moon's aspect on lagna apart from contributions made by 10th house. Jupiter and Sun-Mercury-Venus combination in 9th house. Role of Moon in education is well depicted.

In this horoscope (Chart No. 4) the Moon is in the sixth house, thought he Moon is debilitated and is in inauspicious house, the native held the highest post, after having acquired high education, remained for a long time as Judge of the International court of

Sun, Mar, Ven


Lag, Mars


Chart No-4




Justice (the horoscope is of late Dr. Nagendta Singh). It would be seen that houses governing education don't speak much, on the face of them, but applying the astrological dicta (as planet debilitated or lord of these houses – 3, 6, 8 and 12 give greater results). The only point to be stressed was to say that even the debilitated Moon had its role in education of the native though the 10th house became very strong helping the native to acquire the highest education.

Without multiplying the example, it would suffice to say that the MOON has definite role to play in Education as the Moon has to be taken into account while considering the houses governing education as well as the significators for education i.e. Jupiter and Mercury. It can be said that MOONS status is next to that of SUN. The factors influenced by the Moon enable the native to acquired high (higher) education followed by a high status. Taking the broad view of the term 'education', the Moon stand for development of good behavior and ideas, pursuits for acquisition of money (education and intelligence), mental satisfaction, intuition and psychic perception, as a result of higher education to get personal recognition and achievements.

Finally, a word about the horoscope of the learned astrologer Shri M.S. Sitharamiah (born in balance of Mars and died in Mahadasha of Venus, antra of Venus- Libra Lagna). This apart, the point for consideration is whether and to what extent the MOON contributed to his educational qualifications. On analysis, Lagna lord Venus is in 7th with Saturn and Rahu having aspect of Ketu with Jupiter (R) and at the same time Venus is aspecting its own house. 2nd lord Mars is in 4th and 6th lord Saturn in 8th as indicated above. The MOON is in the 5th house having aspect of Jupiter and thus contributing to the acquired education of the native. Further, the 10th lord Moon placed in 5th house having aspect of Jupiter indicated the known profession of journalist and astrologer. In Navamsha, the 11th house becomes strong; further, the Moon becomes the major contribution for education in Navamsha being in lagna through in the house of Mars aspecting the 11th house along with Saturn. To sum up, Mercurry of the native did not contribute much for education being in the 6th house along with Sun which leads to all afflictions and the native becomes prone to certain evils which do not appear to be the case with the native. However Saturn-Venus combination in the 11th house in the Navamsha with unaffiliated Moon made the native highly meritorious, highly learned, and famous skilful in speech and dear to the people. However, Balbhadra has stated for combination of Venus-Saturn in the 9th house that the native may be serene in disposition and be resolute.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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The Sun in Scorpio, Effects

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
Scorpio is the other sign owned and ruled by MARS. Both the planets i.e. the Sun and Mars are energetic planets and become responsible for fire and explosions. Before we discuss in details the effects of the Sun in Scorpio, it would be apt to say that the span of Scorpio is as under with reference to Nakshtras and their:

00, 00 to 03.20 degree of Scorpio or
10. 00 to 13. 20 degree of Vishakha ruled by Jupiter.
00. 3. 20 to 16. 40 degree of Libra or
00. 00 to 13. 00 degrees of Jeystha ruled by Mercurry.

The Sun in Scorpio especially up to 16.40 degrees is capable of giving native a beautiful face and bright eyes though the Nakshtra Annuradha belongs to Saturn but at the same time where the combination of planets is not good, the native gets cruel looks- apparently on account of Mars and Saturn. The native have to face several obstacles in life though they have especially aptitude to handle all situations. Practically there will be no peace of mind throughout life as even a smallest problem becomes pinching. Always think of revenge. Such natives are hardworking and inspire of various reversals they achieve success. Firm believer in God and will not leave optimism even in several reversals. Such persons start earning at young age. Life between 27- 48 is full of problems and after 48 some stability would be indicated. With the Sun in Scorpio and Moon and Mars conjoining, the native has to be a chemist, doctor or manufactures of drugs. Such natives are bereft of benefits from father.

Person with the Sun in Scorpio i.e. falling in jeyshtha normally have defective teeth or tooth problem or there is a gap in the teeth’s. Clean in mind- sober but the good qualities are not noted by others. They cannot keep any secret with them, they must speak to some at the earliest opportunity. Such persons are hot tempered and at times obstinate. Such persons do take on- the – spot decisions but at times they are wrong and repent later. No help is expected from relations. Outwardly proud but they are just opposite when someone comes near to them. All earnings strictly on account of self effort and they show sincerity in all their duties. Period up to 50 years is full of trials and stability comes thereafter. Progress begin after 27 and combined with the luck of the wife/ husband. Sun in Scorpio especially with reference to Jayshtha make the native to have on personality though not like by some relations. His spouse will always have an upper hand. Diseases for such natives are frequent fever, cough and cold apart from pain in arms and shoulders. Women born under this sign normally have muscular body with long arms, height is above average, broad face and normally such ladies have short but curly hair.

Scorpio is a watery sign (timid constitution but fertile mind), fixed sign (lot of Sbubbomness, Practicality and firmness), reptilian sign (trick nature), violant sign (Mars is the ruler), mute sign (creatures without voice), strong sign (combined force of the Sun and Mars), but an imperfect sign.

Clues for prediction shall be provided by the Sun in Scorpio with reference to wells, sinks, operation theaters, lavaratories, blucher shops, secretive agencies or hidden places, buried treasures, haunted houses, poisons, crevices in mountains etc.

According to Compendium of Astrology, the Sun in 8th House (for Ariss Lagna) makes the native immoral, widow wooer, gets few, children and middle life. (Longevity principle need to be tested because of the Sun in 8th house is free from affliction of 8th house).

Scorpio is a centipede sign (other being Pisces) and/ entrance is ‘outside’. It represents vegetable (dhatu or minerals), is even and auspicious- and represents North direction.

Sun in Scorpio (for Aries Lagna) also gives luck after marriage and gain by partnership. The native can sacrifice his comforts for others or even perform an heroic action. But, afflicted Sun gives defective vision and in case of female’s chart, the husband may die first. This test is proved by the birth Chart of Late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi who had the Sun in Scorpio. In general the afflicted sun in Scorpio also gives immoral connection, loss of wealth, litigation and poverty.

Profession wise, Scorpio is capable of giving profession relating to chemicals, chemists, doctors/ medical men, druggists, tea, coffee, apart from navy and dealer in oils and spirits being a watery sign, The Sun in Scorpio would enable to give some hint depending on the 10th house and 10th Lord.

Sun in Scorpio in the 9th house gives londivility to father if the 9th Lord Mars is well placed.

Generally the Sun make the native cunning, sharp, truthful, endowed with knowledge of various Shasta’s, including of past and future events (interested in Astrology, Mantras, Yoga’s, at   times rash in speech, sheeting by co- born, engaged in sensual pleasures, music and poetry (sickly on account of overindulgence), will not mind taking credit for the work done by others and may become proudly speaking high of his own work.

The Sun in Scorpio may also make the native firm and powerful (getting energy from Sun and Mars), inner silent force may lead to occult learning. Such natives do have magnetic power, critical perception and ability to judge all matters keenly. Afflicted Sun in Scorpio may make the native jealous and proudly with strong likes and dislikes. Self control and determination (secret and detective comes under this influence). Accordingly, such native are advised to avoid pride, cultivate sympathy and an effort to see things from other’s point of view.

Love marriage and sexual excesses cannot be ruled out especially when there is close proximity of Venus and Mars. Scorpio with Sun always have a desire of being ‘boss’ i.e. such native must have somebody to carry out their instructions. Such natives possess ‘foresight’ but may have little power of adaptation to the new set of conditions. For public affairs, the native with sun in Scorpio need more caution tact and courtesy. Some go to extreme specially a woman with Scorpio rising falls in love then her family, her position, her earner, all counting nothing against love.          

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Two Planets Yoga Conjunction Results!

(Dwi Graha Yoga)

Image result for dwi graha yoga

Sloka 1: The results of the conjunction of any two of the seven planets-from Sun to Saturn- in a rasi, have been discussed vividly by our ancient sages (Yavanacharya and others). Such results of the Yoga of conjunction of two planets in a single sign are discussed here.

Sloka 2: The native born in the Yoga caused by the conjunction of Sun and Moon will be submissive to women, will not be beautiful, will do subversive activities, will be extremely wealthy, will trade in alcoholic drinks, and will be an adept in execution.

Sloka 3: The native born in the Yoga caused by the conjunction of Sun and Mars will be lustrous and courageous. He will be foolish. He will be strong and mighty. He will be fond of bad deeds like killing. He will be atrocious.

Sloka 4: If Sun and Mercury are conjoined, he will be a servant. He will not have steady income. He will be pleasing in talks. He will be a recipient of honours. He will be worshipped. He will be liked by the king and good people. He will be possessed of strength beauty and education.

Sloka 5: If Sun and Jupiter are conjoined, the native will be extremely charitable. He will have ministerial profession. He will be contented. He will be wealthy through his relatives. He will be a teacher of scriptures.

Sloka 6: If Sun and Venus are conjoined, the native will be skilful in the use of weapons (machines). He will be strong and powerful. He will have poor eyesight in his old age. He will have good relations and greater prosperity through women. He will be proficient in art of warfare.

Sloka 7: If sun and Saturn are conjoined, the native will have sound knowledge in metallurgy. He will be charitable and religious. The will be sorrowful on account of loss of wife and children, and mean-minded, and will follow his family tradition.

Sloka 8: If Moon and Mars are conjoined, the native will be brave. He will gain honour in warfare, and will be proficient in wrestling. He will suffer due to blood disorders. He will be clever in carving and sculptural work and mud, skin and metals.

Sloka 9: If Moon and Mercury are conjoined, the  native will be proficient in writing poetry and stories. He will be rich and will be liked by wealthy women. He will have a cheerful disposition. He will be good-looking. He will be righteous and will possess sterling character.

Sloka 10: If Moon and Jupiter are conjoined, the native will have rich relatives. He will be helpful to  his relatives. He will be very wealthy and will please learned people.

Sloka 11: If Moon and Venus are conjoined, the native will wear white clothes. He will have good knowledge of rules and rituals, He will be fond of poets, will be very lazy but efficient in doing business.

Sloka 12: If Moon and Saturn are conjoined, the native will marry a very aged girl, will look after elephants and horses, will have bad habits, will be subordinate to all and poor and will be an illegitimate child.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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Why Prostitution or Cheat on Partners – Astrological Study!

fox broadcasting sleeping GIF by The OrvilleIt is our common experience that no woman visits an astrologer to confess her sins. It is as well impossible for an astrologer to put questions doubting her chastity. As such collection of relevant planetary positions that lead to prostitution and adultery are practically impossible.
According to Oxford Dictionary, Adultery means “voluntary sexual intercourse of a married person with a person to whom he or she is not married.”

Prostitute means “one who offers himself/herself for sexual intercourse for payment.”

Sexual intercourse with an unmarried person is not adultery. No married woman/man will come forward to admit the illegal intimacy with another person. Prostitutes are in thousands all over the world and no astrologer, I presume is interested to approach them and collect their date of birth, place and time. This serves no purpose and it is not only wasting the precious time but also lowering ones dignity/self-respect. It is easy for medical people to know the sinner but they are not interested to furnish necessary data for an astrologer to study. Sexual intercourse is there for various reasons right from the upper class to the lower class. But prostitution is clear where money is the important factor. Normally there is no question of a prostitute being loyal to one. But cases are there where they are loyal, even while committing prostitution with others. Such cases can be found among Devadasis of yester years.

Even though as I said earlier that it is not possible to collect data, yet some planetary positions in a given chart indicate the weak character of a woman or man. Mahadeva vide his famous book Jataka Tatva says (Some of the yogas are mentioned here).

1. If Venus and Budha occupy any one of the houses viz. 7th, 8th or 10th the native will be a Vyabhichari.

2. If Venus and Mars (Kuja) occupy 10th and 7th houses the native will be an adulterer. Here the aspect of Mars on Venus is important.

3. If the lords 10 and 4 be Venus and Mars the native is an adulterer (Here also the mutual relationship of Venus and Mars figures).

4. If Venus occupies 10th house from Moon and Sani occupies 10th from thence the native will be a profligate. (Here the mutual aspect of Sani & Moon is present. Sani is not aspecting Venus. As such why Venus is introduced is not known Sani should be in 11 to Venus).

5. Venus, Budha and Sani should be in 7 or 10 to Lagna in a house owned by Venus to make on a profligate.

6. When lord of 6 occupies any one Dustana the native is a Vyabhichari.

7. Lord of 2, 7 and 10 in 10 make one a Vyabhichari.

8. When the lord of 7th house is in conjunction with Nodes and aspected by a malefic make the native a profligate.

9. Venus occupying a Varga of Mars or Sani and be aspected by them respectively make one a profligate.

10. When Venus and Mars are posited in 12 to Karakamsa the native will be of loose morals.

11. Same is the case if Ketu is in 9 to Karakamsa.

12. Lord of 2 in 3 or 4 to Lagna.

13. Lord of 7 in 1 or 7, lord of 7 in 2 or 12.

14. Venus in 7 occupying the Varga of Mars or Sani or aspected by Sani or Mars.

15. Moon with Mars and Sani in 7th house – the native and his wife will be adulterous.

16. When Moon or Venus posited in a Kendra related to a malefic occupy a Krura Shastyamsa and with very little exaltation strength the native will commit incest with his own mother, same is the result when Moon and Ravi related to malefic occupy a Kendra, malefic in 4 aspected by malefic and results are above.

17. Lord of 4 related to a malefic and be devoid of any benefic relationship and when the lord of lagna is weaker than lord of 7 the Native will have intercourse with a woman equal to or on par with the mother.

18. Lord of 7 in 4 related to a malefic and posited in malefic Shastyamsa the native will have intercourse with his sister. Same is the result when Sani is in 4 and related to a malefic.

19. Ravi in 7 makes one to have intercourse with a barren lady. Same is the result if Mars is in 7th house – but here the time of intercourse will be when she is in her monthly course.

20. Venus or Rahu in 7 – the Union will be with a pregnant woman.

21. Moon in conjunction with a malefic occupies 9th house, the native will meet his teachers wife. Same is the result if Moon and the lord of 9, or Venus with lord of 9 be conjoined with a malefic.

22. Moon in 9 make one to meet a woman for advance in age.

23. Lord of 9th house in debilitation – the intercourse will be with a relative of his preceptor.

24. Lord of 1 and 6 in conjunction with Malefics-an adulterer.

25. Waning Moon with a malefic in 7th house or if lord of 8 & 9 are together.

26. Lord of 7th be conjoined with a malefic. Budha in 7; Venus and Guru with malefic occupy 2, 6 or 7 Bhavas, Lord of Lagna with a malefic, Lord of Lagna in Lagna.

27. If three of the Kendras are occupied by malefics, the native will cohabit like a quadruped.

28. Note the planet occupying the Navamsa occupied by the lord of 7, if the lord of Navamsa occupied by the planet be conjoined with a malefic, has attained parvatha or higher Vargas and be strong, the native will have intercourse with a hundred females.

29. When lord of 6, 8 and 9 houses are in conjunction with malefic and also be aspected by malefic the wife of the native will be an adulterous. Same is the case result when lord of 8 occupies 8th house; Ravi, Mars, Budha, Venus nad Sani occupy a Dustna the result is the same; the sae is the result when Venus related to Mars, Sani and Rahu is conjoined with lord of 7 while Bhavas 2 & 12 are occupied by malefic, Budha as lord of 7 occupying Meena Rasi or Karkataka Rasi duly aspected by malefic and posited in a Dustana with papargala.

30. The woman commits adultery when Rahu with Sani occupy lagna.

31. Budha with Sukra and Sani occupy 7 or 10 Bhavas owned by Venus make his wife an adulteress or when the Navamsa of 7th Bhava occupies a malefic Rasi or when lord of 1 & 7 are in conjunction and eclipsed or malefic in 7 and 12 while waning Moon occupies 5th Bhava or 7th Bhava; or Sani, Mars, Rahu or Ketu occupying 10th Bhava devoid of benefic relationship; or lord of 3 occupying 4 or 5 Bhavas devoid of benefic aspect; or lord of 7 in 4 or 11 while lord or 8 occupies 8th; lord of 7 related to Rahu occupies the lagna; or lord of 7 in conjunction with Mars, Venus and Rahu; or Venus and Mars related to Sani occupy Sani Rasi; or when 7th Bhava is posited in Sani Rasi while Venus and Mars devoid of benefic influence occupy Mars or Venus Rasi in Navamsa; or Venus and Mars in Parivarthana and being aspected by Sani and Rahu; or Moon and Lagna when are devoid of Guru’s aspect while lord of Lagna occupies an inimical Navamsa; or lord of 5 in 5 with Sani while Rahu is conjoined with Moon; or Guru in 8 and Moon in 12 are aspected by malefic; or Rahu with lord of 5 occupies 5th Bhava when Moon is aspected by Guru; or Guru occupying an inimical house while his disposition duly aspected by a malefic occupies the 5th house; or Guru conjoined with Venus or Budha occupies 5th Bhava duly aspected by Ravi and Mars, or Ravi in conjunction Moon devoid of Guru’s aspect while lagna lord occupies an inimical Navamsa make ones wife beget children by committing adultery.

32. Some more yogas where a woman begets children by committing adultery are – Lord of 5 or 7 related to lord of 6 and are devoid of benefic aspect, or lord of 7 in 2 in conjunction with a malefic and aspected by Mars.

Some more yogas where a married woman commits adultery: for Makara Lagna Moon conjoined with a malefic occupies a malefic Navamsa; weak Mars as lord of 7 posited in a Krura Shastyamsa in debilitation/inimical/ eclipsed state happen to occupy a Vihaga Drekkana, or Budha as lord of 7 in conjunction with malefic is posited in 8th Bhava in debilitation/inimical eclipsed state with papargala and malefic aspect; or Venus as lord of 7th in the above defined state occupies Krura shastyamsa; or Sani as lord of 7 in the above state aspected by malefic and posited in a Dustana owned by a malefic or one of the nodes in conjunction with Mars are posited in a Krunavamsa; or a Benefic in 7 in debilitation/inimical house; or Moon with Venus and Sani posited in 7th house duly aspected by Mars.

33. His mother commits adultery in whose chart lords of 6 and 8 in conjunction with Moon and Mars occupy 4th Bhava; or lord of 3 or 4 or 7 occupy 4th house conjoined with Venus or Mars and lord of lagna; or lord of 7 occupies 2nd Bhava with malefic duly aspected by Mars; or Mars with Venus posited in Sani houses are aspected by Sani; or Sani with Rahu occupies 2nd Bhava to upapada, or malefic occupy Karkamsa.

There are some more yogas connecting Mon, Mars, Venus and Sani with 3 or 4 or 7 or 12 Bhavas or 12th Bhava to Karakamsa.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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