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Astrology is an alternative or supportive therapy, a handy tool to mitigate problems and help people become better within their parameters, their context.

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Ketu Maharaj is moving to Capricorn for 30 months, Fate can change for some zodiac signs in the Year 2018-19!

Image result for ketuKetu's transit in Capricorn can be auspicious for some zodiac signs.

Ketu's transit to Capricorn was on 18th August 2017. Let us discuss the effects on all the zodiac in 2019. We will also tell you the solutions of the bad effect of Ketu's transit.

Ketu Maharaj is believed to be the successor of salvation, therefore, don't be afraid of Ketu Maharaj. The influence of Rahu-Ketu starts whenever the sinful planets come in any horoscope. Rahu and Ketu will give good results if the planet's placing is auspicious. But they will give bad results if the planets are not on the right path. Rahu and Ketu bring sudden changes in the life of any person, and many such incidents start happening.

The person will be multi-talented, if Ketu is auspicious in Jatak’s horoscope.

Why Rahu-Ketu always mentioned together? Because they were initially of the same body. Rahu influences intellect and thinking due to being attached to the head of the body. And at the same time Ketu blows with the scriptures as being part of the lower body. So, in the influence of Ketu, the affected person can commit violence.

If Ketu is inauspicious position, it always gives good results, but Ketu often causes harm if it is inauspicious.

Ketu Maharaj's impact which appears after transit, points to the major sudden changes in the life of any person. Therefore, it is very important to know its impact.

Ketu in an auspicious situation in any horoscope orientates spirituality in person’s life, by which such a person is sacrificing the life of pleasure and luxury and moving towards the sattvik ideas.

It is very important to understand the effects of Ketu's transit that according to its current impact in the horoscope, it has given just the opposite effect as per its good and bad positions.

So, Ketu will not treat same zodiac signs in a same manner, but its effect varies as per horoscope. So to know the results of the transition, we need to understand about the situations that where it can hit it.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you get your horoscope evaluate from a good astrologer.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Profile: www.connectingmind.com
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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The people of these zodiacs are rich in fate.

Hindi Video

Earning and achieving anything in life only by those people who are confident and firmly resolved with great efforts. Confidence is a very big aspect, but if you are not rich in luck, then you cannot even find the success weather you are too close to success.

As per Hindu Astrology, any horoscope, if Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are sitting in auspicious condition then such people will succeed all the time. The auspicious Saturn creates good luck. And on the other hand, Mars and Jupiter support Saturn for further prosperity.

This is the case when any horoscope is having best placing of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, but here we also say that there are 3 zodiac signs in all 12, that are often used for these qualities. We want to say that these 3 zodiac signs are with best placing and combinations of planets mostly.

So, let's discuss about these 3 zodiac signs. Which are these 3 zodiacs and how these are better in all 12 signs.

First one is Aries signs

Aries are such a person who is fortunate enough and often find the first place in every sphere. These have amazing capabilities of leadership along with self-confidence and a strong mind. That way these people prefer to live in their own world. This shows that they are not dependent on anyone which means self-dependent and full control over their emotions. They always have practical approach being having straightforward attitude.

People of Aries sun sign mostly honest and workaholic by their nature. Apart from being called a successful person, they are also influential bosses, leaders and scientists. Whatever areas they enter into, they establish their dominance and find prominence too.

The second zodiac is Sagittarius, which always adopts revolutionary trend.

Sagittarius, their revolutionary nature makes them a successful person. They always take their life very seriously and work hard to make anything successful. Discipline is of utmost importance in their life, this is the reason that they want to walk with the rules themselves and expect others to do the same.

The 3rd zodiac is Capricorn, which is another name of success.

In 12 different zodiac, the people of Capricorn mostly have never had any type of shortcoming and dependencies on others. They get every happiness, from prestige to dignity, wealth, etc. In any corporate sector, Capricorn achieves and involved better positions. Along with being an effective speaker, they are also an influential leaders. Competing with Capricorns on intellect is a challenging task.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Profile: www.connectingmind.com
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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New Book 'PRASHNA' by Dr. Shanker Adawal

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72, Janpath, Ved mansion, New Delhi - 110001
Tel.: 23320648, 23328245 Email: sagarpub@vsnl.com
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About the Book

Prashna or Horary that has been dealt in this book is the most important branch of Astrology. In 'Prashna' which primarily deals with the query of a native, the whole method is simple and not dependent on time accuracy nor on the assumptions. The rules of Prashna are simple. The only thing that has to be understood is there applicability with a sound judgment methodology.

the book deals with Prashna or queries like marriage, divorce, love, theft, conflicts, litigations, disease, career, foregn travel and other issues that are common issues/queries. Endeavor has been to be more aligned to issues that are relevant today.

The book contains chapters, examples and explanations that are logical and scientific. Readers will find this book simple and easy to understand and open avenue to do more research in the horary branch of astrology.

Click here to buy these Books from Sagar Publications

72, Janpath, Ved mansion, New Delhi - 110001
Tel.: 23320648, 23328245 Email: sagarpub@vsnl.com
Website: www.sagarpublications.com

About the Book
The Vargas or the Divisional Chart is an unique way of evaluating not only the real strength of the planets but the level of auspiciousness that the planets bestows upon a native.
Without understanding and using the Divisional Charts with the Lagna chart the predictions on various aspects cannot be made. In the book the author has discussed Navamsha (D9), Dashamsha (D10) to the Shashtiamsha (D60) in details keeping in mind the predictive aspect of Astrology.

About the Auther

Dr. Shanker Adawal, the author, is a management professional. He has over the last thierty three years worked with various prestigious corporates in India and abroad. His experience of working with L&T, Xerox, Tata, Nortel and with a leading energy major of the country, along with a Jyotishacharya from Varanashi gives him the perfect blend of intellect and logic. The son of a bureaucrat father and an educationist mother, he is a graduate in Economics (Hons), Masters in Business Economics from Delhi University, PhD in Economics and complementing his skills with software and other leadership programs from Singapore and other countries.

His passion has been astrology, a passion that fell his way in childhood, a zeal that he picked from his father. As a child he often saw his father, a bureaucrat and an astrologer, getting admiration from many eminent astrologers, which inspired him. He used to spend long hours participating in intellectual debates that his father used to have with his friends and fellow astrologers. With thousands of books in his library, free consultations through magazines, television, portal and newspapers around the globe, he continues his journey on his passion. He has been felicitated and awarded for his contribution in this field. He also has keen interest in Human Rights. He can be contacted at, Email: connectingminds@gmail.com.

The notion that astrologers can unfold lives and reveal what waits at the next bend is a thought that comes to all and populist claims have inspired the author to come up with a series of books that will discuss the various aspects in astrology, putting together the research and findings by various groups and experience gained during his journey. The purpose of the encyclopedia is an attempt to put a clear understanding of the process of astrology, taking into account first basic principles and dealing with different topics. The encyclopedia which would consist of over eighteen books, is intended to be brought out over a period of two years. These would cover the basics in astrology and then go on to the predictive techniques, the nadi astrology, tajik, yogas, nakshatras, rectification of birth time, vargas, dashas, mundane prashna, muhurta, remedy and other aspects of interest. The advantage of this would be that both students and those who want to pursue research can progress the understanding of this science in a systematic manner. Also the complete set will be of great value to those in India and abroad who want to understand various levels and will give them the flexibility of dwelling into the complexities in a coherent manner. With the growing interest to learn this science in various countries, the readers there will find this series of books very useful.

Weather at the time of Birth Determines Personality Traits, A Study!

Related imageRecently I read an article from a reputed site. In which they have said, ‘weather during the birth determines your personality traits’. Let’s find out that how these facts are relevant in this scientific world where ancient Hindu Astrology also has irrepressible belief.

If we talk about ancient Hindu Astrology, there are many belief and logical reasoning of its way of calculations etc. In India, the time of birth, place and day are the main components. Also there are other ways of presumptions, which are palms and forehead lines. Now point is when these antique modes are very popular to get the impression of someone’s behaviour then how a particular type of weather at the time of birth affecting the existing stars movement in Jatak’s life.

Apart from this, Marine Science is other method which is popular in non-Hindu countries. Popularity of Marine Science is because of almost correct prediction calculations. Weather at the time of birth along with time and month are the main components for prediction of Jatak’s future and behavioural traits in Marine Science.

Here, we need to understand that how a particular type of environment play a major role in someone’s life while having a set destiny on the basis of Date, Time, and Place as per our system which is the Hindu ancient Astrology. Where Palm Science too is purely on the basis of lines on palm.

In a recent research, the initiative is being taken where weather at the time of birth is also one of the major components along with other regular components for predictions of Jatak’s personality. Calculated results are really interesting where accuracy level is satisfactory.

As per the research, they found some link between the weather at the time of birth and jatak’s personality traits. Now, this needs to understand that how weather at the time of birth affects the nature of a person and its entire personality.

In this research, the scientist’s theory is, the transmitters present in that weather at the time of birth, enters into a person’s brain and stay there till person grow to adolescence age. As per this theory they have provided some human behaviour on the basis of birth weather.

Summer born people
As per their research, summer born people are temperamental. The volcano present in their mind stays at all times to burst. So, you will not even be able to guess that when they may burst in on you? Apart from this, summer born people had excess energy. They can do many things at once and that too with full energy.

Winter born people
Children born in winter are very friendly, extrovert and social. They make people their friends very soon.  One of the major drawbacks of these people is, they become panicked in tough situations. They start arbitrating very quickly.

People born in Spring Season
People who are born in the spring, do not enjoy laziness at all. They like to live every way of life and like to help people.

Autumn Season
People born in this season always friendly with others and at the same time they also specialise in making friends.

But we differ here, our belief on the basis of Hindu Vedic Astrology, we do not agree on any link between weather (Marine Science) and significant personality traits. Minor body changes and working patterns can’t be denied where weather plays some role. Grooming arrangements of a child are the major factor on person’s behaviour and personality while having inevitable predestine patterns which are fixed on account of old ‘KARMAS’.

One can make their life in little ease and get out from predestine patterns on some certain level by doing real good in this present life. As per Ancient Hindu Vedic Astrology, you can’t change your predestine world, but can divert your livelihood by fetching sustenance due to on-going good KARMAS.

What are these sustenance which brings good in your life while having fixed predestine patterns. These are ways of fetching positive energy by doing some VASTU corrections, visiting places (temples, mosque, cathedral), preaching chants, meditation and sudden intrusion of a person in your contact who is full of positive energy.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Profile: www.connectingmind.com
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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Know, how does the planet Jupiter help you?

What will happen if Jupiter is weak, and vice versa.

Related imageOpportunities, prestige, top posts and possessions of wealth means planet Jupiter is in extremely good positions in your horoscope.

The planet Jupiter strength depends on its own position and its associated planet’s influence on it. The weak Jupiter creates many crises in life, but due to the strong Jupiter (guru), person will get many benefits. The strong and well position Jupiter (Guru) means, auspicious in every sense, the person receives more spiritual benefits than physical means or materialistic things.

Every position of planet Jupiter gives different results. The zodiac in which Jupiter is present, is also influenced by the other planets. Planet Jupiter is the master in any horoscope, whatever the object or a person has, i.e. the magnitude of any good thing in person’s life, its factor is the planet Jupiter (Guru). 

The Jupiter is also representative of gold and valuable items and materials. Jupiter is the highest auspicious planet in comparison of all nine planets. Its presence enhances the purity. The Jupiter also gives his strength by putting his vision on his enemy.

The Jupiter is also a representative planet of Son. Jupiter’s presence in the horoscope of the woman, means is the factor of the husband. Weak Jupiter in any woman’s horoscope means a delay in marriage and also her husband is not happy for her. Balancing of the planet Jupiter is a necessary condition for a happy married life of a woman. In the same way, if planet Jupiter (Guru) is sitting on 5th house where Guru’s influence on son blessings.

With the strengthening of Jupiter, person is good critic, logical and blessed with all types of happiness along with lots of money. The other way, if its strength is impartial, the injustice, shame, blasphemy and fear of punishment etc. will be on their way always.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Profile: www.connectingmind.com
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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Delayed in Marriage, Why?

Combinations for delayed marriage:

Related imageWhen Saturn is in 13/5/7/10 either from Lagna or from the Moon and Saturn does not get beneficial aspect or does not own beneficial houses.

When Mars or Saturn own 7
th house and a malefic planet occupies 7th houses.

When Mars is in 8
th house or Rahu is in 7th house.
When 7th house lord and Jupiter are aspected by Saturn.
When 6/8/12 house are occupied by malefics.
When Lagna, Lagna Lord, the Moon or the Sun are under aspects of malefic planets.
When there is intense connection by aspect or otherwise Rahu and Mars in relation to 7th house or Mars.

When 7th, lord is posited in 6/8/12 house, girl marriage is delayed. More delay is indicated if malefic associated with 7th Lord.
When Rahu and Venus are in Lagna or 7th house or Mars and the Sun are in 7th house with other afflictions. With this combination, native can also run away for love or also involve in a scandal.

Combinations resulting in 'on marriage':
When the Sun, the Moon and 5th Lord are in conjunction with or aspected by Saturn.

When Venus is at a distance of 43 degrees or more the delectated Sun (Sun in Libra and Venus in Scorpio) and Venus is aspected conjoined with Saturn. In such a situation, even negotiations will fall through at the time of final stages.

When the Moon in the case of ladies and the Sun in the case of men is in Scorpio and is aspected by Saturn. With this combination, 7th house should have no planet.

When the 7th lord, Venus and Lagna Lord fall in barren signs i.e. Gemini, Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius.

When malefics occupy 6th, 7th, 8th house and even malefics on both sides of 7th house are considered unfavorable for marriage.

When Saturn is in 7
th and is aspected and conjoined by malefic planets.

When the Moon and Venus are in opposition without any benefit aspect.

When Lord of 7th is in 12th without any been aspect but receiving malefic aspects of Saturn Sun, Rahu all speak of separative aspects.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Profile: www.connectingmind.com
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
Join my Facebook Group for free Astro Queries:www.facebook.com/adawal

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