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Astrology is an alternative or supportive therapy, a handy tool to mitigate problems and help people become better within their parameters, their context.

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What makes Yogi Adityanath an Unmarried and a Sanyasi?

Sun rules mind which makes him independent and a person who mostly never depends on other people intellect. Person uses his own mind.

Ketu sitting here in 3rd house in Cancer Sign which means spiritualism. This affects persons family life which means that person prefer being alone but with spiritualism. This combination is known for exceptional leadership capabilities with intense emotions.

Planet Moon which indicates mind, is in the house of fiery Mars which is not only retro-gate but rules the 12th house of renunciation. This means Obstacles (Vighna) along with foreign travel, expenditure etc.

Here Moon is in Aquarius sign (Kumbh Rashi) in Purvabhadrapad Nakshatra which is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter cum Saturn combination here gives spiritual depth, Occult knowledge, intuitiveness to Yogi Adityanath. This also makes his attitude towards work is very positive.

What makes Yogi Aditya Nath Horoscope different from Others?

Yogi Adityanath, the present cheif minister of Uttar Pradesh was the youngest member of the 12th Lok Sabha at the age of 26. He has been elected to the Parliament from Gorakhpur constituency for 5 consecutive terms in 1998, 1999, 2004, 2009 and 2014 elections.

He was born as Ajay Singh Bisht on 5th June 1972 in Panchur, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

As exact time is not known so as per the solar chart here are the planetary combinations made Adityanath a Yogi or a Raj-Yogi?

Combination 1: Venus, the lord of his horoscope is combust and in first house. Also, Venus rules the sixth house of opposition and enmity and denial. So as venus rules comfort and pleasures of life but a combust venus here denies pleasure and comfort to Yogi Adityanath.

But at the same time Venus being the ascendant lord and in Taurus lagan, is suggest that he would stay in aishwarya or in luxary but may be not be a part of enjoyment.

Combination 2: Sun or Surya the lord of mind and mother which is home is in ascendant. Sun or Surya also is in Raj-Yoga that is Karka in the ascendant which is promising him a higher position and authority.

Sun is in Rohini Nakshatra ruled by Taurus sign or in Virshabha Rashi where Nakshatra ruler is Moon. This gives a good appearance to the person and makes him political powerful. Slight stubbornness is there being Sun is in Taurus or in Vrishabha Rashi.

Is Dog's Cry during mid-nights a Bad Omen or Is it Symbolic to someone's Death!

Dr. Shanker AdawaL

How would you feel if you heard the sound of screaming or crying of an animal at night? We will think this an ominous in some way or a sign of some bad happening in that area in near future. 

Is this a bad Omen? 
what would be the reason of dog's crying during mid night? 
What is the science behind this?

there are many questions comes in our mind as no-one likes dog's crying specially in midnight.

Yes, there is also an ominous belief associated with dog's crying during midnight, which we often heard from the mouth of the elderly people in our family. According to ancient beliefs, if a dog cries out at night, then it is an indicator of the coming death or it reflects the "future crisis".

Is Dog's Cry a Bad Omen

Yes, I think we all must be inquisitive to know that Is the dog's cry a kind of bad luck... or like other deceptive beliefs, it also comes under a thoughtless basis. The answer can be learned after we have a scientific assessment of crying of dog. 

According to science, those who understand these peculiar voices are the cry of dogs, they are wrong. These voices are not their cry but a way in which they have to deliver a special type of messages to their other companions. They do not cry but rather 'hail'. So that their companions can know their place.

Apart from this, when a dog is in pain or trouble, he try to call his other group dogs by these peculiar voices or hailing instead of cry. Dogs do not tolerate sharp sounds, so they gradually get used to 'hail' and we understand these voices their cry.

Dogs too do not like being alone. So when they feels lonely, they call other group dogs by these peculiar voices. It is our mistake to understand that these voices are their cry.

Please never bother or treat any dog whenever listen these kind of peculiar voices from them, they maybe in pain or feeling lonely.

Transit of planet Mars in Gemini, Good or Bad!

Dr. Shanker Adawal

As per astrology point of view, planet Mars is considered to be a very strong but destructive planet. This is the reason that when planet changes its location then everyone gets cautious and would inquisitive to know about Mars transit.

Let us know the effects of Mars transit on each zodiac sign.

Image result for mars and gemini artworkMars will change its position on 27 May at 1:53 as per IST. This time planet Mars will enter in Gemini zodiac sign from the Taurus which will remain there for a month. After that on July 11, 2017, the transfer of planet Mars will be Cancer zodiac sign.  

But what will be the transit impact on Gemini as well as other eleven zodiac signs during this time. These astrological results are based on as per your lunar zodiac sign in your horoscope.

Transit impact on Aries: Mars will transit in the 3rd House which will be beneficial for every Aries horoscope. This transit will improve the opportunities in your carrier with strong self-belief, as a result you will get success in both the sides during the period. Apart from this, fortune will also accompany you. But be careful about the health of your parents. 

Transit impact on Taurus: Here Mars will transit in the 2nd House, which will be directly linked with your finances but there will be no big change in your income where expenses may be more. Do not ignore the health of your spouse during this period. During this transit, take measures to calm the planet to avoid losses.

Transit impact on Gemini: From the arrival of Mars in your own amount, you will be able to see its effect on the first of your horoscope. But there is nothing as terrifying, this transit will wake up your destiny and give new opportunities. But during this period, your anger may increase which is the biggest sign of stability.

Transit impact on Cancer: Transit of Mars in the 12th house of Cancer zodiac sign, a little harmful to your health. Either disease can grow suddenly or the long-standing disease can prove to be dangerous beforehand. Therefore, one must take measures to calm the planet Mars before transit approaches.

Transit impact on Leo: Mars transit in Leo will be in 11th house in this planetary change which is going to be auspicious. There will be new opportunities, you can get some good news from your work place. Apart from this, your confidence will also be seen growing during this time but the strength of Mars will also give your anger. So, it will be necessary to do some measures to calm the planet. 

Transit impact on Virgo: For Virgo people, Mars transit is going to be auspicious being moving in the 10th house. There will be a sudden bounce in your career, you may get promotion too. For the people who in to business, will get new clients and big advantage deals. Again the strength of Mars will also give anger, be cautious. 
Transit impact on Libra: Mars transit will be in the 9th house in Libra zodiac. During this time your income may increase, can travel a long distance. You will get great love and support from your spouse and would be life partner. Need to take care of mother's health and siblings.
Transit impact on Scorpio: Mars is moving in the 8th house in Scorpio sign which is great concern. It can have any physical pain due to its effect. This transit can also give you unexpected benefits but there are some legal issues which can trap you. Be alert, vigilant and take every decision carefully as this transit is going to give you some mixed impact. 

Transit impact on Sagittarius: Transit of Mars in Sagittarius will be in the 7th house, whose direct effect will be on your nature. Your attitude will be full of aggression all the time and at the same time irritability, moodiness and anger even on small-small things. Need to be lot of control over this type of attitude.

Transit impact on Capricorn: Mars transit will move to 6th house in Capricorn. There are possibilities to get success in legal issues. Mars in 6th house will change your attitude, nature towards the better than earlier. Anger and aggression will be still there but on the other hand, children will get the benefit of this transit where they can be stubborn in nature.

Transit impact on Aquarius: Mars will move 5th house in your Rashi. Impact of this transit will be mixed beneficial for you. Promotion in service or change in job may be there but expenses are going to increase during this period of transit.

Transit impact on Pisces: Transit of Mars will be in 3rd house for Pisces people, a little decline in mother's health can be found, ideological differences and depression may occur during this transit. Your married life may too affected. 

Identify Deadly Planets in Your Horoscope?

How to Identify Deadly Planets in any Horoscope?

As per Hindu Vedic Astrology there are nine planets exists in any horoscope in its twelve houses. There are two shadow planets name Rahu and Ketu out of nine planets. Rahu and Ketu have a major role in every person's life.

There are two planets name Karak and Marak placed in EVERY HOROSCOPE are also in accordance with their respective positions.

Here, we will move forward this discussion that which planet will be a MARAK in any Horoscope?

Before this, first we know that what is the astrological meaning of MARAK Planet?

Planet MARAK AND MARKESH are the most debatable points in Hindu Astrology. It is also a matter of great concern for any horoscope that which planet will play the role of MARAK (a killer planet).

So, let us know some very important facts so that your confusion can be overcome and we can avoid getting caught in the trap of alleged astrologers.

DWITIVESH and SAPTMESH always become the reasons of MARAK planets. Where DWITIVESH and SAPTMESH itself are the lord of wealth and marriage. But these planets become MARAK and reasons of death when positioned auspiciously in the center to TRISHADAYESH places of 6th, 8th and 12th houses.

In spite of being more powerful MARAK planets which are Moon, Mercury and Sun are less dangerous. 

In such a case, the question arises,  Why these auspicious planets are the MARAK planets, whereas the natural sinner and cruel planets have less capability of pushing to Death?

In fact, the general principle of PARASHARI works here, which is confirmed by the great PRASHAR himself, including HAURA SHASTRA.

Any natural auspicious planet like Venus, the Guru and Mercury, which is away from the Sun are become the MARAK planets if positioned in 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th House.

On the contrary, the natural sinners, i.e. the low Moon, Mercury, Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Saturn are not becoming the reason of MARAK planet's weather positioned in the center.

The death of the JATAK becomes certain when SAPTAMESH and DWITIWESH planets are running under DASHA and ANTARDASHA. Also, on the other hand, there is a straight vision of inauspicious and cruel planets on them.

But if there is such a sight of some auspicious planets in SAPTAMESH and DWITVESH, then instead of the death of the person, he has to undergo a state of physical-mental distress.

Apart from this, we need to check about JATAK’s Longevity like short, mid or normal age time-span. If any person comes in the longevity category because of CHANDRA and SUN LAGNA, then such a person cannot die due to the MARAK planets which we discussed in the beginning. Yes, such a person cannot die but may have to suffer with large physical losses.

Contrary to general belief, you saw here that the natural auspicious planet is capable of creating the status of strong MARAKESH, whereas the cruel and sinful planets have less potential of anxiety.

While the alleged astrologers have done the job of cheating the people by telling them that Rahu, Ketu, Mangal and Saturn are the strong MARAK planets.

What Kind of Mother Are You?

Basic nature of a Mother as per Zodiac Signs!

If you are going to be a mother or already a mother, then to know what type of mother you are?

A basic traits of a mother as per 12 zodiac signs in the interpretation of astrology?

1. Aries Woman as Mother: If your zodiac sign is Aries, then you are a firm and strong-minded mother. You are a mother who wants that her child always gets the freedom, which they deserves. You never tolerate other person's influence on your child. But many times you ignore your children's wish and put them in the race of others.

2. Taurus Woman as Mother: Taurus mothers has been found to be stable in the nature in any situation of life. Therefore, they like to take control of everything related to their child and everything related to it. No more love, no more pampering, but there is no shortage of anything. She takes every care of her child.

3. Gemini 
Woman as Mother: Cool and Chill moms,  they are adaptive and adventures, because they stay up-to-date and fully aware of latest technology and keep informing about it to their child. Gemini mother knows, how to keep your child happy.

4. Cancer Woman as Mother: Mother of Cancer zodiac signs pamper their children beyond limit. These mothers are different and in changing mood which result their children more demanding.  

5. Leo Woman as Mother: 'A Dream Mom' of every child, rich in energy and always fresh. These mothers spend maximum time with their children, they serve good food, play with them, share things and move around as per children wish. But sometime child is physically weak or dull due to over-pampering. 

6. Virgo Woman as Mother: The mother of Virgo is a systematic in nature, who wants her child to live a perfect life like her. From the way they themselves take care of everything. From taking the right nutritious diet to what kind of well-manners should be which becomes a big challenge for them.

7. Libra Woman as Mother: The woman of Libra zodiac is called good, sophisticated mothers. These mothers never put any pressure on their children. Problems occurs when their children are naughty. They can't take any tough decisions due to less angry and naturally controlled attitude.

8. Scorpio Woman as Mother: The most stringent and strict mother. They want every moment that their child will be studying in the field of education, not playing much, talking with the best but everything which is a problem for children.

9. Sagittarius Woman as Mother: Sagittarius Mothers are also very adventures and they want to fill this tightly-tuned attitude in their children too. This kind of mother tilted her children towards the sports field, and gives them every support to do fun. But due to lack of patience their children become victim to their unwanted anger.

10. Capricorn Woman as Mother: Capricorn women are called 'Rocking Moms', that is, a mother who is perfect for her children. From studies to sports and to know everything that is good for their child's growth.

11. Aquarius Woman as Mother: Women of Aquarius tries to become friends not a mother for their children. They give full independence to their children with complete openness in their thoughts.

12. Pisces Woman as Mother: Wonder Women and an excellent mother apart from a good wife. Pisces sun-sign mother keeping children happy on every need. Many times their sensitive behavior creates problems. 

Combination of Saturn and Moon in any House will bring Poverty and Badness!

The combination of Saturn and Moon is considered extremely painful for the Jataka. Saturn is infamous for its slow nature and the moon is famous for its fast pace. But due to Saturn's traits, the effect of planet moon will give you more sufferings. A combination of planet Moon and Saturn in any house during any conflict (Antradasha and Dasha) mostly attract bad energies which never gives you anything good. Saturn is the cause of slow motion, lameness, drunkenness,  Scarcity, very old house, bondage, imprisonment, chronic condition, etc. whereas planet Moon indicates woman, happiness, softness, the power of respect, success, etc.

A combination of Saturn and Moon create rare Ominous-yoga which is venoms and capable of destroying Jataka’s life. 

There are very strong chances of disability, mental illness, illusion, disease and bad marriage for those who is having Ominous-yoga in his horoscope.

Ominous-Yoga Examples
Ominous-Yoga is being created by chance through the planets of Saturn and Moon in person’s marriage cycle, then such a person physically feels extremely inadequate. He has to face tensions and humiliation according to a different house in his horoscope.

Ominous-yoga in First House
The influence of Ominous-yoga by Saturn and Moon in this house will give negative effect in domestic life.

Ominous yoga in 1st house indicates body, therefore the battle of Moon and Saturn leaves negative effects. So, person will be suffering from diseases throughout of his life.

Ominous-Yoga in 2nd House
Similarly, if Saturn-Moon coincidentally creates ominous-yoga in the second house, then that person will be afflicted with financial crises throughout life.

Ominous-Yoga in 3rd House
Ominous-yoga by Saturn and Moon in 3rd house will always reduce person’s fate and his pro-active approach towards accomplishments.

Ominous-Yoga in 4th House
Ominous-yoga by Saturn and Moon in the 4th house indicates loss of happiness and maternal love.

Ominous-Yoga in 5th House
Ominous-yoga by Saturn and Moon in 5th house is a loss of Intellect and discretion. Also, it may hit you by child loss sometimes.

Ominous-Yoga in 6th House
In the sixth house, there is an increase of enemies, Hostility, Anger and sicknesses.

Ominous-Yoga in 7th House
The coincidence of Saturn-Moon in the seventh house eliminates reconciliation between husband and wife.

Ominous-Yoga in 8th House

Age destruction is must in the eighth House.

Ominous-Yoga in 9th House
In 9th house person becomes ill-fated.

Ominous-Yoga in 10th House
This yoga decreases affection with father and loss of prestige.

Ominous-Yoga in 11th House
Ominous yoga in the 11th house increases possibilities of accidents and shortage of resources.

Ominous – Yoga in 12th House
While Saturn-Moon's fight in twelfth house is capable of making the life of the person miserable by increasing the expenditure more than income.

Well, this is the result of Shani-Moon ominous yoga. In the next article, we will discuss the measures to reduce the effect of this ominous-yoga

Saturn, the Most Daring Planet in our Horoscope! But it will Start Loving You, if you do these Easy Solutions for 45 days!

If you believe in astrology or have some knowledge about this subject then you will be aware the system of nine planets by the Hindu Astrology. Also, you must be knowing that how these planets affect a someone's Horoscope.

शनि की साढ़ेसाती + शनि की दशा + शनि अंतर्दशा + शनि वक्री = जिंदगी बरबाद। परन्तु इस योग से बचने का उपाये है। 

Today we will talk about planet Saturun out of nine planets. Saturn is considered as the most effective planet in any horoscope, if it is placed at the correct house of Jatak's horoscope according to Hindu Astrology. Sitting in a correct house, It will benefit faster but if it is placed inauspicious, it will ruin the life. 

We must be aware of Shani Sadesati and Shani Dhaya. These are the Saturn effects or we can say punishments for our old Sins in this Life only. Shani Sade-Sati gives more inauspicious results than Shani-Dhaiyya. But the Yoga that we are going to tell here is the most dangerous and worst.  

If someone's horoscope is having yog of Saturn SADESAATI plus Saturn DASHA plus Saturn ANTARDASHA and Satrun VAKRI means the life of such person will become hell and will be ruined completely. His house, family and the means of income, all will fall and will be finished.  Gradually, the mountain of troubles will be broken on him.

In such a situation, there is very effective and easy remedy to get ease in Hindu Astrology. 

For Saturn SADESATI wear horseshoe ring in the middle finger of right hand after uttering Shani Mantra on any Saturday. With this remedy, recite HANUMAN CHALISA three times a day for 45 days if caught with Saturn DASHA, ANTARDASHA and Saturn VAKRI YOGA.  The text of Hanuman Chalisa is considered very beneficial if a person is in the grip of Saturn. Recital of HANUMAN CHALISA should be in front of a particular Hanuman Picture else it will not be very beneficial. And that picture depicted SANJIVANI Mountains of Hanuman should be used. 

But why the selection of this picture is compulsory? Actually, the picture of Hanuman's Sanjivani mountains shows two things. First is that while doing this work, Hanuman is trying to remove the suffering of Shri Ram's brother and other monkey soldiers.

Second, while bringing SANJIVANI mountain by flying faster than air HANUMAN has proved the quick remedy for PRABHU RAM and his monkey soldiers.

if JATAK recites HANUMAN CHALISA daily, for a total of 45 days without leaving any day, the bad effect of Saturn will be overcome.

Any Beggar can become Trump with these Planets, Find How?

Read this Article, if you do not watch this video!

The planets of our horoscope are extremely helpful in preparing the direction of the future.

What will happen to us tomorrow or how many problems or achievements, we will face. All is written in your Horocope.

our Success and Failures

As per Hindu Astrology, Success and Failure, Defeat and Win is based on 9 planets. All these 9 planets in your horoscope are in the right direction and conditions, then Success will automaticaly come to your way whether you don't do anything.


If these planets are not suitable or Sitting in a right direction in your Horocope, Success will not be achieved until you do some peace ritual to please them as per Hindu Astrology.
9 Planets are Dynamic


These 9 planets of the universe are dynamic all the time, whose impact affects is moving and all the time of 12 months in different ways according to your Horoscope.

Acharya Chanakya

Acharya Chanakya, who has been considred very practival, also believed in these planets and their influence. He was a good strategist who also wanted to know the future.
As per Chanakya, Any beggar can become World's richest man if the combination of these planets is even and suitable to that particular horoscope. But the position of these planets are unfavorable, then they do not even save the King to becoming a beggar.

Planets Strength or Weakness

As per Chanakya, These planets of universe represent different scopes and regions. So, one must examining their horoscope planets strength or weakness before choose their career, then surely the person will never fail in his area.
Planet's fields 

So let us know which planet represents which area.


The sun is related to areas such as arts and science.


If Mars is good then one should make a career in the field of biology.


The effect of the strength of the Moon will be on the journey i.e. travel and tourism related.


If Jupiter is strong, then career in teaching will definitely give you success.


Venus is related to creativity. If the planet is strong then the person should choose a profession related to journalism, Public communication, Singing or Playing.


Saturn impacts on technology and mathematics related fields.

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