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Saturn in Various Houses

saturn GIFSaturn in Ascendant – Weak and afflicted Saturn in the ascendant denotes Balarishta (infant mortality) or a weak and sickly constitution; such a Saturn makes one perverted, tyrannical and unscrupulous; dirty and deformed. If such a Saturn is in the ascendant with a malefic in the 7th house, the native is likely to become impotent; he may not marry and will not have any conjugal happiness. If Saturn is in conjunction with Mars not aspected by strong benefics, the result is infant mortality or insanity. Jataka Parijata is of the opinion that if Saturn is in the ascendant and Mars is in the 5th, the 7th or the 9th, the native is prone to insanity. If Saturn is in the ascendant and the Sun is in opposition afflicting the ascendant, along with the lord of the 6th house, the native may suffer from severe nervous disorder, and bowel or spleen trouble. Weak Saturn in the ascendant in association with or aspected by malefic will certainly make the native sickly throughout his life and curtail the span of life.

An undignified Saturn located in the ascendant makes one perverted and unscrupulous; and may lead him to ultimate failure, irrespective of beneficial yogas.

Saturn in the 2nd indicates bad eyesight, reversal of fortune broken education two wives, etc.

Saturn In the 3rd indicates loss of brothers, causes despondency which may lead to mental affliction.

Saturn in the 4th house – Afflicted Saturn in the 4th denotes danger to mother (more so, if with the Moon); loss of property and wealth, poor inheritance, lethargic temperament, interrupted education, etc. In conjunction with or aspected by Mars or Rahu. Saturn in the 4th house denotes sudden downfall, hysteria, insanity or infant mortality.

Saturn in the 5th or the 9th - When weak and afflicted Saturn in the 5tn or the 9th makes one insignificant, sorrowful, narrow-minded, childless, mentally defective, faithless, and irreligious, and unfilial. If Saturn is in the 5th house in conjunction with or aspected by Mars, is denotes loss of children, attachment with those who are older and death by drowning, heart-trouble.

Saturn In the 6th or 11th:- Afflicted Saturn in the 6th or the 11th denotes deafness sickness, etc. If Saturn in the 6th is afflicted by Mars, the native may undergo surgical operation; if by Rahu, he may suffer from hysteria etc.

Saturn in the 7th house– Saturn in the 7th house from the ascendant denotes delay in marriage, unhappy marriage more than one wife or miseries through wife, loss of wife or sickly wife, difference of age or station between the native and partner, scandals and a lot of traveling. Saturn in the 7th house (Pisces) denotes death of wife. Saturn in the 7th house in conjunction with Man, not aspected by benefic, cause’s infant mortality. For female, if Saturn is in the 7th aspected by a malefic, she may not marry at all. Weak Saturn in conjunction with Mars, Rahu or Ketu in the 7th, either from the ascendant or the Moon denotes early widowhood.

Saturn in the 8th and the 12th– Weak Saturn in the 8th or the 12th denotes defective sight, debts, poverty, long suffering, death by accident or poison, heart failure, tuberculosis, etc., if aspected by Mars, the native may incur heavy debts.

In the horoscope of a female if Saturn is in the 8th house, it makes her married life unromantic and Charmless; and if Saturn is aspected by Mars, she may become a widow. If afflicted Saturn is in the 12th, the native may spend money in bad ways and become unpopular; if the native is female, danger in confinement.

Saturn in the 10th house – Saturn in the 10th indicates fail if he is in an inimical sign or constellation. When Saturn is in the 10th house along with a malefic and when the lord of the 10th is also weak, the native will have no occupation. Afflicted Saturn in the 10th is likely to make one inefficient in his duties or lose his job; if the 10th house is Leo owned by the Sun, the native will not be able to rise to the top in any department. In conjunction with Mars in the 10th, Saturn denotes that the native will be convicted for a grave crime. In conjunction with weak Venus in the 10th Saturn indicates that the native is impotent, provided the combination is not aspected by a strong benefic. Ill-disposed Saturn in the 10th aspected by evil planets, denotes death by accident. – (A native with Scorpio Ascendant, who had Saturn in the 10th house in Leo aspected by its Lord, weak Sun and Mercury (both situated in the 4th house from the Ascendant which stands for vehicle). As a result, the native died in his 32nd year in a plane accident.

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Characteristics of Predicting a Marriage!

i love you hearts GIF by Feliks Tomasz Konczakowski1.  When the 7th lord is in the companionship of Venus, his dasa and bhukti lead to marriage.

2.  If the above situation is not available, dasa and bhukti of the lord of the sign occupied by the 2nd lord affects marriage.

3.  In the absence of the above possibilities, dasa and bhukti of the lords of the 9th and the 10th best Raja yoga pair–can bring marriage.

4.  When all the above opportunities have not materialized, bank on the dasa and bhukti of either the companion of the 7th lord or the planet occupying the 7th house to bring in marriage.

As dasa and antardasa of planets extend over a long period, it is difficult to pinpoint the time. So astrologers have advanced to shorten the period to either the beginning of the dasa or the middle of the dasa or the end of the dasa, etc, Vaidyanatha Pandit has mentioned that If the marriage producing planet is a benefic and occupies a benefic house, you can expect, marriage at the beginning of the dasa period. If the planet is a benefic, but occupies a malefic sign, the middle of the dasa period brings the possibility. When a malefic planet produces marriage and he occupies a malefic sign, the event will be effective at the end of the dasa period. You can expect marriage throughout the dasa period, if the marital planet is a benefic, occupies a benefic sign and gets the companionship of a benefic.

In the dasa and antardasa chapters, Maharshi Parasara has mentioned the following combinations as effective for marriage:–

1.  Mercury antardasa under the Moon maha-dasa.

2.  Jupiter antardasa under Jupiter maha-dasa.

3.  The Moon antardasa under Jupiter maha-dasa.

4.  Mercury antardasa under Mercury maha-dasa.

5.  The Moon antardasa under Mercury maha-dasa.

6.  Jupiter antardasa under Mercury maha-dasa.

7.  Venus antardasa under Venus maha-dasa.

The above principles show the dasas and antardasas of the benefics. The dasa and antardasa of malefics have not been mentioned, as they are not conducive to marriage without benefic influence over them, i.e. they require some additional benefic qualifications to produce marriage.

In the Ashtakavarga chapters, Maharshi has hinted at the possible Ascendant of wife from the natal chart of the would-be husband. The principles are as under:–

1.  The sign occupied by the 7th lord in the male chart.

2.  The exaltation sign of the 7th lord.

3.  The debilitation sign of the 7th lord.

4.  The navamsa of the triangular sign from the navamsa of the sign occupied by the 7th lord.

5.  The Ascendant sign of the male chart.

6.  The Moon sign of the male chart.

7.  The 9th sign from the Ascendant sign of the male chart.

8.  The 9th sign from the Moon sign of the male chart.

In connection with benefic aspect, Maharshi mentions that Jupiter or Venus aspected by benefic brings marriage. The aspecting planets can be the Moon or Mercury. The planet aspected as well as the aspecting planet must be powerful to bring Marriage Yoga. The 12th lord in angle or triangle brings marriage prospects but negatives the same in other positions. The 12th house is the worst dusthana–all round loss including loss of life, but every house has its good as well as bad significances.

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What are the Rajayoga Characteristics in Hindu Vedic Astrology!

    dmt krishna GIF
  1. Jupiter in the ascendant, Moon in the seventh and Venus in the tenth bhava, which should be his own house bestow Raja yoga on a woman though low born.
  2. While malefics are posited in the ascendant, benefics should be distributed in the fourth, seventh and tenth bhavas. The seventh should be a male (Odd) rasi. (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius). Born under this yoga the woman becomes a queen, fabulously rich and extremely happy, vanquishing her enemies.
  3. Jupiter of good shadbala strength fully aspected by Moon occupying a kendra confers Rajayoga on a woman. This woman will become the consort of a king and immensely rich. The place of her residence will be the resort of spirited tuskers.
  4. The Moon in the eleventh bhava, and Venus and Mercury in the seventh duly aspected by Jupiter bless the woman with Rajayoga. Such a woman will be honoured by the learned and praised by the populace.
  5. When Mercury is at his most exalted degree in Virgo and Jupiter is posited in the eleventh bhava (Cancer), a woman born in Kanya Lagna becomes the consort of a famous king.
  6. When kendras are devoid of malefics and Moon occupies the seventh bhava falling in Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius or Gemini the woman born becomes a queen with elephants and horses vanquishing her enemies. She will be dutiful towards her husband.
  7. Venus in the ascendant, Mercury in the third bhava and Jupiter of good shadbala strength in the fourth make the woman extremely rich with horses and horse-drawn vehicles and duly honoured by kings.
  8. Three planets of good shadbala strength in a woman’s horoscope make the native a queen. Four planets of similar strength make her an empress. With five, six or seven planets of high shadbala strength the woman becomes the consort of the lord of the three worlds enjoying pleasure trips in planes in the company of gods.
  9. The woman in whose horoscope the Full Moon is posited in the most exalted degree in the fourth bhava and is fully aspected by Jupiter enjoys a queenly life with sons and grandsons. Her enemies will never have an upper hand and she will shine with godly lustre.
  10. Mercury occupying his own house in fourth bhava and Jupiter of shadbala strength fully aspected by Venus and posited in a favourable sign make the native a great queen.
  11. 11. Jupiter in the ascendant which should fall in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, Saturn of good shadbala strength in the eleventh bhava and Mars in the third or sixth bhava confer queendom on a woman.
  12. The Sun in his most exalted degree in the eleventh bhava, a strong Moon in lagna and Mercury in the tenth bestow on the woman a queenly life, always in the company of her husband, sons and grandchildren. (In this yoga, when the exalted Sun occupies the eleventh bhava (Aries) Moon in lagna (Gemini) can never be a Full Moon. Only a Moon of good strength is meant here and not a Full Moon).
  13. The Sun of good shadbala strength in the third bhava, and Saturn of similar strength in the sixth bhava make the woman the consort of a king. She will be a dutiful wife of a highly charitable disposition.
  14. When Mercury of good shadbala strength occupies or fully aspects the ascendant falling in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, any one of the other planets posited in its exalted sign produces Rajayoga. Such a woman enjoys a queenly life owning horses and elephants.
  15. A woman born in Kanya Lagna becomes an empress when Mercury is posited there in his most exalted degree, Jupiter in the eleventh bhava (Cancer), Venus in the second (Libra) and Moon in the tenth bhava (Gemini).

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What is Trimsamsa Phalas?

Image result for TrimsamsaOf the ascendant and the sign occupied by Moon, it is to be assessed first of all, which of the two is stronger. From the stronger of the two Trimsamsas or degrees (1/30th portions) allotted to planets are to be considered and the various effects on female births taking place in the different Trimsamsas are to be judged.

(The owners of Trimsamsa are Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Sun and Moon have no ownerships of Trimsamsas. In an odd (OJA) sign the degrees allotted to Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are 5, 5, 8, 7 and 5 respectively. In an even (YUGMA) sign the degrees allotted to Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are 5, 7, 8, 5 and 5 respectively.)

If stronger of the lagna or Moon falls in the signs of Mars (Aries or Scorpio) and in the Trimsamsa of Mars the native becomes cruel with a strong tendency to vicious ways. In the Trimsamsa of Venus, she turns out a harlot. In the Trimsamsa of Mercury the woman acquires a crooked mind resorting to untruthful habits. The woman becomes virtuous and an ideal of her sex worshipping her husband, if lagna or Moon falls in the Trimsamsa of Jupiter in Aries or Scorpio. Lagna or Moon falling in the degrees assigned to Saturn in the signs of Mars the woman will be menial with a despicably loose character.

Born with lagna or Moon in the signs of Mercury (Gemini or Virgo) falling in the Trimsamsa of Mars the woman will never be straightforward in her words or actions. She will have a crooked mind. In the Trimsamsa of Venus the woman acquires an unquenchable sexual craving. In the Trimsamsa of Mercury the woman will be lovely and endowed with admirable qualities and in the degrees of Jupiter she will worship her husband and will be entirely devoted to him. When lagna or Moon in Virgo or Gemini falls in the Trimsamsa of Saturn the woman may have the characteristics of an eunuch or she may become a widow.

In the signs of Venus (Taurus or Libra) if the stronger of the lagna or Moon falls within the Trimsamsa of Mars the woman will be vicious and immoral. In the Trimsamsa of Venus she becomes famous for her amiability and excellent qualities. In the degrees allotted to Mercury in the signs of Venus, she becomes proficient in all arts. In the Trimsamsa of Jupiter the woman is adored for her inimitable and brilliant qualities and in the Trimsamsa of Saturn she gets remarried to another man either on the death of her husband or on divorce.

In Cancer (sign of Moon) a woman born in the Trimsamsa of Mars (stronger of the two-Lagna or Moon being there) inherits an independent nature mostly given to bad ways. Lagna or Moon in the Trimsamsa of Venus in Cancer makes the woman lustful. In the Trimsamsa of Mercury, she becomes skilful in arts and crafts. In the Trimsamsa of Jupiter she is endowed with all good qualities while in the - Trimsamsa of Saturn she kills her husband (meaning she becomes a widow).

In Leo, Lagna or Moon in the Trimsamsa of Mars makes the woman of a masculine disposition, very often unchaste; in the Trimsamsa of Venus the woman accepts paramours; in the Trimsamsa of Mercury she behaves and acts like a man (virgo); in the Trimsamsa of Jupiter she gets a royal husband while in the Trimsamsa  of  Saturn  she  becomes  an  outcast from society.

When Lagna or the Moon falls in the Trimsamsa of Mars in the signs of Jupiter (Sagittarius or Pisces) the woman will be extremely good by nature; in the Trimsamsa of Venus she will be highly virtuous, pious and chaste; in the Trimsamsa of Mercury she acquires great skill in all arts and crafts; in the Trimsamsa of Jupiter the woman shines with all brilliant and worthy qualities while in the Trimsamsa of Saturn the woman will have a tendency to prefer paramours to her husband.

Born with Lagna or Moon in the Trimsamsa of Mars in the signs of Capricorn or Aquarius the woman will lead her life in servitude; in the Trimsamsa of Venus she will be profligate and without children; in the Trimsamsa of Mercury she will be immoral and idiotic; in the Trimsamsa of Jupiter she will be chaste and virtuous while in the Trimsamsa of Saturn she may become quite down-trodden and despised.

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Sarpa Drekkanas - Person will die by Hanging!

Image result for Person will die by Hanging!
There are 36 Drekkanas in the Zodiac, and each forms one-third of a Rasi or sign and therefore gets, ten degrees for its extent.

  • If the lord of the Drekkana occupied by the lord of the 8th combines with Saturn, Rahu or Mandi, there will be death by hanging.
  • When the lord of the 6th or 8th combines with the lord of the 3rd and joins with Saturn and Rahu in cruel sub divisions, the person will be killed in battle.
  • If the lord of the Drekkana occupied by Saturn combines in Aries or Vrischika, possessing the aspect of Mars, the man dies in battle.
  • Many evil planets in the 8th occupying Martian and cruel sub-divisions will kill the man along with many others.
  • If Saturn, Sun and Rahu, have the aspect of the lord of the 12th, being combust, and joining cruel subdivisions, there will be death along with many others.

Here, the simple combination of Rahu in the Lagna falling in Aries or Capricornus will not be sufficient to have his head cut off in battle. They must have no beneficial conjunctions and must have evil associations or aspects.
  • If the lord of birth joins Moon and Mercury and have the conjunction of Sun and Rahu, he will suffer from venereal diseases, or if the lord of birth, Moon and Mercury join the Navamsa of Leo, there will be venereal diseases.
  • If the lord of birth, join with Moon, Mercury and Mars or
  • Saturn, there will be leprosy.
  • If Moon, Mercury, and birth lord combine with Sun, there will be diseases of blood.
  • If the lords of 1st and 6th combine with Saturn and occupy Kendras or Konas there will be imprisonment and disgrace. If they join Rahu or Ketu and occupy quadrants or trines there will be imprisonment.
  • If the lord of 6th combines with Venus while Saturn or Sun joins Rahu and occupies cruel sub-divisions, the person will have his head cut off.
  • If Moon joins 6th, 8th or 12th, possessing the aspect of the lord of birth and combines with Saturn, Rahu and Mandi, there will be death by accidents.
  • If the lord of the 8th is found in Pasa or Sarpa Drekkanas, the person will die during imprisonment or by hanging.

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Why Sudden Collective Deaths and what Sanghathika Marana?

There are individual and collective deaths, the latter going under the name of Sanghathika Marana. Sudden and enveloping fires, earthquakes and huge convulsions of nature, volcanic eruptions, drowning in ships, blowing up in the battles sometimes kill hundreds, thousands or millions in the twinkling of the eye. Earthquake counts thousands and millions in minutes.

  • If Sun, with evil aspects, occupies 6th and the lord of the 6th joins a malefic, the person suffers from bilious complaints.
  • If Mars occupies the 6th with evil aspects and joins evil divisions, there will be bilious complaints.
  • If Moon with evil aspects joins 6th occupying evil divisions, he will suffer from windy complaints.
  • If Mercury is in 6th, in evil amsas and aspects, there will be phlegmatic complaints.
  • If Moon and Mars are in the 6th with evil aspects, he will have white jaundice or cholera. If Moon and Sun occupy
  • 6th with evil aspects the person will have plague, colic or some other serious stomach disorders.
  • If Sun and Mars occupy the 6th, aspected by Venus and Moon, or if Saturn and Mars are in the 6th, aspected by Rahu and Sun, there will be consumption.
  • If the lord of the 6th joins with the lords of the birth, 4th and 9th houses; or if the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 6th combines with the lord of the 4th, is aspected by evil planets, or when the 4th is between malefics, and the lord of that house or the lord of mother has malefic aspects, if the lord of the 9th is weaker than the lord of the 4th, the person will be born of adultery.
  • If birth and Moon are not aspected by Jupiter, or if the Sun with the Moon has no Jupiter aspect, or If Sun and the Moon have combination with a malefic without Jupiter’s aspect, the person will be born of adultery.
  • If the 4th combines with a malefic or its lord has evil aspects, or is between evil planets; or if the 4th is combined with Saturn, Mars or Rahu without benefics, or
  • If the lord of the 10th is an evil planet and occupies 4th with evil aspects, the person will become a cheat, dishonest and a great dissimulator.
  • Moon and Jupiter in Lagna, lord of Lagna and Saturn in the 7th and all the evil planets are in the 4th, all his children will die and family becomes extinct;
  • Mercury in the 7th with Venus, Jupiter in the 5th, malefics in the 4th and the 8th produce extinctions of family.
  • If the lord of the 6th, and Saturn join Lagna, unaspected by benefics, there will be amputation of the sexual organ.
  • If Saturn is in the 9th and Jupiter in the 3rd; or if Saturn is in the 8th and Jupiter is in the 12th, or if Moon combines in 7th or 8th with Jupiter or Mars, the person will have his hands cut off.
  • If Moon and Mars are in the 6th, aspected by evil planets, the person suffers from derangement or insanity, or jaundice of a peculiar kind.

Misfortunes are various and intertwined with fortunes in such a way, that it is rare to find a man or woman enjoying complete misfortunes or complete fortunes. All diseases and miseries are a sort of punishment and may exist and coexist side by side with some of the most coveted objects of life in this world. There is nothing inconsistent in the life of an emperor or a great statesman to get news of constant acquisition of valuable countries, wealth and other objects of comfort and also as constantly to get attacks of fever, dysentery, asthma, piles, colic pains or of news of death of near and dear relations.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

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Some Unfortunate Combinations and their Results!

  1. It the lord of the second joins with Saturn or any other powerful evil planet, the man suffers from constant complicated diseases.
  2. If Sun, Saturn and Rahu occupy the 7th, the person will be bitten by a cobra, in this case there must be no beneficial conductions or aspects to get real danger.
  3. If Mercury joins one of the houses of Jupiter and Mars occupies Capricornus or Aquarius, without beneficial aspects he will be killed by a tiger in jungle.
  4. If Mars joins the 9th and Saturn, Rahu and Sun are in conjunction, the person will be killed by sharp weapons.
  5. If birth fails in a watery sign, with evil planets in it, without beneficial aspects, he will have danger with aquatic animals.
  6. If the planets in the 3rd are debilitated and planets in the 8th are defeated in the planetary fight, the person will have dangers from poisons. This will happen, when there are no beneficial conjunctions or aspects.
  7. If the 4th house is joined by a debilitated or defeated planet, and the 6th falls in a watery sign, the person will be drowned in watery places.
  8. When the weak lord of birth occupies 4th, with debilitated Sun or other evil planets and the lord of 4th is powerless and combines with watery planets, he will have a watery grave.
  9. If Mars and Sun occupy 4th, aspected by or in conjunction with the lord of 4th or 10th. He will be stoned to death or die by falling on a stone.
  10. If Venus and Sun are in birth and Saturn occupies the 7th, he will be a widower. He may marry any number of wives, they, all die before him.
  11. If 9th or 5th is occupied by Sun and Venus, the person’s wife will be defective in limbs. Here there must be evil combinations and aspects to have such undesirable wife.
  12. When 5th is occupied by Moon and all the evil planets are in 1st, 7th and 10th, he will have neither wife nor children.
  13. If Moon is in 10th, Venus in 7th and evil planets in 4th, he will lose all his children before him. This will be a dire misfortune for any person to endure.
  14. If Moon joins the Navamsa of Mars and has conjunction with evil planets, he will have incurable diseases in the private organ.
  15. If Venus is in 12th and Saturn in 2nd, Moon in birth and Sun in 7th, the person will have white leprosy.
  16. If Moon is placed between Mars and Saturn and Sun joins Capricornus, the person will be subjected to hard breathing, dyspepsia, consumption enlargement of glands on the left side of the stomach or enlarged spleen.
  17. Where a man is subjected to such incurable diseases, his life will be very miserable and existence not at all desirable.
  18. If Moon and Rahu occupy birth and Saturn and Mars occupy Trikonas, the person will suffer from evil spirits, devils, etc.
  19. If Sun and Rahu join Lagna, and Mars and Saturn are in Trikonas, the person become perfectly blind.

 Dr. Shanker Adawal

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Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

Malika Yoga and its Combinations

Malika Yoga – When all the seven planets are occupying the first seven houses from Lagna, in an uninterrupted line they produce Malika Yoga. This combination gives rise to 12 different Yogas, viz.,
  • Lagna Malika or all the planets from Lagna.
  • Dhana Malika, when the seven houses from the 2nd are occupied by the seven planets.
  • Vikrama Malika, when the seven houses from the 3rd are regularly occupied.
  • Sukha Malika, when they occupy the seven houses regularly from the 4th.
  •  Putra Malika, when they form a line from the 5th house. Satru Malika, when they form a line from the 6th house. Kalatra Malika, when the seven planets spread out in a line in seven houses from the 7th.
  • Randhra Malika, when seven houses are occupied from the 8th by planets.
  • Bhagya Malika, when they do so from the 9th. Karma Malika, when they form a line from the 10th. Labha Malika, when they form a line from the 11th, and
  • Vyaya Malika, when seven planets form a regular line from the
  • 12th house,
  • Results of these will be given here for ready reference under their respective names.
  • Lagna Malika– he will be a king or ruler commanding wealth, armies and influence.
  • Dhana Malika– lord of immense wealth, great love to father, warrior, with personal appearance striking terror, and a cruel and unsympathetic heart, and an emperor.
  • Vikrama Malika– ruler, leader of warriors or surrounded by brave men, rich, sickly.
  • Sukha Malika– wealth in many countries and highly charitable.
  • Putra Malika– ruler performing religious sacrifices, high reputation.
  • Shatru Malika– some enjoyment in forests, poor.
  • Kalatra malika– coveted by many women, and a ruler of a influential men.
  • Randhra malika– poor-ruler, and conquered by female influences.
  • There are rulers or kings and like ordinary men they have their own difficulties, some Princes command or accumulate immense treasures, while others are always in financial difficulties. Simply because a man becomes a ruler it does not in the least follow that he will be financially strong. Some Governments are solvent, while many are insolvent.
  • Bhagya Malika– religious performances lord, religious devotee.
  • Karma Malika– fond of righteous deeds, respected and worshipped by good men.
  • Labha Malika– Husband of exalted woman, end very skilful in all transactions.
  • Vyaya Malika– extremely liberal and respected in all quarters.

 Dr. Shanker Adawal
Profile: www.connectingmind.com
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

What is Rahu and Ketu in Hindu Vedic Astrology

f. w. murnau faust GIF by Maudit


MEANING the Supreme Lord seats himself in the hearts of all his creatures, setting them into action, deluding them as if they are being so driven by some mechanical power. Action begets reaction and thus Karma is anadi, i.e., beginning less and endless. Karma is productive of good and bad; and one has to enjoy the fruits of the good and bad karma done by him during this birth or the previous ones. Nobody is free from this vicious circle.

What is that branch of knowledge which enables one to know the nature and course of his past karma, which shapes the present life? This is astrology.

What is the scope of astrology? This is already laid down by Bhattotpala in his Laghu-jataka.

Yadupachitamanyajanmani nrunam shubhashubharn karmanah pattim;

vyanjayati shastrametat tamasi dravyani deepaiva.

Meaning just as a lamp reveals to an observer the various things kept in a dark place, so also the shastra throws light on the accumulated net result of good and bad of past karma which works out in his present birth. There is a certain amount of freewill to add to his good karma or to spoil him further.

The indicators of the course of life are the planets who hold sway over all beings–sentient and non-sentient–in the field of astrology.

What is strength of the planetary cabinet?

The strength is sevenfold. (Grahaparamkota-yahamukhyassaptaha). There are innumerable planetary orbits but only seven are important. Trans-Saturnian’s planets are not recognized in Hindu Astrology. Nevertheless VarahaMihira, in his magnum opus BrihatJataka, has made a passing reference to Rahu and Ketu. Jaimini has also mentioned saptanamashtanamva, there- by recognizing Rahu but leaving out Ketu.

This is also true for Ketu’s position is opposite to that of Rahu. By knowing Rahu’s position we have to add merely 180° to get Ketu’s position. This method is followed while working out eclipses.

The Rahu and Ketu in Hindu Vedic Astrology

The inclusion of the Moon’s nodes amongst planets is definitely a matter belonging to post-Vedic age. Although eminent astrologers disagree in the details about Rahu-Ketu’s effects on the life of human being, they agree on one point, viz., that these are malefics creating various kinds of troublesome situations. In the beginning, Saturn and Mars were the only two known malefic planets. But later on, when certain events could not be explained by the transits of Saturn and Mars, they were forced to assume the existence of some other planets which are invisible (adrishta). Saturn was the last planet visible to the naked eye and used to be called the door-keeper (dwarapala) of the solar system. Modern astronomy now deals with the movements of three more planets Herschel, Neptune and Pluto, which are not divisible and are found to be creating certain peculiar situations. The ancient seers were therefore, forerunners of the conception of some more planets which are invisible and appear to have named them as Rahu and Ketu.

An aspect of the Dasa periods of several planets lends a support to the above view. Rahu, for example, has been allotted 18 years for its influence, while Ketu has been given only 7 years, Why this variation? This may have been due to the fact that according to the ancient seers, Rahu and Ketu were really some invisible planets, having different motions, and were not the pair of the Moon’s nodes of modern conception.

Rahu is supposed to be a distress-giving planet. He afflicts a radical with regard to matters governed by the house in which he is situated at birth. Similarly, he is said to act in accordance with the planet he may be associated with. While Rahu is the significator of troubles on account of departed souls, ghosts and snake-poisons, Ketu is said to govern the night, the time of journey, gambling, gains through immoral sources, and so on. Rahu sometimes indicates events pertaining to father’s father and Ketu, mother’s father (sarpenaivapitamahamtushik-hinammatamahamchintayet). Rahu is said to be very powerful in the 3rd, the 6th and the 11th (trishadekadaseRahuhu) and create painful events, if situated in the 5th, 7th, and 12th houses.

Standard works on astrology describe at length the nature of persons born with Rahu in each of the 12 houses. Similarly, the effects of Ketu are described house-wise. But, when Ketu necessarily occupies the house opposites to that of Rahu, how could the effects be different? For example, when Rahu is in the 1st house, Ketu must be in the 7th, or when Rahu is in the3rd, Ketu is taken to be in the 9th. The astrological works say that one born with Rahu in the 3rd is very pious, powerful, gets happiness from brothers, is valorous; one born with Ketu is impious, has a secretive nature holds pretentious designs, hates people and tends to attain gains through immoral means. How to account for such pairs of opposite effects? I feel, the results have been described for Rahu and Ketu, regarding them as actual planets which are invisible and not as the Moon’s nodes.

“Always ready to bestow on his devotees riches and plenty, friendly and loving, adorned with sandal paste, flowers and an umbrella–all of blue colour, armed with a sword and skin, seated south-faced on a throne and surrounded by all saktis, may the Dark Blue Rahu be pleased.”

“Decked with silk, flowers, garlands, sandal paste and an umbrella–all of variegated colours and seated in a divine car thou goeth round the mount Meru. Born of Jaimini’s family under Abhijit star may that four-armed, deathless, effulgent Ketu seated south- faced on the throne make us all happy for ever with wealth and abundance."

THESE prayers from the Vedic hymns show clearly that Rahu and Ketu had been recognized even in those days among the Navagrahas (nine planets). The Sun and the Moon are said to be Prakasha (shining) grahas; Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn as Tara Grahas while Rahu and Ketu are styled as Thamograhas. Rahu is worshipped for health and prosperity. Ketu in spite of his awe-inspiring appearance instills divinity in human beings and leads them to the path of liberation. These shadow planets visible only at the time of eclipse are propitiated by mantras and oblations to ward off the poison-laden rays emanating from the eclipsed Sun and Moon.

These two planets, for reasons not yet known, have not been dealt with in detail as the other seven planets by any seer or sage of astrology. From what little guidance they have given us, we have to build up by indepth research.

RAHU plays a very important role in astrology. The Westerners do not appear to have shown much interest in the astrological effects of Rahu. But many Indian astrologers show their competence in predicting events only by considering the radical and transitory positions of Rahu.

It is intended to show how there have been different conceptions about Rahu in different ages, and even by accepting the present-day conceptions of the Moon’s node as Rahu, there appears to be a need of some modification.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Profile: www.connectingmind.com
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

Effects of Rahu and Ketu in 12 Houses

Effects of Rahu in Houses

First house: Sticky, leader of the family, talkative, red eyes, addicted to evil deeds and sinful acts, a high degree of perseverance, and assiduous.

Second house: Inclined to steal and earn by unfair means, full of egoism and self-importance, miserable, one who earns his livelihood by selling fish and flesh, mixing with people of low morals.

Third house: Generally, loses brothers; but in well placed signs, he gives happiness, wealth, children, wealthy and beautiful wife, horses, conveyances, elephants and royal comforts.

Fourth house: One forsaken by the goddess of wealth, relatives, loved by low people and great thereby, tale-bearing, sinful, blessed with only daughter and weak partner.

Fifth house: Deprives the native of his only son, short- tempered, when aspected by malefic gives absent-mindedness and forgetfulness.

Sixth house: Destroyer of enemies, blessed with sons, wealth, enjoyment. In special signs, he destroys all hurdles and impediments in the way of progress and adulterous in character.

Seventh house: Gives female pleasures in various walks and himself gets a spendthrift wife; with other malefic making the wife sinful, and of crooked views and ill-natured.

Eighth house: Makes the native sickly of lasting diseases, sinful, fearless of consequences, thieving, emaciated, wealthy, deluded into lavishness.

Ninth house: Causing troubles to others, not living a righteous life or keeping up to one’s code of conduct, tale-bearing, ill-dressed, pleasing his blood relations, unfortunate, one who is easily thwarted by enemies and opponents.

Tenth house: Sensual, covetous of others wealth, poor, ill- clad and dirty, devoid of happiness, wanderer or rambler to far-off places and countries, wavering and wicked.

Eleventh house: One who controls his mind, and senses, bluish tint, attractive to look up, man of few words, living in places other than his own, well-versed in the Vedas and scriptures, indecisive and sometimes acting shamelessly.

Twelfth house: Devoid of religious scriptures and wealth, abject suffering, benefit of wife, living in foreign places, unhappy, diseased nails, ugly appearances, wasteful.

Effects of Ketu in Houses

First house: Troublesome to his relations, afraid of evil persons and getting mental unrest thereby, always worried over wife and children, sunken nature, bodily ailments, windy complaints.

Second house: Buoyancy of spirits, wealth, grains and land confiscated by state, diseases of the mouth, quarrelling with family members, respected for his speech and talks. When in benefic signs, he gets all happiness and comforts.

Third house: Defeat of enemies, quarrel-some, wealthy, happiness and prosperity, influential, destroyer of friendship, diseases of the shoulders and arm, anxious and brooding nature.

Fourth house: Bereft of mother’s love and happiness, or help from friends, loss of paternal property. But in good signs, he gives good relation and dwelling in other places than his own native place.

Fifth house: One who gets inflictions from his brothers, suffering from windy complaints, mental torture, limited items, commanding servants and position?

Sixth house: Suffers ill-treatment and defamation from uncles, destroyer of enemies, happiness through quadrupeds and conveyances, low thinking, healthy and free from diseases.

Seventh house: One who gets worried over or during journeys and on return finds wealth lost, fear of watery accidents, illness of wife, expenditure and mental agony (for Scorpio, he is always beneficial financially and otherwise also).

Eighth house: Diseases of the excretory system fear of accidents from conveyances, locking up of wealth. But in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Scorpio, he is immensely beneficial.

Ninth house:  End to sufferings, desirous of having male issues, advancement through foreigners or people of lower caste, grief due to brothers, diseases of arm, instinct for cure, would require penance, rites and gifts.

Tenth house: No happiness to or from father, deformity, suffering, difficulties, troubles from conveyances. But while in Aries, Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio, identical with the tenth house, he becomes good and destroys all opposition.

Eleventh house: Fortunate and lucky, learned, fine personality, healthy and well dressed, impressive, sometimes timid, devoid of pleasure from children, gains from various sources.

Twelfth house: Diseased legs, excretory system and waist, devoid of happiness from uncles, getting respect from royal personages, spending on good objects, destroyer of enemies and opposition.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com


Face Reading through Nakshatras

door GIF by Miike SnowNakshatra-based prediction are well known and a minute analysis of the degree of the Planet and Lagna tells many things and sufficiently accurately. Without dwelling on various aspects of Nakshatras, I would just tell you about the face reading-knowledge to be gained with experience and God-gifted institution. Faces become responsible for love marriages and other mutual attractions. Face indicates forehead, cheeks, chin, ears and general shape including that of the nose. What one has to do is to bring the face of the Native in any sign from Aries to Pisces and after knowing the sign, co-relate the characteristics with Lord of the sign i.e. the planet concerned- The Sun, The Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. After that your knowledge about Nakshtra an what type of figure a specially on account of lines in the forehead including baldness. Before processing further, I may mention that I have already test checked the placement of Saturn with reference to some persons who are badly-partially or full. Now about each Nakshtra:

  1. Aswini-ruled by Ketu in Aries ruled by Mars - Head, cerebral hemisphere-Fat, large eyes, short nails, walks very fast- Beautiful countenance-Forehead broad and nose little bigger.
  1. Bharni-ruled by Venus in Aries ruled by Mars - Female have beautiful figure with white teeth though not in proper arrangement. In general, - large forehead, bright eyes, medium size and less hair – also long neck and face.
  1. Kritik Venus a – ruled by Sun in Aries and Taurus ruled by Mars - Middle stature with prominent neck, thick neck but stout, sympathetic eyes, solid built, big shoulders, commanding appearance.
  1. Rohini owned by Moon in Sign Taurus ruled by Venus - Normally slim physique-short and faty persons-at-tractive eyes with magnetic force, appearance beautiful and attractive (some have round face) with well developed mussels.

  1. Mrigsara owned by Mars partly in Taurus ruled by Venus and partly in Gemini ruled by Mercury - Beautiful and stout body, tall, moderate complexion, thin legs but long arms. Some females in this Nakshatra are very beautiful.

  1. Ardra-ruled by Rahu in the sign Gemini ruled by Mercury - Different shapes and structures-slim, short and fat lengthy structures. Female get charming eyes and permanent nose.

  1. Punarvasu owned by Jupiter partly in the Sign in Gemini and partly in Cancer- Mercury and Moon - Ear, throat, shoulder blades. Lone face and handsome, long thigh. Identification mark on face or on the backside of head.

  1. Pushya – owned by Saturn in Cancer ruled by the Moon - Lungs, stomach and ribs. Difficult to describe or define body of Pushya Nakshtra-varying size noticed- Generally medium. Some type of scar on the face or a mole on the fact.

  1. Ashlesha owned by Mercury in Cancer ruled by Moon - Heart and spinal cord-rude appearance but shout body.

  1. Magha ruled by Ketu in Leo ruled by Sun - Prominent neck and hairy body. Mole in the hands or beneath the shoulders. Medium size but innocent looking. Females have long hair.

  1. Purvaphalguni owned by Venus in Leo ruled by Mercury - Stout body-mixed complexion but attractive personality. Snubbeds nose. For females-double chin with medium height.

  1. Uttaraphalguni owned by the Sun in Leo and Virgo - Normally a tall and fat figure. Long nose and a mole on the right side of the neck. For females, medium height soft body but with a bigger nose.

  1. Hasta owned by the Moon in Virgo ruled by Mercury - Tall and stout but short hands-Mixed type of complexion-Mark (scar type) on the upper right hand or beneath the shoulder. Female are very beautiful, attractive with soft body. (Actresses and beauty queen may belong to this Nakshtras).

  1. Chitra ruled by Mars in Virgo and Libra ruled by Mercury and Venus respectively - Lean, stout and tall body-peculiar structure for recognition. Females, beautiful and fleshy. Natural long hair but may go in for hair cut as per modern conditions.

  1. Swati ruled by Rahu in Libra ruled by Venus - Have a look at the feet to know how ankle is rising fleshly body.

  1. Vishakha owned by Jupiter in Libra and Scorpio ruled by Venus and Mars - Round face-bright and attractive appearance both kinds-farty and long structure and other lean and short structure. Woman here are can beautiful and attractive.

  1. Anuradha owned by Saturn in Scorpio ruled by Mars - Normally beautiful face with bright eyes but with malefic influence, native may have cruel looks. Woman have beautiful waist.

  1. Jeyashtha owned by Mercury in Scorpio ruled by Mars - Attractive countenance but with defective teeth-gap or bulging out-woman have curly hair, broad face and height above average.

  1. Mula owned by Ketu in Saggitriurs owned by Jupiter - Good physical appearance with beautiful hands and bright eyes – an attractive person. For women nor black nor white – swarthy in complexion-gaps in teeth.

  1.  Purva – ashade owned by Venus in Saggitriurs owned by Jupiter - Lean and Tall body, long ears with beautiful eyes, narrow waits but arms are long-attractive physical features. Women are beautiful with almond wyes. Long nose and graceful look. Brown colored hair.

  1. Uttarashada owned by Sun in Saggitriurs and Capricorn owned by Jupiter - Tall figure-broad heard, long nose, bright eyes-charming and graceful appearance with fair complexion. Females though stout but may not have beautiful hair, forehead larger and nose longer.

  1. Sravana owned by the Moon in Capricorn ruled by Saturn - Small height but attractive features-peculiar sing on face-mole/mark etc. or black beneath shoulder. Females have prominent nose and distance in teeth, broad facelean and thin.

  1. Dhanisha owned by Mars in Capricorn and Aquarius - Lean body, lenthy figure, some may have stout figure. Female's handsome and ever looking young-inviting appearance with thick lips. In some cases teeth protruding outside lips noticed.

  1. Satbhisha owned by Rahu in Aquarius owned by Saturn - Soft bodies, wide forehead, attractive eyes, prominent nose, buldged abdomen, appear to be aristocrat. Females-fairly handsome, elegant disposition, fleshy lips broad with prominent temples and buttocks.

  1. Purvabhddrapada owned by Jupiter in Aquarius and Pisces ruled by Saturn - Medium size-both in length and body-Broad cheeks with fleshy lips. Females neither fat nor lean-slim and beautiful appearance.

  1. Uttar-bhadrapada owned by Saturn in Pisces ruled by Jupiter - Attractive and innocent looking having magnetically force. Even a middle smile makes the other attractive. Females-medium height with stout body and protruding eyes

  1. Revati owned by Mercury in Pisces ruled by Jupiter - Very good physic-moderately tall and fair complexion. Females are also very beautiful and can be recognized for magnificent personality. Face is the index of man. I have tried to give you insight to the potentionalities of the native with reference to Nakshtra.

Shanker Adawal

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