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How is your Love Life? How you can boost your Venus Planet?

How is your Love Life? How you can boost your Venus Planet?

Venus is the known planet of love, romance, beauty, sex and it would be apt to say that it governs all matters relating to sex which come under the domain of Venus. Even for the secret organs and external organs for sexual enjoyment, the role of Venus must be taken into account.

Planet Venus owns two signs in the Zodiac i.e. Taurus and Libra connected with love, creativity, affection and beauty. Venus stand for connected matters such as women, wife or husband, youth and pride, beauty, dancing, happiness from wife or husband, precious stones (being presented by lovers), love for humor (romantic nature), soft and tender beauty, pleasant movements (lovers walking together, possessing (friendship) with many women, indulgence in amorous sports, attachment to all matters of sex including pictures, black-beautiful hair, an awareness about the genital organs and the secrets connected with them.

Without discussing various properties of Venus, her signs and Nakshatras, it would be apt to discuss all about your passions, emotions for sensual pleasures and why one gets to seek such type of pleasures, even by force, i.e. rape, molestation, etc. Among the planets, actually all planets, including the Nodes of the Moon have a say in the matter but prominent mention is made for Venus, Mars, Moon, and Saturn/Rahu. The placement of Venus in a particular sign/nakshtra/house etc. would make the difference as what kind of emotions the native would have. With the involvement of Jupiter in any manner, the native would handle all such sexual affairs with wisdom and intelligence and it has been noticed that the Sun and Venus together, especially in Lagna speak of skilled adultery’ i.e. the involvement of the parties secretly irrespective of the position one may hold.

For judging the emotional part and to what extent one is passionate, look for the Moon and how it is afflicted by Rahu/Saturn/Mars and via-a-is the involvement of Venus. The person can be important and may have no passions on account of the heavy involvement of Saturn and this topic of impotency may need a separate discussion. So we have forged’ type of ladies i.e. females having no passions at all and we attribute to planets.

Now are examined briefly what the Venus has to say in houses from Lagna to 12th of your horoscope. You can yourself check the magnitude of your inclination for sex. You please note that the astrology-the divine science has answers for all your problems-from womb to tomb.

 Venus in Lagna (Ist house) is capable of giving a shapely body, you are likely to associate with high-profile society persons, you are capable of enjoying the company of pretty and young women (where Saturn is involved, you may have associated with women elder in age to you). Thus the natives born with Venus in Lagna are considered sexy through the position would be modified with regard to the sign in which Lagna rises. Actually, this aspect becomes strong if Venus rises in Aries or Libra in Lagna. Early marriage is indicated if aspected by Mars and if this Venus is aspected by Saturn, the marriage may be delayed.

Venus in the 2nd house makes the native handsome and dressed in colorful attire. Desire and passion for sexy women is indicated, the native is learned and amorous, gains through social affairs including by association of women. This Venus if with Mars speak of impulsiveness, carelessness and extravagance Venus in masculine signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) may enable the native to have unnatural sexual relations – perverted sex.

Venus in 3rd house indicates weakness for comely women, enjoys wealth and also spend on women, takes journeys for pleasures and social affairs. Must take Care of losses from the business.

Venus in 4th house indicates pleasure and displeasure from the persons who get associated with the native. He is lustful and wants a variety of enjoyment and will have a beautiful wife and if afflicted can give loss through a life of luxury (pomp and show). Venus of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn or Pisces can give the 2nd wife or an extra-marital affair.

Venus of 5th house may not give the needed energy and vigor. Very sexy nature is indicated and the partner may also be sexy. Disappointment in love affairs, including scandals if afflicted by Saturn. Depending on the position of the 10th house and 10th lord, the native may remain unsettled upto 36 years.
Venus of the 6th house, specially, if debilitated, indicate strife and enmity. Suffering of women and sexual affairs. Venus of Taurus or Libra or Pisces speak of cheerful exposition and also of over-indulgence creating health problems later in life.

An important position is indicated by the Venus in the 7th house of your horoscope. The native gets comely and trustworthy wife. The native is sensuous and amorous-easy going and chances of settlement in foreign countries become bright. It has been seen that there are afflictions, the native gets maximum pleasure from wife and if Venus is in any way associated with Mercury, more than one wife or extra-marital relations relations are indicated.

The position of Venus in the 8th house is not good. Some persons become a victim from their spouse and heavy affliction can prompt the wife with 8th house Venus to get killed her husband. Mutual strife is indicated if Venus is in Gemini or Scorpio. Diseases connected with sex, including urinary troubles are indicated. Amours habits, unnatural gratifications, adulterous nature also indicated.

Venus in 9th house gives simple and contented living with the knowledge of Shastras. Gifts/royal favors specially for women and the native gets sexual pleasure and the native is fond of colorful dress. Depending on the sign, the native may have sex with all types of ladies including at religious places and he may not spare even his own dear and near relations.

Venus in 10th house gives sex pleasure, respect, wealth and reputation. Known for all round wisdom, some gets recognition from the Government and may be associated with women fond of music an art. Enjoys all activities of women and with Venus in a masculine sign, the native may not marry or may marry late in life. Afflicted Venus gives unnatural relations with women.

Venus in 11th house is more sensors and the native is bound to have extra-marital relations, especially when the Venus is aspected by Saturn/Mars/Rahu. Though the native may become a well-read person (scholar) but he cannot escape the fury of Venus to go in for sex with other women or seek their company. Some harm/loss is also indicated on account of a person running for six’. Links with society girls (immoral) are also indicated.

Venus of 12th house is equally capable of giving bed-pleasure-both at home and outside. The native’s own wife is prosperous and impressive, though some of the natives may have a dominating wife. Venus in this position indicates a love for new romantic ventures, ad advances to all women the native may come in touch. Afflicted Venus of 12th house may create some problems, including unsullied relations with the opposite sex. But Venus in this position is Rajyoga cake for Capricorn and Aquarius Lagna person, Dancing, singing, poetry, painting etc. become a specially apart from film line and thus the native shall get more women in the company.
If Venus and Saturn are both weak and are placed in 6th/8th/12th houses from each other, the native gets sexual happiness, especially in their periods/major periods or sub-periods. Even if one planet owns a beneficial and the other owns a malefic still auspicious results are expected. In the horoscope given here, the native inherited huge property, a press having a daily, weekly and monthly newspapers from his in-laws. This all happened in the major period of Venus-Venus, who owns the 8th house and Jupiter aspect of the 6th house.

Marriage is an emotional partnership with physical over-tone, as such though in business partnership, people are together over a professional pursuit. The native born business partnership, people is together over a professional pursuit. The native born with Mars trine Saturn may relax the whole afternoon with his feet on the desk, but pulling ideas passing on to his partner for execution i.e. the native born with Mars opposed to Saturn.

Perverted sex includes the other flesh trade’ – See Hindustan Times dated 27th November, 1999. Mars-Venus compel persons to go in for perverted sex and also to get to prostitutes irrespective of the position one hold. It was noted that in Delhi, there are 50 odd male brothers – gay prostitutes earn from Rs. 300 to Rs. 6000/- per hour. Even this type of earning and that of cheating/smuggling also come under the ambit of Astrology.

Among various cases reported in various News papers, it would suffice to refer News Item in the Hindustan Times dated 24th September, 2003 when a Doctor (52 years) raped 15 year old patient in his clinic and was arrested.

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