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Retrograde Saturn and unfulfilled ambitions

Retrograde Saturn in a chart, regardless of where one finds it, always represents the neglect of responsibilities in the past or previous life. With a retrograde Saturn, the native comes into the current life, with a tendency to carry forward the same goals that he had left unfinished in the previous life as not fulfilled.

SATURN can be one’s benefactor or burden of woe depending completely on the ways in which a person builds his structure on a firm foundation. The realization of the goals may be in distant future. It is what one does towards reaching that reality from the current “situation now” braving through odds.

Retrograde Saturn in a chart, regardless of where one finds it, always represents the neglect if responsibilities in the past or previous life. In many ways it indicates that the native must be more honest with himself initially, since there was avoidance of self-awareness and honestly. With a retrograde Saturn, the native comes into the current life, with a tendency to carry forward the same goals that he had left unfinished in the previous life as not fulfilled. Therefore the goals will be identical even in the present, clothed in different garbs and situations. This only shows that the individual in the previous life-span did not grow to a crystalised norm. The responsibilities ignored or avoided in the past are the clear indicators with the quality of Sign in which the Saturn is posited in retrogression in the current life.

Saturn in retrogression in the Sign Leo shows that the native avoided responsibility of leadership. Had it been Sign Cancer, the feeling and those related to mind would have been ignored by the native.

Effects of Saturn’s retrogression in various houses:

Ascendant: Retrograde Saturn in the 1st house shows that the individual did not develop flexibility in the previous life and set his own ways on the basis of his own ways on the basis of his personal opinion. It may be borne in mind that even the Sign in which retrograde Saturn is posited has to have a telling effect on the native. The native will have problems with ego and thereby the individual would not have developed a good character and personality. The native will have tendency to be sober, serious and contemplative. He has to be cautious and develop flexibility to adjust in different situations.
2nd House: Saturn in retrogression posited in the 2nd house reflects that the native in the past life was highly materialistic, emphasizing solely on possession on self-centred attitude having no regard for the material aspect of others. Despite denials, limitations and disappointment, retrograde Saturn in the 2nd will enable the native to manage and set side sizeable earning by way of accumulation. The exertion undergone by the native would be remarkable.

3rd House: There was undoubtedly an avoidance of responsibility concerning brothers and sisters. The native’s mental attitude would have been wanting, since he would not have made effort for self-development and communicating with others. The current life, in all possibility, will be marked by consistent need on the part of these family members concerning the 3rd house. The native will accept the responsibility, whether he is able to execute or not.

4th House: The failure would have been related to mother, education, residence etc. The native would have neglected or abused human feelings. Regardless of the effort required, the individual should establish proper home facilities and create a constructive atmosphere at home and surroundings.

5th House: in this position, Saturn in retrogression will speak of ill-will with children and lack of purva-punya bhagya. The native’s natural creative ability would have been impaired by negligence or other factors. He would have been self-centred. There is a possibility for denial of children, with a rare chance of limited progeny and that too such a child can be differently abled. Such a native should cultivate the habit to be very good to young folks.

6th House: Presence of retrograde Saturn in the 6th will make the native to shirk responsibility and moreover he would have earned the displeasure of the public, due to his negligence. He would remain aloof, like a lonely goat. Selfless service to mankind, without expecting ‘pat on the back’ for the job will done, would bring him a positive gain. Patience and understanding will be added advantage, along with wise use of good health.

7th House: Partnership in matrimony or in business would have gone hay wire by lack of faith in each other. Carnal and material desire left in doldrums can force a person to carry forward the retrogression of Saturn in the 7th in the following birth. To reverse these ill effects in the current life will definitely be an uphill task, but that is the only alternative available for the native to negotiate through.

8th House: A neglected pursuit of metaphysical teaching, higher truth learning, astrology and so forth, and also having gained these, misused the knowledge would have resulted in Saturn occupying the 8th house in retrogression affecting the nature of life.

The native will have to make a true search for the truth, adhere metaphysical principles in daily walk of life, and be a friend in need. He should lend a helping hand in job sectors. All these will mitigate the current status of the planet Saturn.

9th House: The philosophy of life had been left in the lurch, while masquerading in the previous life with scant respect for dharma, leave alone karma. His dogmatic approach towards religion and philosophy could have taken the wrath and resulted in religious persecution mounting to violence and cruelty.

Abuse of any knowledge is detrimental in the current life as well as the life to follow as per the oft quote ’Janmanthara krutham Papam……’ Therefore the native will have to be on guard and seek true knowledge for imparting to others with utmost faith in the well being of the fellowmen.

10th House : Saturn in retrogression in the 10th house reveals the native’s approach to the job content and execution, which would be far from satisfaction, as per the standards of the day. A cold shoulder approach for job, employer and environment could de-stabilize the set up. Such a hand in an establishment is like a termite in a timber yard.

The native will have to be extra cautious while executing any job. He has to take others into confidence; trouble many emanate from the trusted quarters in any walk of life, particularly in profession or job.

11th House : The house of gain is again an area, where conflict is easy to spring forth, even from most unexpected quarters. Negation of lawful gains will bring in wrath. Such natives may have to work overtime with no emoluments to compensate the shortfall. He may face humiliation at the hands of superiors.

12th House: Saturn in the 12th is not bad, especially for a person who live beyond 60. The final departure can be very comfortable and the retrogression adds to this quality. As the native would not have taken care of Karma aspect of life of others around, there is possibility of that being affected in the native’s case.

These are characters that opt out of the way to help on humanitarian grounds, even when others hesitate to go near the site. They even help scavenge dead carcass for the general welfare.

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