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How to know the unknown dates?

If one has to know what will should be count the day a particular month in a particular Sambat the days the first of light portion of Chait to the Amavasya of the last month. Make one and half of the resultant figure and add them to the past days of target month. Then divide the total by 7. Divide the remainder with the degree of that year on which day the figures end up. That very day will be ascribed to such a date. Care should he taken that if laurd falls in the target month of that Sambat. I have carved a chart of raajgan of Sambat Bikram from 1945 to 1985.

Suppose one has to know what the day on Magh Badi Dasmi 1975 Bikram will be. Calculated according to the above maintained rule from chait first day of light portion (shudi) it will he 9 months up to the last month of target puh badi amawashya. Its one and half will be 14. Further, from Puh Shudi Ekak to Magh Budi Dasmi there are 25 days i.e, 15 days of Push Shudi and 10 days of Magh Budi Dasmi making a total of 25 days. Add to them one and half times i.e. 14 and the total will become 39 which will he divided by 7 to get a remainder of 4. The Rajgaan chart shows Thursday as Raja. When one begins to count from Thursday the counting lasts on Sunday. It Shown that the day on Magh Budi Dasmi Sambat 1975 will be Sunday. To verify it one may consult Magh Budi Dasmi in the almanac of 1919.

Dr. A. Shanker

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