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Nakshatras and You!


BHARANI: The second star beings from 13°-20’ of Aries and extends up to 26°-40’. It is in the sign of Mars and ruled by Venus. Bharani dominates overhead, cerebral hemisphere and eyes.

Sun in Bharani is not quite favorable for worldly successes. It makes one lazy and lack of initiative, pleasure seeker. Cannot decide anything independently. Lovers money and extravagant.

Moon in Bharani makes one absent minded. Taste for music, drama, and arts/literature. Proudly but shy. Cannot communicate with others freely. Always seeks favor from others. Not a fully benefit asterism for higher education.

Mars in the star makes one ambitious and dependable. Can rise to any situation. Have command over others best suited for high executive post. Boastful of his knowledge, not so popular in his circle. Self-centered and easily excitable and gets angry easily.

Mercury makes one easily satisfied and good natured. A born dreamer. Very suave and sweet in conversation. May suffer for misplaced affection, still will have great faith in people.

Jupiter in Bharani is not fully benefic for higher education. Likely to be fond of pleasure. He is more attentive to business and in actual matters. Capable of earning may become wealthy. Good for progeny. Venus makes one of passionate nature. Lovers the opposite sex, Male person of this asterism will always seek advice from ladies. Agreeable and romantic. Careless in habits. Spends his time Society, Extravagant. Borrows money from associates.

Saturn in Bharani star makes one coward. Lacks courage and determination. Likely to get involved in difficulties which may defame his prestige and honor. Harsh in speech.

Uranus makes one of fond of traveling for pleasure and may travel various places. Active but unable to pick up right direction of cause. May spend time and effort uselessly. Emotional and prone to anger.

Neptune in Bharani is not favorable for mental stability. May suffer from nerve-oriented diseases and from insomnia. Likes to live alone. Has a best of mind towards occult and philosophical studies? Very much alert about his health.
KIRTTIKA: The third asterism begins from 26°-40’ Aries to 10°-0 of Taurus. It is in both Mars and Venus Sign and ruled by Sun, Kirttika dominates over face, neck, Larynx, tonsils, lower jaw and occipital region.

Sun in ascendant in Krittika possesses large forehead. Temperament is likely to be rise easily nervous. Get easily unnerved. Prone to high fever whenever falls sick. There may be facial deformity.

Moon makes one stubborn and forceful. May be unable to control temper Harsh in speech creates enmity through his speech prominent likes and dislike. May suffer from headache and eye trouble.

Mars in Kirtrika gives one hot temperament and quarrelsome nature. Prone to accident. May have a scar in the body. Good prospect in surgical line. May get injure through sharp cutting instrument.

Mercury in this star makes on a good writer, can convince other through his speech. Prone to Gum and Teeth trouble. A good thinker. May make name and fame through writings.

Venus in Krittika is not favorable for love and romance. There may be misunderstanding with near relatives. If seventh house is affected, there may be two marriages or two marriages of two attachments. This position makes one passionate. Female native likely to be more self-controlled.

Jupiter in Krittika makes one a good critic and writer. May have a higher education but lacking in depth. May pickup misunderstanding with high personality out of jealousy.

Saturn occupying Krittika is not favorable for health matters. Prone to accident. May suffer from pain in the back. However, he will be a courageous and fearless person.

Uranus in the star is not favorable in young age. May show healthy temperament at middle age. Early age lacks maturity and hence may have to face difficulties.

Neptune in Krittika makes on emotional. He lives in the air. Lacks determination. Run by Emotions May sometime cause over-exhaustion.

ROHINI: It is the fourth asterism covering 10°-0’ to 23°-20’ of Taurus. Venus is the Lord of the Sign and tongue, neck, cerebellum, atlas, cervical vertebrae.

Sun in the ascendant in this star makes one learned and respectable person. This asterism helps make one learned and respectable person. This asterism help makes clean person in all walks of life. One can lead a happy domestic life. Command over literature is possible.

Moon here make one generous, dignified and lovable person. One can lead a happy family life. There is scope for higher education. Females will have beautiful figure and charm to look at. This is one of the best stars for female to be in the ascendant.

Mars in Rohini makes one romantic and prone to love affairs.
Likely to be bit passionate and luxury loving nature. Financial solvency can be expected from childhood. One can have beautiful figure and attractive face.

Mercury in this star makes one imaginative. Can lead a contented life with family members. By nature, they are lovable and affectionate. Females in this star can have beautiful appearance, prone to love and romance.

Venus in Rohini makes one passive and affectionate. Fair complexioned with good teeth. One will have ambition but lack in tenacity. Female of this star is likely to be a good singer, attractive and can influence others by her flashing eyes.
Jupiter in this star makes one intelligent with high ambition, capable of achieving his goal. Part of his activity will go in search of pleasure. There is a scope for higher education. Can influence others. Financial success is possible. Good family life. Saturn in this star is not quite favorable. Makes one shallow in through and action cannot impress others by talks. Though one is attached to the family, may not get happiness from them inspire of his contribution. Financial prospect is better.
Uranus in Rohini star makes one imaginative and his brain faculty is likely to be above average. Proficiency in research work is possible. 
Always in search of mysterious things and will acquire vast knowledge in occult matters. Will rise to prominence in the latter part of life.

Neptune in this star is not favorable for happy domestic life and financial matters likely to relate to social welfare work. Good prospect in research-oriented work.

MRIGASHIRA: It is the fifth asterism 23°-20’ in Tauras to 6°- 40’ in Gemini Rauras is ruled by Venus and Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Mars is the lord of the star. Mrigashira under Taurus part dominate chin. laryax, caroted arteries. Jugular Veins, tonsils Mrigashira of Gemini has control over throat, vocal cord, arms, shoulders, ears thymus gland and upper ribs.

Sun in the ascendant in Mrigasira star may not be able to give satisfactory result in education matters. Pride and anger may stand in the way for success. Outwardly he moves in a dignified manner. Ill be acquisitive and speaks freely and by nature will be frank.

Moon in the star makes one lazy and emotional. He has no liking for work. In the marital life his attitude of life stands in the way to success. Likes to live in pomp and grandeur for which he may have to face financial difficulties.

Mars in Mrigashira makes one courageous, intelligent and diplomatic. Sometime his own ego stands in the way to success. May acquire vast landed property Good achievement in the field of agriculture and real estates. Good scope for financial success.

Mercury in this star makes one idealistic, may not be favored with higher education. Good prospect in business. He may prefer accounts or clerical oriented service.

However, if he enters business he is likely to be successful; Business in Liquids, Oils and agency sector will be more suitable for him.

Jupiter in this star makes one eccentric to his own opinion he holds them against all arguments given by others. He has a scope to have good education. He is prone to cough and cold.

Venus is Mrigasira makes one passionate. May indulge in love romance.

However, he is careful and disciplined in his manner. Very intelligent, know how to exploit others. This star is not good for females, may not give full satisfaction in marriage life. She may have weakness for the opposite sex.

Saturn in Mrigasira star makes one headstrong in many matters. Not good for higher education. Will have false pride. Will dislike taking lead in any matter. A self-centered person who always look only after his own interest.

Uranus in this star makes one boastful, ambitious and proudly. Outwardly one appears frank and outspoken. Will find fault with others. It will be difficult to believe him in all matters.

Neptune in Mrigashira star give lot of trouble in personal life. There may be eye and throat trouble. Happiness in married life may want due to loss or separation of the partner.
ARDRA: It is the sixth asterism. Extends from 6°- 40’ to 20°-0’ in Gemini Sign which is ruled by Mercury Rahu (Moon’s Node) is the Lord of the star Ardra rules over throat arms and shoulders. Throat trouble, ear trouble dry cough, tonsils, diphtheria, asthma, casonophilu are the diseases ruled by Ardra.

Sun in the ascendant of this star not favorable for money matters. It makes one headstrong and of jealous temperament.

By his own temperament he may pick up personal trouble and misunderstanding with others.

Moon in this star makes one generous: can mix with any society. He is likely to be a writer if favored by Saturn and Mercury he may be an Engineer.

He may be strict and law abiding. Proficiency in Mathematics. Normally he is generous.

Mercury in Ardra star makes one a good orator; likely to have higher education. May hold a good position dutiful and punctual. Can impress others by his speech and manner.

Jupiter makes one cautions in dealing with others due to his cultural shortcomings. He gets benefit from others through their advice. Likely to have good education. He is thoughtful and intelligent.

Venus is Ardra makes one versatile and popular. He can impress others easily. He will be liked by females and may get assistance from them. Females in this star are friendly and amicable but chaste and strict in their personal life. There may be more than one love affair.

Saturn in this star makes one sharp and intelligent. Dutiful in his works. Looks after the interests of others.

He likes to give advice to others. Prone to flattery.

Uranus in Ardra star is not favorable for higher education. Due to his bad temper he may not be liked by his colleagues. He lacks intelligence. May have a heavily built body.

Neptune in this star makes one versatile in many matters. Inventive with high order of imagination. Will have a good higher education.

He his many potentates and if property utilized may have name and fame. May not have well and fame. May not good relationship with his mother, if fourth house is affected. A born dreamer.

PUNARVASU: It is seventh asterism beginning from 20°-0’ of Gemini to 3°-20° of Cancer. Lord of Gemini is Mercury whereas Cancer is ruled by Moon. Star lord is Jupiter. Punarvasu rules over ear throat and shoulder in Gemini and lungs, respiratory organs, chest, diaphragm in Cancer.

Moon in this h\star makes one intelligent and hard working. Can impress others by his talks, will have proficiency in many subjects. Fond of music and such other artistic pursuits. Likely to be famous as an author. He will have philosophical bent of mind with artistic faculties. May be a good Engineer specially in mechanical side. Fond of Music will have proficiency in mathematics and Astrology.

Mercury in this star makes one sensitive and gives inclination to art and literature. May give name and fame as poet, author or singer.

He has a religious bent of mind. In the later part of life, he is likely to be associated with religious institution.

Jupiter in his own Nakshatra will make one intelligent, thoughtful with good character. Literature would attract him. Leads a peaceful life. Will be blessed with name of fame in the middle of his life.

Venus in Punarvasu gives proficiency gives proficiency in artistic faculties. His creative faculty may be an author, actor, singer, writer or poet. It Saturn and Mercury are favorable posted he may also be an Engineer. Females with this star will be a good talker and can attract others by her intelligent talks.

Saturn in Punarvasu though makes one talented in various field, unfortunately it will be difficult for him to remain attached to these for a long period. Will have proficiency in art and literature. Can acquire name and fame.

Uranus in Punarvasu will bestow philosophical bent of mind. He will be known as wise person. Can convince others easily. Will have good connection with powerful personalities. He would be successful as teacher, author or lawyer.

Neptune in this star gives success through business, especially in liquid and watery products. Foreign trade is also possible. May have strange dreams. He is essentially a mental oriented person.

PUSHYA: It is the eighth asterism beginning from 3°-20’ to 16°-40’ of Cancer. Moon is the Lord of the Sign. Star Lord is Saturn. Pushya rules over lungs, respiratory systems, chest diaphragm and ribs.

Sun posited in the ascendant in Pushya star is very favorable to bestow good results. It makes one upright and honorable with good results. Social position can be increased. Can maintain wide contacts. Philosophical bent of mind but reserve in communication.

Moon in Pushya makes one well reputed. He will be respected in his society. If the tenth house is not seriously affected, he is likely to hold a very senior position in any organization. Very nature and clear in thought and deed.

Mars in this star is not fully benefic. One is likely to be involved in extra-marital affairs. If the 7th (Seventh) house is not well aspected may marry twice.

Much of his time will consumed for the opposite sex.

Mercury in Pushya makes one critic but amendable. Always tries to mix with influential and moneyed persons.

Venus in this star is not favorable for material gain, but it makes one mystic lovers to read philosophical books. As a lawyer he can do well to neglected society. It is a good asterism for females, happiness of married life can be ensured.

Jupiter in Pushya gives good education. Likely to be connected in a big commercial organization. He will be acquisitive and will become well-to-do with all amenities. Can get good things in life.
Saturn in this star makes one intelligent courageous and modest.

Family will be a happy one. Good as an author. If the 7th (seventh) house is affected there may be two marriages. Success in profession especially in Law line. 
Uranus in Pushya makes one generous and happy with contented life. Keenly interested in mystic subjects. He is God fearing and would always search for truth. Will be attracted to all pursuits of mind. Quite an attractive character.
Neptune in this star is not fully benefic in respect of material gains. Will be helped by his mother and the importance of his mother will be felt by him throughout the life. May suffer from heart trouble.

ASLESHA: It is the ninth asterism extending 16°-40’ to 30°-0’ of Cancer. Moon is the lord the Sign. Star Lord is Mercury. Aslesha rules over Pancreas, Liver, diaphragm, stomach and lungs.
Sun is ascendant in Ashlesha star makes one believer in muscle power. He is likely to be disliked by the elders and superiors. Makes one arrogant and blustering. Enjoys life through hunting and sports.

Moon in this star is not favorable to make one a clear man. Although one will be quick writhed, active and bold but at heart will be treacherous and deceitful. May not be able to keep cordial relation with his mother. Takes pleasure in teasing others.

Mars in Ashlesha makes one revengeful with criminal attitude. Will pick-up quarrel-some habit for which he will not be liked by others. He may not get assistance from his friends due to his habits. Happiness through mother/father may be possible.

Mercury in this star makes one intelligent and clever in speech. Will have a cheating mentality. Will try to convince others through flattery.

Will not be honest in thought and deed. Will create enmity with whom he will come in contact.

Jupiter in this star will give moderate education. Will do well in commercial organization. By nature, he will be jealous and secretive. Envious to others who are otherwise successful. Can improve his financial position by personal efforts.

Venus in Ashlesha makes one pervert in sexual matters. May get involved in too many lover affairs which may lord into serious trouble. Opposite sex and involvement in love affairs even after marriage. Because of this star are shrewd and diplomatic. Can command others by her tact.
Saturn in this star is not fully benefic. It makes one quarrelsome and extravagant. A self-centered person who even may not be able to keep good relationship with his mother and other family members. May develop financial crisis by own fault.

Uranus in Ashlesha makes one eccentric and shrewder. He has capacity to deceive his enemies and gain from them. Not a pleasant childhood. May not get mother’s affection. He has criminal attitude towards life.

Neptune in this star may not give good health. May suffer from nerve-trouble. Early life may be full of struggle; later life will be more successful. Gain through farming, gardening or agriculture.
MAGHA: It is the tenth asterism covering 0°-0’ to 13°-20’ of Leo. Lord of the sign is Sun. Star lord is Ketu. Magha rules over heart, back spinal cord and spleen etc.

Sun in this star makes one cautious diplomatic and thoughtful. His shrewdness and intelligence will help him to be successful politician. He can rise himself to high position.

Moon in Magha makes one ambitious and can achieve success through his personal effort in service he will be a good executive who can command respect from others may have some ailments in the throat and teeth.

Mars in Magha makes one courageous and unforgiving nature. Can attain higher position through personal effort. A good fighter. By his boldness and calculative steps may be able to overcome the enemies. Can turn the fortune in his favor. Will always mixes with higher society.

Mercury in Magha makes one a good executive in commercial organization. Proficiency in mathematics and Accounts. Beneficial position of Jupiter may help him to be a Judge or Magistrate. Will be very influential.

Jupiter in this star helps one to have higher education. Fond of Society and will have connection with powerful personality. As a businessman he can achieve success easily. He is clever and diplomatic. Can acquire name and fame in the later part of life.
Venus in Magha makes one capable to acquire a high position in service. He can influence others and can get help from them. It may not be possible for him to get respect from females owing to his own deceptive approach. Females of the star will have good husband whom she can dominate. She will be a capable housekeeper.

Saturn in Magha makes one energetic, frank and outspoken. Likely to hold a high position. By this tact and ability, he can overcome any difficult situation. He can earn name and fame in his own society. He can draw the attention of important personality.

Uranus in this star makes one restless and in-attentive in studies in young age. May not get the full advantage of his father for which early life may not be rosy. A fearless person with ambition may choose uncommon job where he will try to show his talent and courage.

Neptune in Magha makes one interested in occult matters. Will have attraction for mystic subject and can acquire some proficiency in that line. Will have sharp memory. Can be a good astrologer.

POORVA-PHALGUNI: It is the eleventh asterism extending from 13°-20’ to 20°-40’ of Leo. Lord of the Sign is Sun. Nakshatra Lord is Venus. Poorva-Phalguni rules over heart and spinal cord.

Sun in ascendant in this star make one of cultural mind in social circle he will be liked by all. He will have connection with cinema theatre etc. honest and sympathetic.

Moon in Purva-Phalguni make one physically fit with sound health. Believes in muscles-strength. Lack of intelligence. May not get full support from others due to his lack in tenacity and tactfulness.

Mars in this star make one successful in any joint enterprise. Can acquire wealth by his own efforts. Will be more successful in business. Good prospect if connected with manufacturing business. Will have sound health.

Mercury in Purva-Phalguni will make one more suitable in commercial line as sales executive; representative etc. will be successful in trades. Will not be a large-hearted person. Rather likely to be selfish and acquisitive.

Jupiter in this star is quite favorable in financial matters. Likely to be wealthy. Likely to relate to business or senior position in big commercial organization. His all religious activities will aim at achieving material goal.

Venus in this star will make one proficient in trades. May earn through luxury goods, ornaments, jewelries etc. females of this star will be attractive and handsome. Fond of luxuries and careful in dress and attire. Fond of jewelry and perfumes. Will like her husband.

Saturn in Purva-Phalguni will make one honest and devoted. Will be liked by other. Believer in ‘karma’. Can improve his financial position. He will acquire wealth through hard labor. Fond of luxury.

Uranus in this star makes easy-going life. Happy and respected in his own circles. As a businessman he is likely to be successful. By nature, he will be philanthropist.

Neptune in Poorva-Phalguni makes one unsteady and careless in habits. If Lagna lord is not well posited may make him immoral and addicted to drink and pleasure. May suffer from stomach trouble.

UTTAR PHALGUNI: It is the twelfth asterism beginning form 26°-40’ of Leo to 10°-10°-0’ of Virgo. Sun and Mercury are the Sign lords respectively. Star lord is Sun. Uttara-Phalguni rules over spinal cord, intestines, bowels and liver.

Sun in the ascendant in this star is not favorable for material success. If makes one lazy and prone to love and romance. Early part of the life is likely to be wasted for pleasure.

Moon is Uttara-Phalguni make one easy-going in nature. A weak character will seek help from others. Lack of mental strength and given to pleasure. Females of this Sign are over-agreeable but never keep their promise.

Mars in this star will make him a hand worker. Will achieve success through own personal efforts and hard struggle. He has a mind to help other. Can influence others to get help from them.

Mercury in Uttara-Phalguni is not favorable for higher education. His restive nature may stand in the way to have good result I the examination. A service-oriented person. Proficiency in clerical and accounts-oriented works.

Jupiter in this star makes one arrogant, proudly and careless in habits. Lack of ambition may create difficulty to improve his social and economic position. Easy going and self-satisfied person.

Venus in Uttara-Phalguni is favorable to attain success and make one contented. Gets respect from others. Can take the burden of the family. A good provider to his family and whomsoever associates with him. He has his own aristocracy of living for which others may understand him.

Saturn in this star is not quite favorable for material success. Wants everything without any effort. Believers in deliverers but no work. Hasty and impulsive nature. Not favorable for money matter.

Neptune in this star bestows easy going mentality. In material world he may not be able to gain much as he lacks in courage and determination. Will lead an ordinary life-un-eventful life.

HASTA: It is the thirteenth asterism extending 10°-0’ to 23°-20’ of Virgo. Lord of the Sign is Mercury. Star lord is Moon. It rules over secreting glands. Enzymes, bowels and intestines. 
Sun in the ascendant in this star make one ambitious. Can acquire proficiency in many matters. A modest person who can attain success through own effort and initiative. Likely to relate to charitable organization. Can improve his social position.

Moon in Hasta star makes one more mental-oriented person. May have religious bent of mind. Not too much enthusiastic in material gain, for which it might be difficult for him to get high position I society. A bit lazy and careless in his habits.

Mars in this star makes one sharp and intelligent. Good as an artist or writer. May have vast knowledge in many subjects. May become connected with social-welfare work. Can influence others by his tact and shrewdness.

Mercury in Hasta gives proficiency in artistic matters. He can acquire name and fame by his own effort. Can influence other by sweet speech and sincerity. Will always look to the bright sides of life.

Venus in this star makes one passionate and romantic. Can influence others by his pleasant speech. Will be loved by other due to his simplicity, Generous by nature and helpful to the poor.

Saturn in this star will help to have brighter education. Can acquire name and fame through its creative faculty. May be a good author. He is by nature artistic. Will have large circle of friends. He will always express his gratefulness to those who help him.

Uranus in Hasta makes one versatile in creative lines. He will have inventive faculty. Can acquire wealth and fame through his own effort. Normally he will be successful in which he puts his attention.

Neptune in this star makes one imaginative and artistic in nature. He will be more successful as an artist especially in painting. May travel many places by taking job in mercantile ship.

CHITRA: It is the fourteenth asterism, beginning from 23°-20’ to 6°-40’ of Libra. Mercury ruler of Virgo portion. Lord Venus ruler of Libra portion. Star lord in Mars. It rules kidney, lungs, Hernia, Appendices, Lumber and lower belly etc.

Sun in this star makes one proud. Self-centered and careless in habits. They cannot influence others due to their false sense of dignity. May invite trouble due to their behavior. Likely to born in wealthy family. If not will be wealthy through own effort.

Moon in this star makes one intelligent, good speaking and careful. Can influence others by talk and manners. Likely to be interested in occult science. Sometime Laziness may stand in the way of success.

Mars in this star makes one unsteady in all affairs of life. This changeability may not be able to keep his temper under control. Half of his energy may go on big talks. Changeable in thought, action and passion.
Mercury in Chitra Star makes one social: can influence with his witty talk. Will be liked by others for his pleasant company. Will not be serious in his duty. It may be difficult to keep his moral high.

Jupiter in this star though gives good potentiality in educational matters, but for his fickle mindedness he may not be able to achieve full success.

Lacks in persistence and not steady in thought and action. It is difficult to understand his mood for which he may not be suitable for higher responsibility.

Saturn in Chitra makes one lazy, may indulge in low pleasure for which he will not be respected by his associates. Careless in habit and dress and un-predicted in his behavior. Inspire of this he is likely to have some friends who will like him.

Uranus in this star makes one ambitious and likely to get from opposite sex. May not be able to keep the moral high. Likely to be addicted to drinks. May develop eccentric behavior.

Neptune in this star makes one man of action with good potentiality for worldly success. May not be able to lead a happy married life. Partner may have physical defect.

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