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Lok-Parlok Mountain in Hindu Vedic Astrology?

The seventh island, this mountain is part of the earth. It is named as Lok-Parlok. Lok means the land populated by people while Parlok denotes the land where human beings do not live. It’s one portion is inhabited by human gods and the other which is dark and inaccessible to Sun and Moonlight is the abode of yogis only. Ordinarily, people are incapable to reach there. On one side of the mountain, there are human settlements and on the other ocean of salt, eight huge elephants called digpal guard it from eight sides in such a way that the earth cannot shake under their feet. This is Lok-Alok Immovable Mountain. The land lying between Mansutra and Sumeru Mountain is golden and smooth as well as pearls and gems. Here, nothing can be felt by touch. That is why it has been dubbed as Parlok. The Sun brightens half portion of Lok while it cannot reach beyond it in the portion which is dark and silent. The fourth part of the earth (bhugol) which comprises 12,50,00,000 yojans is the Parman of this immovable mountain (achal-parbat). This mountain is the seat of Satguru Rup Hari. Lord Vishnu with whose abundant kindness all creatures are born and get sustenance.

Dr. A. Shanker

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