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Arithmetical Researches About the Origin of Universe!

According to the Hindu religion the universe is said to came into existence 1,70,64,000 years before the annadi period or kalap of the world’s downfall has latter place 1,97,29,49,009 years ago as of 1965. If the days of the birth of Brahma are excluded from this figure the remaining world is estimated to have come into existence 1,95,58,85,009 years ago. Its arithmetical calculation is made in the basis that sight from the first Kalap. Till dale six mars have lapsed. Now we are passing through the seventh marsa and the 28th mahayug. 27 mahayugs have lapsed by now. Years of manu multiplied by six make 30,67,20,000. The past six mars have witnessed seven sandhis. Donation of one sandhi multiplied by seven makes 120,96,000 their addition to the years of the

 past minus the grand total will be 1,85,24,16,000 years. As already told, we are in the seventh marse or 27th mahayug. The duration of mahayug multiplied by twenty sixth will bring 11,66,40,000. The product of adding it to the years of the past manus and Sandhis will be 1,96,90,56,000. If the past years of satap to kaljug upto 1965 are subtracted the remaining years will be 38,94,000. The sum total of this and the duration of the past manus, Sandhis and 27 mahayugs will be, as earlier indicated, 1,97,29,49,009 years. If we deduct years of Brahmas’ birth prior to the formation of the world then by 1965 the beginning of the present age of the world should have latter place 1,95,58, 85,009 years. Science one kalpa consists of 4,32,00,00,000 years, if these years are deducted from kalpa’s duration remaining years of this world as of 1965 Bikaram will be 2,36,41,14,900 years. The doom will scour after the lapse of such duration.

 The Beginning and the End of the World: The total duration of the four ages or periods taken together is in terms of the years of mahayug. The years of a kalap have fourteen parts named manu. Duration of a manu is equal to a mahayug. Years of mahayug divided by the years of a manu comes to be 30,67,20,000 years for which one manu rules the world. There are 15 sandhis among 14 manus and the duration of one sandhi is 17,28,000 years. When this duration is multiplied by 15 durations of 14 manus and 15 sandhis put together will give a sum total of 4,32,00,000 years that constitute one Brahma day and one annadi yug of the world.

Dr. A. Shanker

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