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Kush and Pushkar Dweep and our beliefs!

Pushkar Dweep

The seventh island Pushkar is described as Mushtari in Arabic and Brahaspati in Hindi. This island is at a distance of 54,00,000 miles from the Earth. Here, the color soil is yellow. It has a tree named kamal with a height of 64,00,000 yojan (one yojan is 12-15km). it’s shadow has the same circumference. It’s environment is fragrant like saffron. Surrounded by sweet water sea with a pond of Mansarovar over under the same tree where swans feed on pearls.

The area of Pushkar Dweep is said to be double the area of Shaak Dweep which is surrounded by sweet water sea. Here is found a tree called Pushkarani whose son Subaran stays in Merang. Aakash, water, ponds, lotus and holy places are in plenty here, so is the name. There is also a mountain with a height of 10,000 yojan between its two divisions. It is a retiring place for the ruler Inder (Indra Dev). The Sun and the rulers revolve around it. The Brahma form of God is worshiped here. It’s dwellers are complete human beings who follow yog marg of life.

The fourth island is popular as Kush Dweep which is called Ataarid in Arabic, Teer in Persian, Haris in Turkish and Russian, Kaman in Arabic and Budh Lok in Hindi. It is at a distance of 13 crore 70 lakh miles from the earth. The island is double of Shalmali Dweep, some scriptures say that Kush tree is 8,00,000 yojan high and similar is the circumference of its shadow. Hence the name kush dweep. Some scriptures say that the island is replete with kushtarin and surrounded by ghee. Beneath the island there are such pounds and lake bathing in or drinking from, which makes one free from hunger and thirst while the sick and the elderly restore health after bathing in them. The island has seven divisions. Chitr Kut and Darvnagar Awak are among its seven mountains while Mitrbandha, Sarab Bandha, Dev garbha and Dhrit jiva awak are rivers. Kapil Muni has lived his life on the flank of these mountains. Drinking from these rivers people get rid of sins and attain peace. Dwellers of the island worship lord Vishnu Bhagwan.

Dr. A. Shanker

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