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Astrological facts on time Difference at Various Locations!

For the guidance of those interested in this vocation the difference of time in some prominent places against a particular place namely Madras is mentioned below. When the time in Lahore will be 12:00 AM the time in other cities will be mentioned as the ones below them.

Look at the city whose time difference is to be known against another one. It will be located beside that city or a little drifted towards the east or the west. In case it is located beside the city howsoever it is drifted toward North or South it will make no difference. However, it is drifting towards the east or the west will be an indication of difference. The Sun covers the whole earth in 24 hours. The earth has been divided into 360 degrees, The Sun covers 15 degrees in an hour. The time difference of a city will be measured by the degree it is drifted towards the east or the west from that city. Suppose it has drifted by 15 degrees and the time in a particular city is 12 o’clock and it is situated eastward the time there will be 1 o’clock and if it is westward then the time there will be 11 o’clock because the Sun rises in the east. It is to be noted that one degree is equal to the distance of 69-5 miles and its width is measured on the basis of the equator which will not be more than 90 degrees either on the Northern or the Southern side. The length of the degree is measured from Greenwich, a place near London, which is not more than 100 degrees either on the eastern or western side.

Time difference as compared to Madras time on places situated eastward or southward from Lahore where the Sun rises earlier than Lahore the time difference should be deducted according to the given chart. Likewise, at places that are situated westward or Northward from Madras city where Sun rises later than Madras the time difference will be added to the time at Lahore because this difference of rising and setting of the Sun hides in its great divine prudence.

Dr. A. Shanker

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