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Description of Salem Dweep!

The third island is popular as Shalmali as well as Salem Dweep. Shalmali means senbal tree which is in plenty here and so it has been given this name. It is called Zohra in Arabic, Nahid in Persian and Shukra Lok in Hindi. It is at a distance of 6,80,00,000 miles from Mercury. It’s height is 4,00,000 yojan and a similar circumference of its shadow. The subdivisions of the island are Sulocham Divyanetr, Sumanush (gods), Ramaoan (Luxary), Dev Permsh, par Bhandr Japiya ban and Ratigyan, The island has seven mountains or eight as described in some scriptures. Yakshas and Gandharv perform musical art on these mountains. These mountains are bedecked with gardens, ponds and abodes surrounded by streams of wine. Some scriptures mention seven ponds existing here. Dwellers of the land worship some Ishwar or the Moon. The island has lots the bright and dark portions of Moon. The area of this island is double of puaksh island. Garud ji is said to stay here.

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