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Moon impact on Sun-sign Gemini

This lunar position strengthens the intellect and makes the native a lover of study books of scientific and literary pursuits, it inclines him to some occupation of a mental nature. He is active in mind and body, likely to change his residence frequently or he may have more than one house. He may often go on short journeys, travels or is out and about a good deal.

Native is often out of doors, walking or riding etc. Native is skillful and dexterous with his hands and arms. He/She is able to live by his wits and may gain a livelihood as messenger, traveler, salesman, speaker, clerk, writer, designer, journalist, engraver, artist, sculptor or by study and literature.

Native is likely to have more than one occupation or to change his occupation. The mind is very prone to change and there may be irresolution or lack of perseverance. In a BAD horoscope that is to say when the other planets are not well placed, this may show as subtlety and underhandedness or lack of straightforwardness and honesty.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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