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Moon impact on Sun-sign Cancer

Planet moon in cancer indicates a personality fond of ease and comfort, native is homely in habits and affectionate, emotionally attached to his/her family too, especially with mother, whom he will much resemble. Native is friendly and sociable in manner, imaginative, emotional and changeable too. He is influenced greatly by his surroundings being very sensitive to outside influences and so falls in readily with the ways and methods of others.

Native adopts their suggestions, sympathises with their joys and sorrows and generally takes his coloring from outside to some extent. He/she is most fortunate when acting under the direction of or in accordance with the advice of someone else. But this may be greatly modified if positive signs or planets are prominent in the nativity under the influence of Mars or martial signs, especially, he/she will show much positiveness and independence.

There is some ability for mimicking, acting, expressing the thoughts and emotions of others, also for music, painting or poetry. This position relates somewhat to medium ship, psychism and the astral plane generally. The native is drawn to the watery element, lives near water or travels by water, deals in liquids and is fortunate with house or land property and shipping.

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