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Moon impact on Sun-sign Taurus

Native will be quiet, no impulsiveness, persistent, determined and not to be thwarted in his aims. Somewhat hopeful, ambitious and desirous of excelling. Follows established customs and is conservative by nature, resisting change and outside influences. This lunar position gains friends and favors the acquisition of money, houses or land.

It also favors occupations of the nature of the earthy element, dealing in land, houses, heavy goods, old established businesses, succeeding to the father’s business, gain or inheritance from a parent. Sometimes the occupation may be one considered low-class, plebeian, unpopular, involving secrecy or mystery, but it will generally be remunerative and the native will prosper financially. This position is favorable for occupations dealing with water and liquids and for living near rivers or on the coast.

Also, slightly good for money derived from companies, wholesale trading, associations, societies etc. It is favorable for singing, music, painting, for gaining friends and for joining societies. The native is somewhat sensuous and materialistic though sociable and of good disposition.

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