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Moon impact on Sun-sign Leo and Virgo!

Moon impact on Sun-sign Leo

This lunar position tends to uplift the native to put him/her in positions of responsibility or prominence and to give him authority over others as head, manager or director. Native will be ambitious, desirous of occupying a prominent place and does not hesitant or shy.

Native is honorable, generous in money matters, slightly egoistic (high headed), candid and warm hearted. Person is susceptible in affairs of the heart, a favorite with the opposite sex and sincere lover. This position favors intuition and genius, it gives a love of music, poetry, painting, tend towards luxurious life. Native loves perfumes, jewels, fine clothes. It inclines to the favor of these in higher ranks of life than the native.

Moon impact on Sun-sign Virgo

During this ‘Dasha’ native has excellent mental powers and is capable of following some intellectual pursuit. Native has a good memory, learns easily and is suited for a great variety of occupations such as servant, manager, agent or subordinate in any capacity. Occupation connected with gain growing (farmer), having grocery shop, maltster, confectioner or dealing with drugs and medicine (chemist), herbalist, analyst, doctor etc.

Native can be a trustworthy worker as well as can be fortunate enough to have faithful workers under him. Native may be alone, tends to be quiet and easy going, somewhat irresolute, unambitious and unpretentious life. Many friends, especially female friends are there to pamper you. Native may experience short journeys, work as secretary, messenger, clerk, traveler, schoolmaster etc., native may also the owner of some company, firm, handling society/association whole solely.

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