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How Do I Strengthen the planet Moon in my Horoscope?

Study on planet Moon is very interesting. Let us understand all good and bad effects of this beautiful lovely planet. Planet Moon is a lord of sign Cancer which treated as benefic mainly on Shukal Paksha. Planet Moon in Shukal Paksha exalted treated as benefic. On the opposite, planet Moon is debilitated in sign Scorpio and from Krishna Paksha to Amavasya, treated as malefic.

If planet Moon is benefic, its special effects are Good Health, Happiness, Wealth and Comforts etc. And if planet Moon is malefic, its special effects are depression, selfishness, unstable mind, bad sleep, coughing and some eye disease may occur. Here, we will discuss some more symptoms, if planet Moon is malefic Moon.

Malefic moon will keeps you away from your mother generally and illness to mother, it may brings hurdles in your education, it affects reputation in professional life, it effects health and wealth, it creates blood pressure and palpitation issues. Bad moon brings depression, laziness, anxiety and irritated behavior. 

What are the Remedies?

1.       Wear silver chain with pendent of half moon.

2.       Wear silver ring in your finger after consultation with astrologer.

3.       Keeping good relation with parents, especially with mother will ease you while having bad Moon, a tested method.

4.       Person with bad Moon is become temperamental and aggressive, to control it wear Moti in Silver Ring, a tested method.

5.       Increase the intake of calcium on the basis of doctor advice. Malefic Moon can cause lot of emotional issues along with body pains, migraines, tremors, neck pain. Joint pain is the most common illnesses during bad Moon. Many physical issues give mental stress causes deficiency of calcium.

6.       Keep water stored in a silver glass in the position of your temple area over the night while sleep and drink that water in morning every day, a tested method.

7.       Donate milk, sugar, rice and silver to needy people on Mondays.

8.       Recite Shiva Chalisa every Friday and offer milk to mother and father.

9.       Chant "om shram shrim shom sah chandray namah".

10.    Pearl will not help you, if planet Moon is in 6, 8 and 12 houses.

11.    Keep fast on Monday and on Puranmashi, a tested method.

12.    Do one or two remedies, if moon is afflicted after scrutinizing the horoscopes.

The effect of Moon Mahadasha, if the moon is well placed in the natal chart, this mahadasha will be fortunate for one’s mother, partner and children, it will be good time to begin a new business or attain literary success. If it is not well placed, there may be emotional up and downs, misunderstanding between relative and friends.

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