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Effects of 10th Lord in 5th House?

About this particular situation, native of this placement by default will find themselves always in public centric roles which means native is always highlighted in whichever field he/she adopt or goes into. Where people surround the native knows what exactly he or she is doing. This person can never get absorbed in background or hidden assignments, and always gets noticed in whichever field he/she works into.

5th house deals with skills and talents of self expressions, the same reflects by our love, creativity, music, intellect, knowledge and intelligence. So there is always a charm associated with 5th house. And when 10th Lord gets placed in 5th house which means the person is lucky enough to do a profession that he/she likes, that means native’s self expression, creativity, intellect (hobbies) will become his/her source of income. On the other way, we can say that native's hobby will become his/her career, is this not interesting, very interesting.

Every situation favors Native, so native can always create his/her personal space in the organization where he/she works in. In whichever field, you find them working; one thing that you will find common is, they always known for creating their individual significance everywhere.

Now again 5th house is a Dharma Trikona (Triangle), and having 10th lord in 5th house implies a duty oriented person. 5th is also 8th from 10th, so karma's lord in 8th from itself and in auspicious 5th house. The same indicates that native's karma are devout, also native is spiritually inclined, because it is 8th from itself, this also ensures frequent challenges and sudden obstacles in career, probably late rise in the career after facing hurdles and obstacles.

We can see this type of placement in the horoscope of big actors, politicians, great teachers, professors, artists, educationists, scientists etc… A prominent placement of 5th house lord along with this placement certainly promises a celebrity kind of status.

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