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10th Bhava Falling in Different Signs Means!

The effects mentioned below are equally applicable to Drekkana, Hora, Navamsa, Thrimsamsa and Dwadasamsa Aries coinciding with the 10th bhava from the Ascendant, the Moon or the Sun shows that the native will make a living by (through) gardens (work in botanical gardens, supervisors of parks, etc.), sons (through their earnings or influence), attending on the rich, agriculture, (manufacture or trade in) juices or essences, business, gambling.

Taurus: Carts (vehicles), cattle (cows, oxen, and buffaloes), birds, and deer and like animals, storage of cereals, etc.

Gemini: Sea-borne trade (imports and exports), dealings in gems, pearls, conches and vessels; accountancy (astronomy also), clerical work, work relating to arts. Accountancy and clerical work may have some relation to other items.

Cancer: Weapons (making, dealing or using); fire (near fire, explosive materials); sexual affairs; pearls; use of javelin, spear or arrows; hunting.

Under sexual affairs, work as an agent and making and selling medicines used in this context may be included.

Leo: Gems, stones, articles made of gold and silver, marble, cattle, paddy and other grains, and agriculture.

Virgo: Work connected with vehicles of all sorts (railways, bus services, cars, etc.); trade in gems, gold, cosmetics; music, fine arts, writing (an author or a clerk).

Libra: Advisory or liaison work; consultancy; exchanging gold, gems and other valuable articles; relatives and friends; litigations; work in market areas or other business centers.
Trade in cattle, and all kinds of articles including paddy and other cereals, and water-borne articles like pearls, conches and fish. Dealings in money. Growing fruits, vegetables and tubers. Dance, music, drawing and allied fine arts.

Scorpio: Dealings with women; all kinds of agricultural work; thieving; serving the rich; curing diseases; trade in iron and iron materials; sinful deeds; trade in cereals.

Sagittarius: Ministerial jobs with executive authority; protection of forts (military); trade in cattle, horses, logs of wood, firewood, birds and different kinds of machinery. Accountancy (also astronomy and astrology); medicine.

Capricorn: Trade in all water-borne articles; cots (making or selling); garden; chemicals (manufacture, use or trade).

Aquarius: Using weapons and fire in different forms (work in ammunition factories and furnaces); thieving; plough, digging, carrying loads on heads and shoulders, and all sorts of physical work.

Pisces: Weapons (manufacture, use, trade); water (water supply works, shipping, boats, etc.); dealing in things used for sex, medicines for abortion and obscene literature; trade in horses.

Indications by planets endowed with all points of strength when they happen to be lords of the 10th or lords or Navamsas of the owners of the 10th A planet indicates a large number of jobs of which only a selected few are shown against each.

The Sun: Highly authoritative jobs in the Government, Forest Department, Municipal Corporations, Civil Engineering, Medicine– work connected with chemicals, architectural work, and work with metals, (business may also be included).

The Moon: Agriculture, communications (railways and other land transports), trade in objects from water, dairy farms, water works including irrigation, textiles, naval work, psychiatry, medicine, judicial and excise.

Mars: Geological institutions; electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering; military, police, jail; medicine; trade in metals and weapons; cooking; railway engine, driving, furnaces; labour forces, surgery.

Mercury: Printing presses, stationery, education department; literature, writing, bookkeeping, clerical work, audit and accounts; newspaper work; oratory; music, dance, drama and cinema; law, merchandising; ambassadorial work; astrology; all types of engineering, crafts wood, etc.

Jupiter Revenue Department, Treasury, banking, teaching, law and justice, Postal, work of priests, endowment boards, advisory councils, courts, temples and churches, advertisement.

Venus: Railways; trade in gold, silver, gems; manufacturing or selling cosmetics and other ornamental articles; dance and drama troupes, music parties; customs; imports and exports; navy; foreign representatives; dealings with women; excise.

Saturn: Menial work, low cadre services, carrying loads, agriculture, physical and hard work of all kinds, theft; work in steel factories (foundries), glass and tile factories; footwear factories and shops; carpentry, cleansing work.

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