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What is Daridra yoga and what to do?

When Lord of 11th house falls in evil houses likes 6th, 8th and 12th, it will create and prize rise to Dardra Yoga. What are the results in this Yoga?
  1. Native may commit crime or may get involved in crimes due to the surrounding circumstances.
  2. Native may get into mess due to immoral and illegal deeds.
  3. Native may suffer with heavy losses, financial debts etc.
  4. Daridra-Yoga doesn’t mean that the person with this yoga is poor, native can be rich too, but can’t avoid its influence.

And what are the exceptions, if ascendant is strong then its effects will not bother or hurt the native. And Lagnesh falls in the Kendra and making one of the Panch-Mahapurush-Raj-Yoga then the results of Daridra-Yoga vanish.

So, we shall wait and should not fly to the conclusion very early after seeing someone’s chart. This yoga also calls-off the Vipreet-Raj-Yoga which will turn on in its Dasha-Period.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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