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Astrology is an alternative or supportive therapy, a handy tool to mitigate problems and help people become better within their parameters, their context.

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Monetary forecast - A small predictive technique to know (through Horoscope) that how much money one would earn!

Money is the tenth planet in the modern world. The very first question one asks today is as to when and from what source he would have some flow of wealth. Therefore, let us focus in the Hindu predictive astrology on the financial prospects of an individual intimately connected with conditions relating to gains, profits, wealth and other acquisitions which figure prominently in the lives of average persons.

Generally speaking, there are three houses that have something vitally to do with questions of wealth, money, earn incomes, unearned incomes. These houses are the 2nd, 9th and the 11th. The 2nd is the house, connected with wealth (Dhana). The 9th house indicates prosperity (Bhagya) and the 11th has special reference to gains and returns.
Test for how much money one would earn.

There is a special test also to measure the degree of wealth.30, 16, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 1 are the rays of planets from Sun onwards in order. Add the number of rays of the lords of 9th from Lagna and Moon and divide the sum by 12 and find the remainder and count so many signs from Moon (Rāśi).

That sign becomes the wealth indicator. In classical language it is known as “Indu-Lagna”. The planet, occupying or aspecting this Indu-Lagna or the lord of this sign confers wealth during their periods commensurate with their strengths.

One text discriminates the quantum of wealth as follows:

If a powerful Benefic is present or aspects Indu-Lagna he earns in millions.
A combination of a powerful Benefic and Malefic gives- Lakhs. If a powerful Malefic joins or aspects - Lakhs.

Conjunction of weak Benefic - Thousands.
Conjunction of weak Malefic - Hundreds.

To common sense this does not appear to be logical. Let the reader test the veracity of this theory. To me another theory seems to be more rational.

These are the figures at their highest exaltation points and Zero at lowest depression point. The intermediary positions have to be worked out by proportion. Additive and subtractive qualifications of the planets based on their shadbala strength should be reckoned. These values of planets are to be changed with changing value of money in present days.

Even ignoring the above two measures it is always true that if the planet in question is very powerful, it confers a proportionately high degree of effects during its Dasa.

Note: 9th house connotes one’s final wealth. Likewise, 2nd and 4th represents paternal wealth, professional income (salary) from 10th and easy money from 11th.

For example, take the lords of 10th from Lagna and Moon. He is Budha in each case. The total rays are 8+8 = 16 i.e. 4th Rāśi from Kanya (Moon Rāśi) which is Dhanus. This may be called the Indu-Lagna of tenth Bhava. There is Retrograde Kuja. As per the above theory Mars is Shathakaraka (Hundreds). Being retrograde he gives 3 times hundred i.e. Rs.300 at his highest exaltation point viz 28 deg of Capricorn. Mars is at 26 deg of Dhanus-about 30 deg before that point his power is reduced by (30 divided by 180) x (300 divided by 1) = Rs. 50. So his net pay is Rs. 250 only. Actually his highest pay in his service is Rs. 250.

Likewise, if you want to measure the degree of effect of the 2nd Bhava consider the lords of the second house from Lagna and Moon; if of 4th, lords of the Fourth; if 11th, lord of Eleventh and so on. This shows how important are the points of Lagna and Moon-One is Jeeva (life-soul) hile the other is Deha (Body). Any effect to be of full use should be enjoyed both by the superficial earthy body for enjoyments coupled with blissful happiness felt by Antharathma. Then only it should be in a real good effect.

Dr. Shanker Adawal


3rd and 12th House and their Relationship with marriage - A study!

Evaluation of 3rd and 12th House and their relationship with Marriage!

3rd house is very important for marriage but generally unnoticed because as per common tendency we all ignore vital things in life. On the other hand 12th house is comparatively less important but always gets attentions.

Every horoscope is designed by the fundamentals of a horoscope lie in the groupings but not by the houses or the signs. The Kendras, Trines, Planet’s Spreading, its Tattwas, Halves etc. are the reasons which make a horoscope unique and capable of bringing specific results.
Horoscope’s life span separated into four divisions.

Spiritual Well-being (Moksha)
Mental Well-being (Kama)
Material Well-being (Artha)
Social Well being (Dharma)

Let’s talk about Kama

Karma is a mental well-being because Kama (desire) occur from the mind. 

Mental or psychological wellbeing is the satisfaction level of inclination of anyone’s mind which presents them as craving of things. Sense of being secure, being loved and delightfulness etc are all different versions comes under the domain of stressful life which comes from ambitious mindset. 

Mental or psychological wellbeing is the satisfaction level of inclination of anyone’s mind which presents them as craving of things. Sense of being secure, being loved and delightfulness etc are all different versions comes under the domain of stressful life which comes from ambitious mindset.

Relationship always speak about mental well-being, the same is being judged from the Kama Trikona with 7th being the house of conflicting partnership. Now, any house which is founded by the trine is pushed by Kendra. Similarly, the 3rd house is the builder of 7th house which means a happy married life.

Strong relationship always depends on impactful communication between each other where good understanding is the most important factor for long relationship between the two. If 3rd house is damaged, the attraction will be missing despite a happy married life. If the 3rd is strong, despite tough relations with the spouse, despite family issues, despite someone’s loss in family, the bond will be strong and permanent.

So, Kendras are the pillars of houses, just like the 4th house is the support system of the child and the 10th house indicate action. Kendra and Lagna are Uttarottari-bal (stronger) in ascending order. That way the 9th house is strong than the 5th for trines and the 10th is stronger than the 7th, also stronger than the 4th for kendras. The strongest Kendras for 7th house becomes the 10th from itself, which is why family life and its happness are influence in any married life either good or bad way. For trines, 9th is stronger than the 5th and 9th house from the 7th house i.e. the 3rd house, becomes the strongest foundation.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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Shri Amit Shah and General Parliament Elections - 2019, Analysis!

Political Analysis of General Election - 2019 and Shri Amit Shah (BJP) - Nadi and Other 


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Saturn’s Retrogression Based on Natal


When in the 3rd, the 6th and the 11th there will be definite all-round improvement in health during the Dasa or Antardasas of Saturn.

When in the 1st, the 4th, the 7th and the 10th wanderings and ill-health consistent with other Dasa results will ensue.

In the 2nd, the 5th, the 8th, the 9th and the 12th Saturn’s retrogression is definitely bad for chronic sufferers. Even if they are free from diseases, they will suffer according to the house, drekkana and birth star denoting the seats of diseases.

It is said that benefics when in retrogression in angles or trines give good results. This may be true with regard to other matters. But as far as health is concerned, again the part of the body represented by a house, star or drekkana will suffer.

Broadly speaking Jupiter is a first-rate benefic and results of his retrogression are put forth, as under:–

Jupiter’s Retrogression in Gochara

Jupiter in the Moon-sign:–He gives intense worries on account of ill-health. Restlessness is the rule. The person becomes phlegmatic and irritable. The diseases represented by Jupiter are:- Jaundice, diseases of liver, vertigo, gallbladder, sleeping sickness, anemia, idiosyncrasies and allergies.

In the 2nd House:– The person exhibits calmness and takes decision coolly. Unless Jupiter is a maraka, the native will enjoy good health throughout the sojourn of this planet in the 2nd. His spouse also will come out of frigid condition.

In the 3rd House:–The health of near relatives like brothers and father-in-law will improve. But he himself becomes a coward during this retrogression.

In the 4th House-–Mother’s health will improve and he too will find out that he has no cause for worry and becomes more confident in his work.

In the 5th House:–This is good. Retrogression in the 5th generally brings about a fine feeling, intellect becomes sharp, and since his children would fare well, he will be mostly in a happy mood. Petty gains in speculation may add to his sense of well- being.

In the 6th House:– Some secret disease will develop often eluding doctors. Though not a serious condition, it causes worries all the time compounded with worldly failures.

In the 7th House:–He enjoys once again a happy home. May have a second honey-Moon. Practically all worries disappear. His face shines and he will exhibit agility and vigours, and freed from existing diseases.

In the 8th House:–This is a house of chronic illness. Any planet which is slow-moving and becomes retrograde always worsens the existing diseases and consequent heavy expenditure and worries.

In the 9th House:– Retrogression of Jupiter in the 9th is the best time in transit and the Dasa will be the best if the planet

retrogrades in natal chart. All sorts of benefits accrue and the person is practically free of all diseases and ailments.

In the 10th House:–Retrograde Jupiter here causes biliousness and laziness. Jupiter in Saturn’s house always loses his good effects. Even if in natal chart he is in the 10th no good will come out of it. The person encounters a lot of upsets in service or profession. Though no serious disease will develop the mind becomes sluggish, apprehensive of something or other.

In the 11th House:–This is again one of the best places for retrogression of this planet. The native enjoys good health, money, women and wine.

In the 12th House: - Loss of sleep and bed comfort. Generally lassitude and a sense of frustration leading to some hasty action and consequent suffering.

In the natal chart

Retrogression in the 2nd, the 4th, the 5th, the 7th, the 9th and the 11th always good for general health. But retrogression in the 1st, the 3rd, the 6th, the 8th, the 10th and the 12th likely to aggravate existing diseases.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Profile: www.connectingmind.com
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

Rahu is torturing me a lot and worsening my health. What should I do?

I am not sure whether you are mentioning about Rahu Mahadasha/antra dasha or Rahu transit, whatever it may be no planet can make someone complete failure without the person allowing fate to take control. I do agree certain period of time indicated in the horoscope will give tough situations, but in my view it is a natural way to test your patience. If you quit fast then you are accepting failure very soon, but if you show your endurance then the tough period will pass through quickly. I have seen so many people challenged the tough situation with positive attitude and become role model.
In summary don’t blame planetary influence for your failure, moment you do that you fail to take responsibility in life and hence fate will take control of your life. Always use astrology as an indication and take responsibility for your life to manage tough times. After all life is all about fighting against the fate.

What is Daridra yoga and what to do?

When Lord of 11th house falls in evil houses likes 6th, 8th and 12th, it will create and prize rise to Dardra Yoga. What are the results in this Yoga?
  1. Native may commit crime or may get involved in crimes due to the surrounding circumstances.
  2. Native may get into mess due to immoral and illegal deeds.
  3. Native may suffer with heavy losses, financial debts etc.
  4. Daridra-Yoga doesn’t mean that the person with this yoga is poor, native can be rich too, but can’t avoid its influence.

And what are the exceptions, if ascendant is strong then its effects will not bother or hurt the native. And Lagnesh falls in the Kendra and making one of the Panch-Mahapurush-Raj-Yoga then the results of Daridra-Yoga vanish.

So, we shall wait and should not fly to the conclusion very early after seeing someone’s chart. This yoga also calls-off the Vipreet-Raj-Yoga which will turn on in its Dasha-Period.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Profile: www.connectingmind.com
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

10th Bhava Falling in Different Signs Means!

The effects mentioned below are equally applicable to Drekkana, Hora, Navamsa, Thrimsamsa and Dwadasamsa Aries coinciding with the 10th bhava from the Ascendant, the Moon or the Sun shows that the native will make a living by (through) gardens (work in botanical gardens, supervisors of parks, etc.), sons (through their earnings or influence), attending on the rich, agriculture, (manufacture or trade in) juices or essences, business, gambling.

Taurus: Carts (vehicles), cattle (cows, oxen, and buffaloes), birds, and deer and like animals, storage of cereals, etc.

Gemini: Sea-borne trade (imports and exports), dealings in gems, pearls, conches and vessels; accountancy (astronomy also), clerical work, work relating to arts. Accountancy and clerical work may have some relation to other items.

Cancer: Weapons (making, dealing or using); fire (near fire, explosive materials); sexual affairs; pearls; use of javelin, spear or arrows; hunting.

Under sexual affairs, work as an agent and making and selling medicines used in this context may be included.

Leo: Gems, stones, articles made of gold and silver, marble, cattle, paddy and other grains, and agriculture.

Virgo: Work connected with vehicles of all sorts (railways, bus services, cars, etc.); trade in gems, gold, cosmetics; music, fine arts, writing (an author or a clerk).

Libra: Advisory or liaison work; consultancy; exchanging gold, gems and other valuable articles; relatives and friends; litigations; work in market areas or other business centers.
Trade in cattle, and all kinds of articles including paddy and other cereals, and water-borne articles like pearls, conches and fish. Dealings in money. Growing fruits, vegetables and tubers. Dance, music, drawing and allied fine arts.

Scorpio: Dealings with women; all kinds of agricultural work; thieving; serving the rich; curing diseases; trade in iron and iron materials; sinful deeds; trade in cereals.

Sagittarius: Ministerial jobs with executive authority; protection of forts (military); trade in cattle, horses, logs of wood, firewood, birds and different kinds of machinery. Accountancy (also astronomy and astrology); medicine.

Capricorn: Trade in all water-borne articles; cots (making or selling); garden; chemicals (manufacture, use or trade).

Aquarius: Using weapons and fire in different forms (work in ammunition factories and furnaces); thieving; plough, digging, carrying loads on heads and shoulders, and all sorts of physical work.

Pisces: Weapons (manufacture, use, trade); water (water supply works, shipping, boats, etc.); dealing in things used for sex, medicines for abortion and obscene literature; trade in horses.

Indications by planets endowed with all points of strength when they happen to be lords of the 10th or lords or Navamsas of the owners of the 10th A planet indicates a large number of jobs of which only a selected few are shown against each.

The Sun: Highly authoritative jobs in the Government, Forest Department, Municipal Corporations, Civil Engineering, Medicine– work connected with chemicals, architectural work, and work with metals, (business may also be included).

The Moon: Agriculture, communications (railways and other land transports), trade in objects from water, dairy farms, water works including irrigation, textiles, naval work, psychiatry, medicine, judicial and excise.

Mars: Geological institutions; electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering; military, police, jail; medicine; trade in metals and weapons; cooking; railway engine, driving, furnaces; labour forces, surgery.

Mercury: Printing presses, stationery, education department; literature, writing, bookkeeping, clerical work, audit and accounts; newspaper work; oratory; music, dance, drama and cinema; law, merchandising; ambassadorial work; astrology; all types of engineering, crafts wood, etc.

Jupiter Revenue Department, Treasury, banking, teaching, law and justice, Postal, work of priests, endowment boards, advisory councils, courts, temples and churches, advertisement.

Venus: Railways; trade in gold, silver, gems; manufacturing or selling cosmetics and other ornamental articles; dance and drama troupes, music parties; customs; imports and exports; navy; foreign representatives; dealings with women; excise.

Saturn: Menial work, low cadre services, carrying loads, agriculture, physical and hard work of all kinds, theft; work in steel factories (foundries), glass and tile factories; footwear factories and shops; carpentry, cleansing work.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

Saturn's Gochara - Vakra Results

Moon-sign Saturn’s effects of retrograde motion:

  1. There will be intense desire to indulge in risky propositions, danger of the physical hurt like wounds, fractures and burns of minor degrees.
  2. In the birth chart Saturn happens to be in the Moon-sign then there is the danger of major accidents.
  3. In the 2nd House, There will be mental worries due to death of near and dear ones. Dental and eye troubles will become prominent.
  4. In the 3rd House: The retrogression here is however beneficial. The native is freed from worries and diseases.
  5. In the 4th House:–There is likelihood of having bouts of high blood pressure and chest diseases, angina pain and frequent palpitation, etc.
  6. In the 5th House:–Mental worries will be enhanced, mostly concerning children and investments.
  7. In the 6th House:–The native becomes free from diseases and mental worries or there will be marked improvement.
  8. In the 7th House:–There will tiredness on account of unnecessary and fruitless journeys. There will be mental worry due to wife’s ill-health and exhaustion after sexual acts, and weakness.
  9. In the 8th House:–There will be danger of accidents, diseases will get worsened and fear of death will predominate. Urinary diseases are likely to cause trouble.
  10. In the 9th House:–There will be malnutrition and worries due to loss of money and near and dear.
  11. In the 10th House:–Loss of position will cause extreme worry and will likely affect blood pressure and heart.
  12. In the 11th House:–The native will be freed from all worries. There will be all-round gain, consequent good health and a sense of well-being.
  13. In the 12th House:–There will be loss of sleep and bed comfort. Frequent journeys or change of place, cause ill-health, mostly diseases like diarrhea and dysentery.
Dr. Shanker Adawal
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

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Bhagya Yoga in Astrology?

Bhagya means Fortune, how fortunate you are? Bhagya-Yoga indicates person’s luck and fate. A strong benefic is in ascendant, 3rd or 5th house, the same time it should aspect the 9th house which is linked with Dharma, Luck and Destiny.

Here some points which are helping and shaping Native’s Bhagya-Yoga.

  1. Planet Jupiter alone in ascendant or 5th house is capable of forming this yoga where Jupiter will aspect the trine.
  2. Planet Jupiter should be powerful enough for the formation of this Yoga.
  3. Planet Jupiter will become powerful if Cancer is ascendant.
  4. Cancer ascendant Jupiter can also sit in the 5th house and aspects 9th house which will be sign Pisces.
  5. If Planet Jupiter is strong in chart. Its ownership and exaltation state should be check.
  6. Any benefic planet in 3rd house aspects 9th house at 180 degree always forms this yoga. Here again power of the benefic planet is to be checked in the account of its ownerships
  7. For Gemini ascendants, planet Jupiter will form Kendra-Aadi-pati Dosha, therefore any other planet from Jupiter in 3rd house can form Bhagya-yoga.

Effects of this yoga: Native would be very lucky and full of fortunes. Native doesn’t have to put extra efforts to achieve their goals. Native’s knowledge and intelligence help others and his own wisdom.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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Is Marriage Good between Rahu-Ketu Dosham on both the Sides (Man and Woman)?

Rahu-Ketu Dosham should be analyzed case to case before come to any conclusion. Here, we will discuss 3 different scenarios…

When Percent of Dosha are equal: If the girl has Rahu-Ketu dosha and boy doesn’t have the same but has Mars-Saturn dosha of similar percentage then marriage can be approved provided the other factors in terms of longevity, progeny, dasha-bhukti etc. For example, if a girl has Rahu in 7th House and the boy has Saturn in 7th house, then depending on other matching factors, their marriage can be approved.

When Dosha percentage is negligible: Marriage can be approved if fewer percentage of Rahu-Ketu Dosha in girl’s Kundli and boy doesn’t have Rahu-Ketu dosham in his Kundli but other basic factors like compatibility, longevity, progeny, dasha-bhukti and general happiness can’t be ignored. Also, if the girl has Rahu in 4th house with no other dosha then depending on other basic factors marriage can be approved.

When Per cent of dosham is on high scale: If the girl with 100 per cent Rahu-Ketu dosham and the boy doesn’t have then their marriage is not recommended. If marriage can’t be avoided due to some reasons then it can be exceptionally approved on the basis of other basic factors.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

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How Do I Strengthen the planet Moon in my Horoscope?

Study on planet Moon is very interesting. Let us understand all good and bad effects of this beautiful lovely planet. Planet Moon is a lord of sign Cancer which treated as benefic mainly on Shukal Paksha. Planet Moon in Shukal Paksha exalted treated as benefic. On the opposite, planet Moon is debilitated in sign Scorpio and from Krishna Paksha to Amavasya, treated as malefic.

If planet Moon is benefic, its special effects are Good Health, Happiness, Wealth and Comforts etc. And if planet Moon is malefic, its special effects are depression, selfishness, unstable mind, bad sleep, coughing and some eye disease may occur. Here, we will discuss some more symptoms, if planet Moon is malefic Moon.

Malefic moon will keeps you away from your mother generally and illness to mother, it may brings hurdles in your education, it affects reputation in professional life, it effects health and wealth, it creates blood pressure and palpitation issues. Bad moon brings depression, laziness, anxiety and irritated behavior. 

What are the Remedies?

1.       Wear silver chain with pendent of half moon.

2.       Wear silver ring in your finger after consultation with astrologer.

3.       Keeping good relation with parents, especially with mother will ease you while having bad Moon, a tested method.

4.       Person with bad Moon is become temperamental and aggressive, to control it wear Moti in Silver Ring, a tested method.

5.       Increase the intake of calcium on the basis of doctor advice. Malefic Moon can cause lot of emotional issues along with body pains, migraines, tremors, neck pain. Joint pain is the most common illnesses during bad Moon. Many physical issues give mental stress causes deficiency of calcium.

6.       Keep water stored in a silver glass in the position of your temple area over the night while sleep and drink that water in morning every day, a tested method.

7.       Donate milk, sugar, rice and silver to needy people on Mondays.

8.       Recite Shiva Chalisa every Friday and offer milk to mother and father.

9.       Chant "om shram shrim shom sah chandray namah".

10.    Pearl will not help you, if planet Moon is in 6, 8 and 12 houses.

11.    Keep fast on Monday and on Puranmashi, a tested method.

12.    Do one or two remedies, if moon is afflicted after scrutinizing the horoscopes.

The effect of Moon Mahadasha, if the moon is well placed in the natal chart, this mahadasha will be fortunate for one’s mother, partner and children, it will be good time to begin a new business or attain literary success. If it is not well placed, there may be emotional up and downs, misunderstanding between relative and friends.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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Effects of 10th Lord in 5th House?

About this particular situation, native of this placement by default will find themselves always in public centric roles which means native is always highlighted in whichever field he/she adopt or goes into. Where people surround the native knows what exactly he or she is doing. This person can never get absorbed in background or hidden assignments, and always gets noticed in whichever field he/she works into.

5th house deals with skills and talents of self expressions, the same reflects by our love, creativity, music, intellect, knowledge and intelligence. So there is always a charm associated with 5th house. And when 10th Lord gets placed in 5th house which means the person is lucky enough to do a profession that he/she likes, that means native’s self expression, creativity, intellect (hobbies) will become his/her source of income. On the other way, we can say that native's hobby will become his/her career, is this not interesting, very interesting.

Every situation favors Native, so native can always create his/her personal space in the organization where he/she works in. In whichever field, you find them working; one thing that you will find common is, they always known for creating their individual significance everywhere.

Now again 5th house is a Dharma Trikona (Triangle), and having 10th lord in 5th house implies a duty oriented person. 5th is also 8th from 10th, so karma's lord in 8th from itself and in auspicious 5th house. The same indicates that native's karma are devout, also native is spiritually inclined, because it is 8th from itself, this also ensures frequent challenges and sudden obstacles in career, probably late rise in the career after facing hurdles and obstacles.

We can see this type of placement in the horoscope of big actors, politicians, great teachers, professors, artists, educationists, scientists etc… A prominent placement of 5th house lord along with this placement certainly promises a celebrity kind of status.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Profile: www.connectingmind.com
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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Mars: Effects and Remedies

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