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Some Unfortunate Combinations and their Results!

  1. It the lord of the second joins with Saturn or any other powerful evil planet, the man suffers from constant complicated diseases.
  2. If Sun, Saturn and Rahu occupy the 7th, the person will be bitten by a cobra, in this case there must be no beneficial conductions or aspects to get real danger.
  3. If Mercury joins one of the houses of Jupiter and Mars occupies Capricornus or Aquarius, without beneficial aspects he will be killed by a tiger in jungle.
  4. If Mars joins the 9th and Saturn, Rahu and Sun are in conjunction, the person will be killed by sharp weapons.
  5. If birth fails in a watery sign, with evil planets in it, without beneficial aspects, he will have danger with aquatic animals.
  6. If the planets in the 3rd are debilitated and planets in the 8th are defeated in the planetary fight, the person will have dangers from poisons. This will happen, when there are no beneficial conjunctions or aspects.
  7. If the 4th house is joined by a debilitated or defeated planet, and the 6th falls in a watery sign, the person will be drowned in watery places.
  8. When the weak lord of birth occupies 4th, with debilitated Sun or other evil planets and the lord of 4th is powerless and combines with watery planets, he will have a watery grave.
  9. If Mars and Sun occupy 4th, aspected by or in conjunction with the lord of 4th or 10th. He will be stoned to death or die by falling on a stone.
  10. If Venus and Sun are in birth and Saturn occupies the 7th, he will be a widower. He may marry any number of wives, they, all die before him.
  11. If 9th or 5th is occupied by Sun and Venus, the person’s wife will be defective in limbs. Here there must be evil combinations and aspects to have such undesirable wife.
  12. When 5th is occupied by Moon and all the evil planets are in 1st, 7th and 10th, he will have neither wife nor children.
  13. If Moon is in 10th, Venus in 7th and evil planets in 4th, he will lose all his children before him. This will be a dire misfortune for any person to endure.
  14. If Moon joins the Navamsa of Mars and has conjunction with evil planets, he will have incurable diseases in the private organ.
  15. If Venus is in 12th and Saturn in 2nd, Moon in birth and Sun in 7th, the person will have white leprosy.
  16. If Moon is placed between Mars and Saturn and Sun joins Capricornus, the person will be subjected to hard breathing, dyspepsia, consumption enlargement of glands on the left side of the stomach or enlarged spleen.
  17. Where a man is subjected to such incurable diseases, his life will be very miserable and existence not at all desirable.
  18. If Moon and Rahu occupy birth and Saturn and Mars occupy Trikonas, the person will suffer from evil spirits, devils, etc.
  19. If Sun and Rahu join Lagna, and Mars and Saturn are in Trikonas, the person become perfectly blind.

 Dr. Shanker Adawal

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