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Malika Yoga and its Combinations

Malika Yoga – When all the seven planets are occupying the first seven houses from Lagna, in an uninterrupted line they produce Malika Yoga. This combination gives rise to 12 different Yogas, viz.,
  • Lagna Malika or all the planets from Lagna.
  • Dhana Malika, when the seven houses from the 2nd are occupied by the seven planets.
  • Vikrama Malika, when the seven houses from the 3rd are regularly occupied.
  • Sukha Malika, when they occupy the seven houses regularly from the 4th.
  •  Putra Malika, when they form a line from the 5th house. Satru Malika, when they form a line from the 6th house. Kalatra Malika, when the seven planets spread out in a line in seven houses from the 7th.
  • Randhra Malika, when seven houses are occupied from the 8th by planets.
  • Bhagya Malika, when they do so from the 9th. Karma Malika, when they form a line from the 10th. Labha Malika, when they form a line from the 11th, and
  • Vyaya Malika, when seven planets form a regular line from the
  • 12th house,
  • Results of these will be given here for ready reference under their respective names.
  • Lagna Malika– he will be a king or ruler commanding wealth, armies and influence.
  • Dhana Malika– lord of immense wealth, great love to father, warrior, with personal appearance striking terror, and a cruel and unsympathetic heart, and an emperor.
  • Vikrama Malika– ruler, leader of warriors or surrounded by brave men, rich, sickly.
  • Sukha Malika– wealth in many countries and highly charitable.
  • Putra Malika– ruler performing religious sacrifices, high reputation.
  • Shatru Malika– some enjoyment in forests, poor.
  • Kalatra malika– coveted by many women, and a ruler of a influential men.
  • Randhra malika– poor-ruler, and conquered by female influences.
  • There are rulers or kings and like ordinary men they have their own difficulties, some Princes command or accumulate immense treasures, while others are always in financial difficulties. Simply because a man becomes a ruler it does not in the least follow that he will be financially strong. Some Governments are solvent, while many are insolvent.
  • Bhagya Malika– religious performances lord, religious devotee.
  • Karma Malika– fond of righteous deeds, respected and worshipped by good men.
  • Labha Malika– Husband of exalted woman, end very skilful in all transactions.
  • Vyaya Malika– extremely liberal and respected in all quarters.

 Dr. Shanker Adawal
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