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Why Sudden Collective Deaths and what Sanghathika Marana?

There are individual and collective deaths, the latter going under the name of Sanghathika Marana. Sudden and enveloping fires, earthquakes and huge convulsions of nature, volcanic eruptions, drowning in ships, blowing up in the battles sometimes kill hundreds, thousands or millions in the twinkling of the eye. Earthquake counts thousands and millions in minutes.

  • If Sun, with evil aspects, occupies 6th and the lord of the 6th joins a malefic, the person suffers from bilious complaints.
  • If Mars occupies the 6th with evil aspects and joins evil divisions, there will be bilious complaints.
  • If Moon with evil aspects joins 6th occupying evil divisions, he will suffer from windy complaints.
  • If Mercury is in 6th, in evil amsas and aspects, there will be phlegmatic complaints.
  • If Moon and Mars are in the 6th with evil aspects, he will have white jaundice or cholera. If Moon and Sun occupy
  • 6th with evil aspects the person will have plague, colic or some other serious stomach disorders.
  • If Sun and Mars occupy the 6th, aspected by Venus and Moon, or if Saturn and Mars are in the 6th, aspected by Rahu and Sun, there will be consumption.
  • If the lord of the 6th joins with the lords of the birth, 4th and 9th houses; or if the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 6th combines with the lord of the 4th, is aspected by evil planets, or when the 4th is between malefics, and the lord of that house or the lord of mother has malefic aspects, if the lord of the 9th is weaker than the lord of the 4th, the person will be born of adultery.
  • If birth and Moon are not aspected by Jupiter, or if the Sun with the Moon has no Jupiter aspect, or If Sun and the Moon have combination with a malefic without Jupiter’s aspect, the person will be born of adultery.
  • If the 4th combines with a malefic or its lord has evil aspects, or is between evil planets; or if the 4th is combined with Saturn, Mars or Rahu without benefics, or
  • If the lord of the 10th is an evil planet and occupies 4th with evil aspects, the person will become a cheat, dishonest and a great dissimulator.
  • Moon and Jupiter in Lagna, lord of Lagna and Saturn in the 7th and all the evil planets are in the 4th, all his children will die and family becomes extinct;
  • Mercury in the 7th with Venus, Jupiter in the 5th, malefics in the 4th and the 8th produce extinctions of family.
  • If the lord of the 6th, and Saturn join Lagna, unaspected by benefics, there will be amputation of the sexual organ.
  • If Saturn is in the 9th and Jupiter in the 3rd; or if Saturn is in the 8th and Jupiter is in the 12th, or if Moon combines in 7th or 8th with Jupiter or Mars, the person will have his hands cut off.
  • If Moon and Mars are in the 6th, aspected by evil planets, the person suffers from derangement or insanity, or jaundice of a peculiar kind.

Misfortunes are various and intertwined with fortunes in such a way, that it is rare to find a man or woman enjoying complete misfortunes or complete fortunes. All diseases and miseries are a sort of punishment and may exist and coexist side by side with some of the most coveted objects of life in this world. There is nothing inconsistent in the life of an emperor or a great statesman to get news of constant acquisition of valuable countries, wealth and other objects of comfort and also as constantly to get attacks of fever, dysentery, asthma, piles, colic pains or of news of death of near and dear relations.

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