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Sarpa Drekkanas - Person will die by Hanging!

There are 36 Drekkanas in the Zodiac, and each forms one-third of a Rasi or sign and therefore gets, ten degrees for its extent.

If the lord of the Drekkana occupied by the lord of the 8th combines with Saturn, Rahu or Mandi, there will be death by hanging.

When the lord of the 6th or 8th combines with the lord of the 3rd and joins with Saturn and Rahu in cruel sub divisions, the person will be killed in battle.

If the lord of the Drekkana occupied by Saturn combines in Aries or Vrischika, possessing the aspect of Mars, the man dies in battle.

Many evil planets in the 8th occupying Martian and cruel sub-divisions will kill the man along with many others.

If Saturn, Sun and Rahu, have the aspect of the lord of the 12th, being combust, and joining cruel subdivisions, there will be death along with many others.

Here, the simple combination of Rahu in the Lagna falling in Aries or Capricorn will not be sufficient to have his head cut off in battle. They must have no beneficial conjunctions and must have evil associations or aspects.

If the lord of birth joins Moon and Mercury and have the conjunction of Sun and Rahu, he will suffer from venereal diseases, or if the lord of birth, Moon and Mercury join the Navamsa of Leo, there will be venereal diseases.

If the lord of birth, join with Moon, Mercury and Mars or Saturn, there will be leprosy.
If Moon, Mercury, and birth lord combine with Sun, there will be diseases of blood.
If the lords of 1st and 6th combine with Saturn and occupy Kendras or Konas there will be imprisonment and disgrace. If they join Rahu or Ketu and occupy quadrants or trines there will be imprisonment.

If the lord of 6th combines with Venus while Saturn or Sun joins Rahu and occupies cruel sub-divisions, the person will have his head cut off.

If Moon joins 6th, 8th or 12th, possessing the aspect of the lord of birth and combines with Saturn, Rahu and Mandi, there will be death by accidents.

If the lord of the 8th is found in Pasa or Sarpa Drekkanas, the person will die during imprisonment or by hanging.

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