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Characteristics of Predicting a Marriage!

1.  When the 7th lord is in the companionship of Venus, his dasa and bhukti lead to marriage.
2.  If the above situation is not available, dasa and bhukti of the lord of the sign occupied by the 2nd lord affects marriage.
3.  In the absence of the above possibilities, dasa and bhukti of the lords of the 9th and the 10th best Raja yoga pair–can bring marriage.
4.  When all the above opportunities have not materialized, bank on the dasa and bhukti of either the companion of the 7th lord or the planet occupying the 7th house to bring in marriage.

As dasa and antardasa of planets extend over a long period, it is difficult to pinpoint the time. So astrologers have advanced to shorten the period to either the beginning of the dasa or the middle of the dasa or the end of the dasa, etc, Vaidyanatha Pandit has mentioned that If the marriage producing planet is a benefic and occupies a benefic house, you can expect, marriage at the beginning of the dasa period. If the planet is a benefic, but occupies a malefic sign, the middle of the dasa period brings the possibility. When a malefic planet produces marriage and he occupies a malefic sign, the event will be effective at the end of the dasa period. You can expect marriage throughout the dasa period, if the marital planet is a benefic, occupies a benefic sign and gets the companionship of a benefic.

In the dasa and antardasa chapters, Maharshi Parasara has mentioned the following combinations as effective for marriage:–

1.  Mercury antardasa under the Moon maha-dasa.2.  Jupiter antardasa under Jupiter maha-dasa.3.  The Moon antardasa under Jupiter maha-dasa.4.  Mercury antardasa under Mercury maha-dasa.5.  The Moon antardasa under Mercury maha-dasa.6.  Jupiter antardasa under Mercury maha-dasa.7.  Venus antardasa under Venus maha-dasa.

The above principles show the dasas and antardasas of the benefics. The dasa and antardasa of malefics have not been mentioned, as they are not conducive to marriage without benefic influence over them, i.e. they require some additional benefic qualifications to produce marriage.

In the Ashtakavarga chapters, Maharshi has hinted at the possible Ascendant of wife from the natal chart of the would-be husband. The principles are as under:–

1.  The sign occupied by the 7th lord in the male chart.
2.  The exaltation sign of the 7th lord.3.  The debilitation sign of the 7th lord.4.  Navamsa of the triangular sign from the navamsa of the sign occupied by the 7th lord.5.  The Ascendant sign of the male chart.
6.  The Moon sign of the male chart.7.  The 9th sign from the Ascendant sign of the male chart.8.  The 9th sign from the Moon sign of the male chart.

In connection with benefic aspect, Maharshi mentions that Jupiter or Venus aspected by benefic brings marriage. The aspecting planets can be the Moon or Mercury. The planet aspected as well as the aspecting planet must be powerful to bring Marriage Yoga. The 12th lord in angle or triangle brings marriage prospects but negatives the same in other positions. The 12th house is the worst dusthana–all round loss including loss of life, but every house has its good as well as bad significances.

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