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Is Marriage Good between Rahu-Ketu Dosham in both the Horoscopes?

Is Marriage Good between Rahu-Ketu Dosham on both the Sides (Man and Woman)?

Rahu-Ketu Dosham should be analyzed case to case before come to any conclusion. Here, we will discuss 3 different scenarios…

When Percent of Dosha are equal: If the girl has Rahu-Ketu dosha and boy doesn’t have the same but has Mars-Saturn dosha of similar percentage then marriage can be approved provided the other factors in terms of longevity, progeny, dasha-bhukti etc. For example, if a girl has Rahu in 7th House and the boy has Saturn in 7th house, then depending on other matching factors, their marriage can be approved.

When Dosha percentage is negligible: Marriage can be approved if fewer percentage of Rahu-Ketu Dosha in girl’s Kundli and boy doesn’t have Rahu-Ketu dosham in his Kundli but other basic factors like compatibility, longevity, progeny, dasha-bhukti and general happiness can’t be ignored. Also, if the girl has Rahu in 4th house with no other dosha then depending on other basic factors marriage can be approved.

When Per cent of dosham is on high scale: If the girl with 100 per cent Rahu-Ketu dosham and the boy doesn’t have then their marriage is not recommended. If marriage can’t be avoided due to some reasons then it can be exceptionally approved on the basis of other basic factors.

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