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General Predictive Trends of Sun-sign Libra in Year 2019!

from the Yearbook 2019

23 September – 22 October
Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The balance; 7th sign; Rules 7th house; Governs reins and kidneys.House of Vaisya; First half biped; Śhirodāya; Movable, Odd, DwāraRāśi, Mineral; Fierce Male; West; Dark Color; Day; Weighing; Balance; Shūdra; Vāyu-tatwā (वायु-तत्वा); Human Rāśi; Trade Brain.

Ruling Planet
A scale
Gentleness, sharing, conviviality and the “finer
Things of life.
Injustice, violence, brutishness, disharmony, quarrels and bad manners.
Benefic Planets
Venus, Mars, Mercury, Saturn
Neutral Planets
Malefic Planets
Sun, Moon, Jupiter
Mārka Planets
Jupiter, Mars, Venus
Positive Trait
Diplomatic, Graceful, Peaceful, Idealistic, easygoing,
sociable, peaceable, idealistic, urbane, romantic, charming and refined.
Negative Trait
Superficial, Vain, Indecisive, Unreliable, Flirtatious,
Self-indulgent, Lazy, Changeable, Gullible Resentful, Frivolous
and easily influenced by others.

General trends of Sun-Sign Libra in year 2019
1.      Jupiter in Scorpio, transits in 2nd house, will give very good results.
2.      Jupiter in Sagittarius from March 29th, transits in 3rd house, will give moderate results.
3.      Jupiter in Scorpio from 23rd April,transits in 2nd house, will give very good results.
4.   Jupiter in Sagittarius from Nov 5th, and will remain in Sagittarius for rest of the year, transits in 3rd house, will give moderate results.
5.     Saturn in Sagittarius from the very beginning of the year and will remains there for rest of the year, transits in 3rd house, will give very good results.
6.   Rāhu(राहु) in Cancer from the very beginning of the year, transits in 10th house, will give good results.Kétū (केतु)too in Capricorn from the very beginning of the year, transits in 4th house, will give moderate results.
7.    Rāhu (राहु) in Gemini from March 23rd and will remains there for rest of the year, transits in 9th house, will give moderate results.
8.  Kétū (केतु) in Sagittarius from March 23rd and will remain there for rest of the year, transits in 3rd house, will give good results.

Jupiter transits in 2nd house, it also aspects the 6th,  8th and 10th houses. While Jupiter is in Scorpio, native (jātaka)will succeed easily in career. If birth chart is good for finances, it increases the income and adds considerably to the possession. Native (jātaka)will acquire money and domestic happiness. You may get wealth through partnerships and joint finances. You may borrow money with little restrictions or difficulties. You may experience a joyful sense of abundance and worthiness. As a result, you will attract significant financial gains and material, possessions & discover resources wherever they are to be found.You may receive pay raises, pensions, stipends or other monetary benefits.This transits will be favorable in the sphere of material, possession and resources, but it is excellent also for an increase in your spiritual standard as well as other dimensions of your life. Guard against mismanagement of your resources. Comforts and pleasures will be at your command.

Jupiter’s positive Aspects:Financial gains, prosperity and success with speculations are likely. Increase in financial prospects and new opportunities to make money will be available. If Afflicted-a-wastage of money, extravagance and loss.

If afflicted, native (jātaka) have the risk of random strong thoughts which controls your mind and body may be pushing you in depression or violent aggressive person at home and outside.

Jupiter transits in 3rd house, it also aspects the 7th, 9th and 11th houses. Jupiter is in Sagittarius does mean that the Native’s (jātaka) inner strength may made him/her an attractive fine character through their previous birth’s karmas. Your viewpoint will be very positive and there will be abundant enthusiasm in you.

If Afflicted, there will be amplification of your immoral activities and lack of restrictions all the time may make you suffer.

There is a possibility of marriage or a significant new relationship based on love, a period of good luck, long-distance travel, and favourable experiences are indicated. You may be benefited by positive group activities and good rapport with friends.

Jupiter transits in 3rd house also indicates benefits from people who are already in circle in terms of financial gains from “side ventures” other than one’s daily means of support. Native will be very energetic and active within your immediate surroundings, relationships within this period.

You may enjoy the company of brothers and sisters, receive benefits, blessings along with advantages from them. You will be constantly making short journeys within your neighborhood. You may interact more with friends, neighbors, relatives than usual. Also, you will enjoy variety and “spice of life” for approximately one year.

Jupiter’s Positive Aspects: Excellent time for you to seek promotion with increase in salary, if employed. There will be favorable outcome for any journey undertaken. IF Afflicted-Care should be taken to avoid being aggressive or too expensive, thereby causing offence. It could mean the loss of a position, or a break with relatives.

Saturn transits in 3rd house, it also aspects the 5th, 9th and 12th houses. While Saturn is in Sagittarius, Native (jātaka) freedom of thoughts and actions will be achieved through long studies, if native is already into some research work. Gravity and dignity will increase with age. Here planet Saturn intensifies its concentration and encourages the desire to further studies, so that the intellectual potential is fully developed. You may feel strong sense of determination and willpower, you may feel compelled to follow your own instincts, desires at this time. You may produce creations which are extraordinary.

If afflicted, the freedom of mind and action stultified, resulting in resentment.There will be tedious experiences with pregnancy, children and in investments. You will have restricted luck and travel, difficulties, hardship in gaining any higher knowledge. You may incur many debts and expenses; misfortune is also shown during this transits.

You may go in strong discipline to pursue “Mokkśhā” (मोक्ष), an enlightenment. You have difficulty in accomplishing simple goals and minor tasks. Though you work diligently but feel as if you are spinning your wheels. You are, in fact, learning how to make the most efficient use of your energy, as minor obstacles and interference by inevitable circumstantial situations for two-and-a-half years.

Saturn Positive Aspects:This position will steady your mind and give a greater attention to point your duties. Old incidents and letters will be referred to and there may be meetings with members of close families which are not seen for a long time, or those who are much older and not met since long.
If Afflicted: This will bring a tendency to depression (sadness), disappointments through travel, relatives and from occupation. Also, delays in any planned journey or many difficulties in connection therewith.
Rāhu (राहु) transits in 10th house, the 10th house indicates a potent and thriving career. You are especially capable of affecting and influencing “mllechas(म्लेच्छ)(people of foreign extraction in ancient India) peasants or non-Hindus. Career success will grow stronger, if your age is of forty-one years when Rāhu(राहु) is considered to “mature.” You should not engage in contemplation, meditation, introspection and seclusion for more than brief, intermittent periods of time. If your duties are social and your greatest happiness comes from being with people on a regular basis.Your work must produce results that withstand the test of time.

Here again we are repeating our point that in Tamil texts stated, if some other planet or planet(s) is/are there in the 10th, the results will be mixed. This reflects the idea that along with bad results, good results can also be expected. According to Tamil texts, there will be peaceful and happy life.

But properties will go out from hands. The support given by government will be withdrawn. There will be transfer to unwanted places. The native may suffer from black magic (as per the ancient texts but these days it is linked with evil eye). If Mārak-daśā(मारक-दशा) coincides, there will be danger to life to. You may also have to do post funeral rites to your parents, (in 10th house, Rāhu(राहु) gives what is called karma-daśā). There will be confusion in all spheres of life. The native may quarrel with spouse. You will not have the food timely. Your sleep gets spoiled due to worries. You will not have clear mind and capacity to make any decision. Your memory weakens. As such we can come to the conclusion that according to Tamil texts all bad results will happen, during the second half. The Kétū (केतु) in the fourth house means difficulties comes from home, cars, and from mother’s side. It also indicates an innately spiritual nature and religious pilgrimages throughout the lifetime.

Rāhu(राहु) transits in 9th house, indicates native’s cravings for religion and higher knowledge with great power after the age of forty-one. However, there may also be difficulties from father’s side. Possession of assets and material comforts are of in ease but needs little extra care. You should seek to increase your generosity and charitable nature. Travel is a source of evolution and you may wish to engage in foreign affairs. You may take fun and recreation seriously and enjoy speculations when you feel the impulse. You may pay little attention to relationships with siblings and relatives during this transits.

Due to bad and wicked minded friends you may invite miseries and gets into trouble.There may be a heavy loss of money, your mind will indulge in errant acts only. You may resort to practice the discipline and code of religion other than your own. Your mind will not engage in good and righteous deeds. This will be bad time for brothers, father and mother. You may come under the influence of fake monks and may start practicing tonā-totka(black magic) tricks. The Kétū (केतु) in the third house means that you will be strong-willed, exciting, adventurous and good at fulfilling his desires.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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