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General Predictive Trends of Sun-sign Pisces in Year 2019!

Pisces (Meén)
19 February – 20 March

Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The Fish; 12th Sign; Rules 12th house; Governs the feet; Ruling planet Jupiter but also ruled by Neptune! Watery place; Sea watery animals; Ũbhāyodaya; Common, Even, Gārbha and Human Rāśi; Soft female; Blue; Feet; Night; Fish; Brahmin; Jala-Tatwa (जल-तत्वा); Watery diseases such as Ascetic (Jālodāra-जलोदर).

ThPair oFish
Romance, Nature, Ambient music, Poetry, Mystical settings, Being loved and wanted, Freedom, Privacy, Anything discarded to stay discarded.
Noise, Crowds, Dirt & ugliness, Garish objects, Being reminded, Tight spaces, Authority, Revealing private life, the obvious, being criticised, feeling all at sea about something, know-it-alls pedantry
Sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn
Mārka Planets
Compassionate, Adaptable, Accepting, Devoted, Imaginative
Oversensitive, Indecisive, Self-pitying, Lazy, Escapist

General trends of Sun-Sign Pisces in year 2019
1.  Jupiter in Scorpio,transits in 9th house, will give excellent results.Jupiter in Sagittarius from March 29th,transits in 10th house, will give moderate results.
2.   Jupiter in Scorpio from April 23rd, transits in 9th house, will give very good results.
3.  Jupiter in Sagittarius from November 5th and will remain there for rest of the year, transits in 10th house, will give moderate results.
4.  Saturn in Sagittarius from the beginning of the year and will remain there for rest of the year, transits in 10th house, will give bad results.
5.   Rāhu in Cancer from the beginning of the year, transits in 5th house, will give moderate results.
6.   Kétū (केतु) in Capricorn from the beginning of the year, transits in 11th house, will give good results.
7.      Rāhu(राहु) in Gemini from March 23rd and will there for the rest of the year, transits in 4th house, will give moderate results.
8.    From Mar 23, 2019, Kétū (केतु) in Sagittarius from March 23rd and will remain there for rest of the year, transits in 10th house, will give excellent results.

Jupiter transits in 9th,  it also aspects 1st, 3rd and 5th houses. While Jupiter is in Scorpio, native (jātaka) will expand through ways of reserved, strong, intense and desired life. Your feelings are deep and sympathies widely. You may feel the need for progress with strong emotions.

If Afflicted: you have the risk of over strong feelings of all kinds, pushing the self to depression, aggressive behavior all the time during this period.

You will maintain good health, promotions, favoritism and general happiness during this period. You may achieve milestones if in politics. You will observe religious rule, discipline life, deeds and undertake rituals like Pooja and religious remedies. Your fortune will shine during the time. Your income will increase along with good support from your parents, also get help from outside resources. You will patronise many men and protects them. You become very learned as a scholar. Native entire endeavor gets a success. Your home will be full of all fundamental and essential items. You will have the ability to fulfil daily desires. Associations with all siblings except the eldest bring benefits. Your wife may give the news of pregnancy or childbirth, favourable experiences with children, successful investments, and mental exuberance.

Jupiter’s Positive Aspects: This is good for all matters of philosophy, science or religion. Those who have a well-placed Jupiter must make great strides while Jupiter is transiting through this house, since the mind is well balanced when your intuition will increase with higher aspirations. Both Jupiter and this house have to do with foreign affairs, so that when the aspects are good it makes an excellent time to deal with foreign countries, to take long journeys, and to establish communications. It is also excellent for publications and for handling lawsuits.

If Afflicted: Care should be taken in all the matters, there will be danger of loss any kind, waste or failures due to poor judgment, over enthusiasm or arrogance, particularly applied to litigations etc.

Jupiter transits in 10th house, it also aspects the 2nd, 4th and 6th (houses). While Jupiter is in Sagittarius, native’s (jātaka) character excellence towards the desire to expand self, though being in freedom of love for self/others, through generosity and through dignity without pomposity. Your outlook is optimistic and there will be abundant enthusiasm both extremely positive traits unless they are overexpressed and become blind optimism.

If afflicted, there will be exaggeration of your licentious behavior and independence at any price will not help you being focus towards your goals. Also, an excess of emotion, unwise speculations and extravagances along with gambling, wastage of money in a foolish manner can be seen during this period.

When Jupiter is strong in the Natal Chart: You have an excellent time, financial benefits, good working conditions, success in all practical matters with worldly affairs. Good health and you will not bother by enemies and competitors. Native’s education will favor in his/her career growth; family life will be prospering. You will be happy and content from your current situation, you may get benefit from your mother as Son-mother relationship will flourish during this time. If you are a student, you may accomplish your forthcoming educational goals. You may obtain land, homes and cars. You may also buy jewelry, high-end household gadgets as well as luxury electronics items for your comfort. You may also have religious or spiritual pilgrimages.

When Jupiter is weak in the Natal Chart: The eatables, grains and essential material at the native’s possessions will get damaged, this was the theory of ancient time. But today’s time, native may lose his saved wealth in terms cash, property etc., native will have to depend on others for petty things to manage the life. Native will get dismissal punishment like he/she will be removed from their assigned work too. Your health will get spoiled, you may have afflicted by many ills, you may get eye infection. Your own desires will not be fulfilled. Native may exaggerated by mucus and ĀpkāriRogās (malign diseases). Your mind will get easily tired and there will be no self-confidence. You will be forced to be transferred to unwanted place and may have to get separated from family for some time. Your children will suffer bad health, fear of danger to life. In job you will be accused and punished without any provision to put your point or convince seniors even for appeal. You may lose your property. One of your near relatives may even pass away.

Jupiter’s Positive Aspects: There is no better place in the whole wheel for this great benefice than the midheaven. It is not so good for some things as are the other angles, but very favorable for everything in public life. It is an excellent time for marriage, good health, honor, reputation. It is still better for all business affairs, for starting new lines, for seeking promotion, for receiving opportunities with the successful returns from them. Whatever Jupiter brings to the native at this time is more likely to be of permanent benefit than that which comes under any other condition. It brings fame and fortune to those whose nativity permits. This period will bring credit and the goodwill to the native who is into his/her own venture.  A favorable time for the mother, also for domestic and social matters, native’s popularity rises. It is under such conditions that we hear of natives who springing into sudden fame and popularity.

If Afflicted: It can bring lawsuits, disrepute, socially disgrace; also this may bring loss in business, either through failures or by poor investments, waste and extravagance is also there as per the nature of this transits afflictions

Saturn transits in 10th house, it also aspects the 12th, 4th and 7th (houses). While Saturn is in Sagittarius, Native (jātaka) freedom of thoughts and actions will be achieved through long studies, if native is already into some research work. Gravity and dignity will increase with age. Here planet Saturn intensifies its concentration and encourages the desire to further studies, so that the intellectual potential is fully developed. You may feel strong sense of determination and willpower, you may feel compelled to follow your own instincts, desires at this time. You may produce creations which are extraordinary.

If Afflicted: The freedom of mind and action stultified, resulting in resentment. You will face restriction in the practical matters of wealth and daily work. There may also be hardships involving health, education, servants, employers, or employees.

You have more debts and expenses than usual, possibilities of loss from theft. The person enjoys sex less than normal. This period also indicates problems associated with native’s mother, health of mother may suffer. There we can see little less happiness in married life. Singles may get the opportunities for marriage or satisfying the relationship. You may experience some discord, restriction or limitations from your father. The father may begin to behave strictly or severely. Possibilities are there for withdrawing emotional support from father.

Saturn’s Positive Aspects: Legal difficulties can come during this period but in its positive aspects, the Natal Chart will work out eventually to the benefit of the native though everything will move very slowly. You will probably attain to some position, will get trusted and responsible by the connected people. You have to feel yourself important with some self-confidence in a way that you care for others and dignity as to receive the admiration and respect of those with whom you have to deal.

If Afflicted: If Saturn afflicted in the 10th house, will bring adverse period. Failures, losses, financial constraints, etc., otherwise, trouble with employers, with business associates, misunderstandings, delays and barriers are some of the things you will have to contend with. Nothing will go well during the two years or more that Saturn will take to pass through this house representing business, profession and goodwill.

Rāhu (राहु) transits in 5th house indicate powerful worldly children. Native may have hungers for materialistic benefits, restlessness with apprehensive peace of mind while contemplating for big deals, the control on money matters.Being having a dominating attitude materialistic things, you will easily be able to fulfil your desires. Unfortunately, after having everything, your cravings may be never-ending. There may be a danger to life of parent during this period.The wife will also suffer bad health, Rāhu (राहु) is also said to give pūtra-dośh (पुत्रदोष) to the native. Kétū (केतु) in its 11th house means spiritual or intellectual friends, difficulties with groups, and strong ability to realize major goals and ambitions in life.

Rāhu(राहु) transits in 4th house indicate issues from domineering mother, troubles in gaining educational degrees.There are strong desires to attain large home or mansion, which will be possible after putting some efforts. Native's health may suffer due to some distressed disease. You may develop enmity with others, you may face some difficulties from enemies. Native may have to mourn at the loss of some close relation. Close relation (Mother, wife or children) may suffer from illness, accident prone period and some losses during travel, sleepless nights too, be careful. Your education will be interrupted if you are a student. The possibilities are there to vacate your rental home or landed property etc.

Kétū (केतु) transits in 10th house reveal a good reputation and successful professional life. Native may involve in a spiritual activity which raises the consciousness in any common person. Native may get distinct talent in metaphysical or natural healing techniques if into this domain.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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