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Effects of Rahu and Ketu in 12 Houses

Effects of Rahu in Houses

First house: Sticky, leader of the family, talkative, red eyes, addicted to evil deeds and sinful acts, a high degree of perseverance, and assiduous.

Second house: Inclined to steal and earn by unfair means, full of egoism and self-importance, miserable, one who earns his livelihood by selling fish and flesh, mixing with people of low morals.

Third house: Generally, loses brothers; but in well placed signs, he gives happiness, wealth, children, wealthy and beautiful wife, horses, conveyances, elephants and royal comforts.

Fourth house: One forsaken by the goddess of wealth, relatives, loved by low people and great thereby, tale-bearing, sinful, blessed with only daughter and weak partner.

Fifth house: Deprives the native of his only son, short- tempered, when aspected by malefic gives absent-mindedness and forgetfulness.

Sixth house: Destroyer of enemies, blessed with sons, wealth, enjoyment. In special signs, he destroys all hurdles and impediments in the way of progress and adulterous in character.

Seventh house: Gives female pleasures in various walks and himself gets a spendthrift wife; with other malefic making the wife sinful, and of crooked views and ill-natured.

Eighth house: Makes the native sickly of lasting diseases, sinful, fearless of consequences, thieving, emaciated, wealthy, deluded into lavishness.

Ninth house: Causing troubles to others, not living a righteous life or keeping up to one’s code of conduct, tale-bearing, ill-dressed, pleasing his blood relations, unfortunate, one who is easily thwarted by enemies and opponents.

Tenth house: Sensual, covetous of others wealth, poor, ill- clad and dirty, devoid of happiness, wanderer or rambler to far-off places and countries, wavering and wicked.

Eleventh house: One who controls his mind, and senses, bluish tint, attractive to look up, man of few words, living in places other than his own, well-versed in the Vedas and scriptures, indecisive and sometimes acting shamelessly.

Twelfth house: Devoid of religious scriptures and wealth, abject suffering, benefit of wife, living in foreign places, unhappy, diseased nails, ugly appearances, wasteful.

Effects of Ketu in Houses

First house: Troublesome to his relations, afraid of evil persons and getting mental unrest thereby, always worried over wife and children, sunken nature, bodily ailments, windy complaints.

Second house: Buoyancy of spirits, wealth, grains and land confiscated by state, diseases of the mouth, quarrelling with family members, respected for his speech and talks. When in benefic signs, he gets all happiness and comforts.

Third house: Defeat of enemies, quarrel-some, wealthy, happiness and prosperity, influential, destroyer of friendship, diseases of the shoulders and arm, anxious and brooding nature.

Fourth house: Bereft of mother’s love and happiness, or help from friends, loss of paternal property. But in good signs, he gives good relation and dwelling in other places than his own native place.

Fifth house: One who gets inflictions from his brothers, suffering from windy complaints, mental torture, limited items, commanding servants and position?

Sixth house: Suffers ill-treatment and defamation from uncles, destroyer of enemies, happiness through quadrupeds and conveyances, low thinking, healthy and free from diseases.

Seventh house: One who gets worried over or during journeys and on return finds wealth lost, fear of watery accidents, illness of wife, expenditure and mental agony (for Scorpio, he is always beneficial financially and otherwise also).

Eighth house: Diseases of the excretory system fear of accidents from conveyances, locking up of wealth. But in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Scorpio, he is immensely beneficial.

Ninth house:  End to sufferings, desirous of having male issues, advancement through foreigners or people of lower caste, grief due to brothers, diseases of arm, instinct for cure, would require penance, rites and gifts.

Tenth house: No happiness to or from father, deformity, suffering, difficulties, troubles from conveyances. But while in Aries, Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio, identical with the tenth house, he becomes good and destroys all opposition.

Eleventh house: Fortunate and lucky, learned, fine personality, healthy and well dressed, impressive, sometimes timid, devoid of pleasure from children, gains from various sources.

Twelfth house: Diseased legs, excretory system and waist, devoid of happiness from uncles, getting respect from royal personages, spending on good objects, destroyer of enemies and opposition.

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