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General Predictive Trends of Sun-sign Taurus in Year 2019!

from the "Yearbook 2019"

20 April – 20 May

Rāśi’sBasic Characteristics: The Bull; 2nd sign; Rules 2nd house; Ruling planet Venus; Governs Neck and Throat.Meadows; Wetlands; Quadruped; Priśtodāya; Fixed; Even; BāhyaRāśi; Vaisya; Prithvi-Tatwa.

Fixed anFeminine
Steadinessstabilitand routine.
Dependablepersistentloyalgenerouspractical, reliablecalanpatient, affectionateartistic, sensuous, warm-hearted, strong willed, industrious, self-reliant, staminagentland placid.
Lazinesspossessivenessrigiditystubbornness, materialistiangreedy.

General trends of Sun-Sign Taurus in year 2019
  1. Jupiter in Scorpio, transits 7th house, will give good results. Jupiter in Sagittarius, from March 29th, transits the 8th house, will give moderate results to the native (jātaka).
  2. Jupiter in Scorpio from 23rd April,transits 7th house, will give good results.
  3. Jupiter in Sagittarius from Nov 5th  and will remain in Sagittarius for rest of the year, transits the 8th house, will give moderate results.
  4. Saturn in Sagittarius from the very beginning of the year and will remain in Sagittarius for the rest of the year, transits 8th house, will give simply moderate results.
  5. Rāhu(राहु)in Cancer from beginning of the year,transits the 3rd house, will give moderate results.
  6. Kétū (केतु) in Capricorn at the start of the year,transits 9th house, will give moderate results.
  7. Rāhu (राहु) in Gemini from 23rd march, and will remain in Gemini for rest of the year, transits in 2nd house, will give very good results.
  8. Kétū (केतु) in Sagittarius from 23rd march, and will remain in Sagittarius for rest of the year, transits the 8th house, will give moderate results.
Jupiter transits in 7th house: It also aspects the 11th, 1st and 3rd houses. Jupiter’s Positive Aspects, while Jupiter is in Scorpio, Native (jātaka) will expand through ways of reserved, yet strong, intense desire for life. Your feelings are deep and sympathies widely.You feel the need for progress, strong emotional involvement can be seen during this period,career point of view it is essential that you should feel fulfilled. You will effortlessly fulfil your daily desires and major goals. You will be having tremendous energy for daily errands and minor tasks throughout this transits. Relations with siblings will favor along with excellent social life activities can be seen during this transits. You may have promotions, advancement, good luck, good fortune with spiritual development.In the nativity this is particularly good and the best times to marry. An excellent period for partnerships, all kind of union, also opportunities to overcome from disputes/differences. 

If Afflicted: you have the risk of overwhelming strong feelings on random thoughts cause pushing yourself to violent behavior. Natives (jātakas) who are having strong sexual desires are now be fulfilled effortlessly when Jupiter in 7th house and afflicted. It is likely to bring troubles and losses through lawsuits if any, hidden extravagance on the part of the partner, ill-advised actions and some affliction to native’s health.

Jupiter transits in 8th house: Jupiter is in Sagittarius and aspects the 12th, 2nd and 4th houses, Native’s character’s fineness, his/her desire to expand self, being extrovert, generosity and dignity without pomposity can be seen during this transits.Your outlook will be optimistic and there will be abundant enthusiasm both extremely positive traits unless they are overexpressed and become blind optimism.

If Afflicted: There will be exaggeration of your licentious behavior where wishing and achieving freedom at any price will lacking your concentration. Native’s materials like eatables grains may get damaged, if agriculturalist. You may have to go away from your hometown and move to unwanted places. You may relieve/dismiss from your job. You will lose self-respect and suffer humiliation. Your longevity will be shortened, If Mārak-daśā (मारक-दशाcoincides with judged life span.

You may have liaison with low ranked men, scandal may crop up, result you may get defamed, may lose health too, you may suffer on account of unfavorable travel, accidents may happen, misfortune and misery may follow and shortage of money too during this period. You may get involved in litigation and spend unnecessarily on that account which may cause the fear of imprisonment. You may contact with some infection, unstable and random thoughts may disturb the mental peace. Already suffering with bad health then this period will take you to the extent of danger to life.

Jupiter’s Positive Aspects:if legacies are promised in the nativity, this is the best position of the great benefice for obtaining them. Gains should also come through the partner, of whatever kind. It tends to produce a more tranquil state of mind, and intuitive feeling, coming from the higher powers, that everything is well.

If Afflicted: there could be losses in connection with these very things, but it would be more through overconfidence or wastefulness which could be avoided by a little extra caution at such a time.

Saturn transits in 8th house: it also aspects the 10th, 2nd and 5th houses. While Saturn is in Sagittarius, your desire to control things to a certain extent but scope will be widened in the mode of this free-ranging sign. Freedom of thoughts and actions will be achieved through stability and determination, may become more serious and dignify in your life. Saturn always increases concentration and encourages the desire to study, so that the intellectual potential is fully developed.

If Afflicted: The freedom of mind and action stultified, resulting in bitterness during this period. Therefore, there may be difficulties, delays, and obstacles in these realms. Native (jātaka) may face hard time expanding his/her career. Investments during this time will not help, dealings with children can give you challenges.This is the best time to be in discipline, learn how to become responsible, and preparation for one’s duty in worldly matters. An unfavorable time for getting help from partners, insurance companies and from lending institutions and gains from wills legacies. Affairs stemming from joint finances and previous borrowing may bring feelings of burden and stress at this time. It is a very poor time to borrow money or undertake new financial risks adventures.Instead, you should attend to his financial responsibility within existing partnerships. You will become infinitely more aware of other people’s values, principles, and standards and will learns how to peacefully coexist with them. By the end of this transits, you will eliminate certain ineffective or life-damaging habit patterns. Your patience, persistence, and perseverance will pay in the long run.

Jupiter’s Positive Aspects:In a chart where Saturn is the afflictor, there will certainly be a death of one who is dear to the native, though, if not afflicted at the time, it will work out in a natural way and not as a shocking incident.It tends to interest the reasoning individual, and to convince him of the realities of the planes beyond the material. If Afflicted, there could be considerable trouble through the partner and through legacies.

Rāhu(राहु) transits in 3rd house, indicates an enormously strong will with interesting personality. You may more courageous and adventurous along with intense cravings and fulfilling desires may come in you during this daśā. You may find this time slightly easy to achieve your goals. You will pay attention and quickly learns how things work here. All good things will happen and the native enjoys all comforts and luxuries through many ways. Money will come from many sources and income will increase. The virility of the native will increase. He/she may have sex pleasure with partners outside married life. Wife and children will recover from ill health and will be happy in this daśā. Kétū (केतु) in 9th house may indicate troubles with religious or spiritual teachers, you may have a guru or mentor who is strange, weird, occultism, extremely introverted, or invisible in a way.

Rāhu(राहु) transits in 2nd house andKétū (केतु)transits in 8th house are the most troublesome node placements. The reason is that the second house, in the ancient predictive system, is considered family life; either node there causes serious harm and suffering. Some diseases from indigestion may ruin your health. There will be confusion and family quarrel because of you. Foul plays will be set up to put down the native(jātaka). This will be bad time for wife and children. Happiness in general may disturb, also there may be marital strife and discord. Positive Aspects, relations with persons of good standing and position will improve and be helpful for gain. Native will be fearless, but face danger from weapon, influenced by mean people.

Kétū (केतु) transits in 8th house, is good for intuition and psychic ability. Loss and careful handling of legacies is required. Gain through parent property. One will have an extreme interest in sexual matters outside the family and will not care for their legal partners. You may suffer from secret diseases during this period.

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