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General Predictive Trends of Sun-sign Gemini in Year 2019!

'from the Yearbook 2019'

Gemini (Mithūn)
21 May – 20 June

Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The Twins; 3rd sign; Rules 3rd house; Ũbhāyodaya; Common; Odd; Gārbha; Human Rāśi; Fierce Male; West; Green; Village; Neck; Night; Shūdra; Vāyu-tatwā.

Change,Novelty anthunusuaVariety in life, TalkingMultiplprojects aonceReading
FeelintiedownLearninsucaschoolBeing in a rutMentalinactionBeinalone
Mārak Planets
Jovial, Energetic, Clever, Imaginative, Witty, Adaptable, Good at communication, Inquisitive, Flexible
SelfisSuperficial, ImpulsiveRestlessDevious, IndecisiveConfusepersonalityFinit hard to be punctual

General trends of Sun-Sign Gemini in year 2019
1.      Jupiter in Scorpio from March 29th, transits 6th house, will give moderate results. Jupiter in Sagittarius transits in 7th house, will give excellent results to the native (jātaka).
2.      Jupiter in Scorpio from April 23rd, transits 6th house, will give moderate results.
3.      Jupiter in Sagittarius from November 5th and will remain there for the rest of the year, transits 7th house, will give very good results.
4.      Saturn in Sagittarius from the beginning and will remain there for the rest of the year, transits the 7th house, a bad period.
5.      Rāhu(राहु) in Cancer from the beginning, transits in 2nd house, will give moderate results.
6.      Kétū (केतु) in Capricorn from the beginning, transits in 8th house, give moderate results.
7.      Rāhu(राहु)in Gemini from March 23rd and will remain there for rest of the year, transits 1st house, will give moderate results.
8.      Kétū (केतु) in Sagittarius, Mar 23rd,and will remain there for rest of the year, transits in 7th house, give moderate results.

Jupiter transits in 6th house:  It also aspects the 10th, 12th and 2nd house. While Jupiter is in Scorpio, you will expand through ways of reserved, yet strong and intense desire for life. Your feelings are deep and sympathies widely. You feel the need for progress and a strong emotional involvement in interests or career is essential if you are feeling fulfilled. If afflicted, you have the risk of over strong feelings of all kinds, pushing the self to violence of behavior.

This year is for wealth and career expansion. You will also benefit from education, knowledge, or any literary undertakings. And will succeed in doing good deeds for society at this time. You will not be plagued by unexpected debts and expenses. Growth is plentiful, and you will make very good progress on the spiritual path. Travel to remote foreign countries for spiritual purposes may occur at this time. You will not be bothered by rivals, opponents, or jealous people. Neither you are likely to be accused in court cases.

Jupiter’s Positive Aspects:During this period mostly people gain weight but no health issues are there, good period for seeking the employment or change of work, you may have issues with servants and may change your helping hand in this period. If Afflicted: The judgment will not be so good in any of these matters and prospects may be spoiled through overconfidence, over enthusiasm or conceit, according to the nature of the afflictions.

Jupiter transits in 7th house, it also aspects the 11th, 1st, and 3rd houses. Jupiter is in Sagittarius, your fineness of character is through the desire to expand self, being expressed in love of liberty for self and others, through generosity, and through dignity without pomposity. Your outlook is optimistic and there will be abundant enthusiasm both extremely positive traits unless they are overexpressed and become blind optimism. If afflicted, there will be exaggeration of your licentious behavior and freedom at any price lacking concentration.

You will effortlessly fulfil your daily desires and major goals. You have tremendous energy for daily errands and minor tasks throughout this transits. Relationships with siblings may favor, new friends and group activities may occur during this period. You may have promotions, advancement, good luck and fortune with a measure of spiritual development too. You can expect strong sexual desires and cravings, which you now fulfil effortlessly. You may become diplomatic and experience peace and harmony with a powerful sense of appreciation in this period. You may find your Love quietly and naturally. You may more sociable, generous, affectionate and capable of being intimate with your partners.

Jupiter’s Positive Aspects:It is an excellent time for partnerships and all kind of union, one of the best times to marry during this period.This is the time when you may find the opportunities to overcome from bad relations and from enemies. If Afflicted:It is likely to bring trouble and loss through lawsuits, extravagance on the part of the partner, ill-advised actions and some affliction to the health.

Saturn transits in 7th house, it also aspects the 9th, 1st and 4th houses. While Saturn is in Sagittarius, your desire to control and limit will, to a certain extent, be freed, scope will be widened in the mode of this free-ranging sign. Freedom of thought and action will be achieved through long study, through application and determination. Gravity and dignity will increase with age. Here Saturn heightens concentration and encourages the desire to study, so that the intellectual potential is fully developed. If afflicted, the freedom of mind and action stultified, resulting in resentment.

You will feel personally restricted for two-and-a-half years. You are unlikely to be favored, win awards, enjoy promotions. You may face difficulties or limited fulfilment with travel, religious or spiritual. You will enjoy a more public existence or begins an upward climb towards career goals, but by the end of this transits, you are likely to understand love as something much greater than mere emotions, sensations, or a happy state of mind. The person’s ability to love may be tested to the limit. You may be attracted to older, authoritarian lovers.

Jupiter’s Positive Aspects: During this period native (jātaka) may become more responsible in connection with other people, you may come in contact with older person, those who are serious and stern, love ties make you in more settled conditions in connection with partners and co-workers.

If Afflicted, a bad position for those who have Saturn afflicted in the nativity, it brings coldness between husband and wife, builds up a barrier between them that is hard to break. During this period, you may get stuck between misunderstandings and disappointments in all dealings with partners and those who are closely associated with the native. All litigation undertaken during this time will end unfavorably for the native (jātaka), and there will be continual delays and obstacles in the way of progress.

In many cases it greatly affects the health because this is the opposition point to the ascendant, and there are times when it causes falls or some other accidents.

Rāhu(राहु) in 2nd house and Kétū (केतु) in 8th house are the most troublesome node placements. The reason is that the 2nd house, in the ancient predictive system, is considered family life; either node there causes serious harm and suffering, indigestion toomay ruin the health. There will be confusion and quarrel in the family. Foul plays will be set up to put down the native (jātaka).

Rāhu (राहु) - Kétū (केतु) daśā will fetch you a real tough time at home, happiness in general may disturbed along with the possibilities of marital strife and discord. Positive Aspects, relations with the people who have good standing, this may improve your position towards some gain. You will be fearless, but face danger from weapon, influenced by mean some persons. Kétū (केतु) in 8th house is good for intuitions and psychic ability. Loss and careful handling of legacies, others money and insurance etc., is required. Gain through possessions of dead and that of their property. One will have an extreme interest in sexual matters outside home and will not care for the satisfaction of his life partner. Occurrence of some kind of major disease during this period.

Rāhu (राहु) transits in 1st house and Kétū (केतु) transits in 7th, indicate beautiful and powerful appearance, your greatest growth evolution and fulfilment will come through developing your own personality and personal power. You must follow your instincts and impulses and learn to care for your own destiny. You must not allow yourself to be dominated manipulated or overshadowed by the feelings and wishes of others. You should beware of compromising too quickly and easily. There will be unsolved difficulties and problems. There will be losses, many diseases may occur that too of undiagnosed in nature, fitting to the shadow plank Rāhu (राहु) but since the cases of the sickness will not be deciphered, no treatment may be possible and this aspect will become a matter of serious mental worry. You may suffer black magic since Rāhu (राहु) is kārak for it. The period will also be bad for parents.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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