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General Predictive Trends of Sun-sign Aries in Year 2019!

From the book "Yearbook 2019"

 March 21 – April 19

Rāśi’sBasic Characteristics: The Ram; 1st sign; Rules 1st house; Ruling planet Aries; Governs the head and brain;Forest Quadruped; Priśtodāya; Movable; Odd; DwāraRāśi; Mineral; Fierce Male; East; Red Head; Night; Goat; Kśhātriya; Tjo-tātwa.
Moveabland Masculine
Action, Challenges, Cominginfirst, Championing
Causes, Spontaneity
Waiting, Advicoothers, AdmittinFailure, No opposition,Tyranny
MercuryVenuand Saturn
Mārak Planets
Independenanoriginal, Generous, Optimistic, Enthusiastic,Courageous,
Dynamic and creative, Pioneering, Adventurer.Enterprising, Assertive,
Frank, Self-confidant, Ristaker,
Moody, Shortempered, Self-involved, Impulsiveness, Impatient,
Rash, Impulsive, Intolerant, Liableto extreme jealousy

General Trends of Aries sun-sign in Year 2019
Jupiter transits in 8th house: it also aspects the 12th, 2nd and 4th houses. While planet Jupiter is in Scorpio, native will expand through ways of reserved, yet strong, intense-desire for life. Native’s feelings are deep and sympathies widely, or if afflicted. You may have the risk of overwhelming and all kinds of strong feelings where the results are pushing the self to the violent behavior.

The native’s materials like eatables grains etc. will get spoiled or damaged. You may have to go away from your own home town and may move to unwanted places. You may relieve/dismissed from the workplace, etc.You may lose self-respect and may suffer humiliation. Your longevity may have shortened, if Mārak-daśā(मारक-दशा) coincides with judged life span.You may be having link with low level people, some scandal may crop up and you will have the defame during this period. Health issues, unfavorable travel, sufferings, accidents may also be the cause of worry where misfortune and misery will follow during to this transits. There will be shortage of money, you may get involved in litigation and spend unnecessarily. There will be a fear of unknown threat or any confinement. Possibilities of occurring some kind of perilous illness. Restlessness, no mental stability also can be one of the cause during this period. Person who is already struggling with diseases and bad health may have the high extent of danger to life too.

However, native will have a year full of personal growth with spiritual development alongside, good deals too, sexual enjoyment in case of adult and mature, and the possibility of travel to remote foreign countries for the spiritual purposes. Native may experience good luck, earning good wealth, and favorable educational experiences can also be predicted. Native may move or obtain a new home or new car with the benefit from his/her mother and your relationship will bring happiness during this time to your mother.

Jupiter’s Positive Aspects: If legacies are promised in the nativity, this is the best position of the great benefic for obtaining them. Gains (any kind) should have also come through the partners or connected people. It tends to produce a more tranquil state of mind where you may get some intuitive powers and may feel more energetic and in a way that everything is going well.

If Afflicted: There could be losses in connection with these very things, but it would be more through overconfidence or wastefulness which could be avoided by a little extra caution at such a time.

Jupiter transits in 9th house: It also aspects the 1st, 3rd, and 5th houses. While Jupiter is in Sagittarius, native’s(jātaka) character excellence towards the desire to expand self, though being in love of liberty for self/others, through generosity and through dignity without pomposity.

Jupiter’s Positive Aspects: Super good for intellectually, all matters linked with Philosophy, any part Science and Religion. Those who have a well-placed Jupiter, should make great strides, while Jupiter is transiting through this house. Since the mind is clearer and better balanced, the intuition is increased and there are higher aspirations. Both Jupiter and this house have to do with foreign affairs, so that when the aspects are good, it makes an excellent time to deal with foreign clients, if having and chance to visit far places, other countries and even long exited journeys while establishing communication with famous people. This period is also excellent for publications and for handling lawsuits.

If Afflicted: The exaggeration of licentious behavior by the native (jātaka), freedom at any price and lacking of concentration is also indicated during this transits. Native will maintain good health, promotions, favoritism and general happiness. Good period if you are into politics (any kind). You will perceive religious rules, discipline life, sacred deeds, undertake rituals like Pooja and religious remedies.Your fortune will shine during this time. Your income will increase and you may get support from your parents. Many people will come forward to help native. You may patronise many people and protects them too.Your educational skill may improve suddenly. Your entire endeavor gets success. Your home will be full of all fundamental and essential items. You will have the ability to fulfill daily desires. Associations with all siblings except the eldest bring benefits. Your wife may give the news of pregnancy or childbirth, favorable experiences with children, successful investments, and mental exuberance. Care should be taken in all matters, there will danger of any loss, failures due to poor judgment, over enthusiasm, arrogance may come, litigation etc.

Saturn transits in 9th house: It also aspects the 11th, 3rd, and 6th. While Saturn is in Sagittarius, you can’t control your aspirations, be a free soul, scopesare widened as this is a free-ranging sign. Freedom of thought and action will be achieved being having determination and consistent in studies. Gravity and dignity will also increase with the age. In a well aspect Natal-kundlī (chart) this brings steadiness of mind and sound philosophical reasoning.

If afflicted: the freedom of mind and action stultified, result in resentment.You will experience difficulties in the realms ruled by these houses. There will be delays, obstacles, and complications with all siblings, younger and older. You may experience temporary difficulties and setbacks in fulfilling your goals and ambitions. You may have stress in the workplace and pressure on the health. You may apply and will start doing masters, if student. You may start advance studies of your profession in which you have been working on for the previous several years. You may like to discover the most realistic and practical methods for your work. This is your final opportunity to perfect your abilities and expertise them with fruitful actions. Also, it will be very adverse for all legal matters for interviewing lawyers, clergy, professors and partner brothers and sisters. It tends to bring disputes and coldness, may be a poor time to start any publications, writings or long journeys.

Rāhu(राहु)transitsin 4th house: Indicates problems with a bossy mother, troubles in gaining educational degrees. There are strong desires to attain large homes or mansions. Native will be distressed by few lifestyle sicknesses result health may suffer. You may face difficulties to handle your enemies. You may have to mourn the loss of some nearest relative or friend. You will develop enmity with surrounding people. Your mother may suffer from some illness and possibilities of accidents while traveling short destinations may occur. Also, sleepless nights are indicating during this daśā, wife and children may also suffer from some sickness, education will be interrupted too. The native may lose his home and landed property etc.

Kétū (केतु)in the 10th house reveals a good reputation and successful professional life. Careers may involve any spiritual activity which raises the consciousness or the common person. There is distinct talent in metaphysical or natural healing techniques.

Rāhu(राहु)transits in 3rd house: Indicates an enormously strong will person along with an interesting personality. Native (jātaka) may be more courageous and adventurous during thisdaśā, by involving yourself in any work may increase the passionate desires with successfully accomplishing your goals. You may find easy to do challenges being having high morale. You will pay attention and quickly learns things at any platform. All good things will happen and the native will enjoy all comforts and luxuries through many ways. Money will come from many sources, existing income will increase, may get easy help from brothers and sisters. Wife and children will recover from ill health and will be happy during this daśā.

Kétū (केतु) in the 9th house may indicate troubles with religious or spiritual intellect of natives. During this daśā your mentor/guru/boss/parent may behave strange, weird, extremely introverted in a way.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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