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Wealth Giving Planets and Other Combinations

planets GIF by Winston DukeMost of your aware about certain principles and yogas responsible for giving wealth. I have already given little combination in the articles which have been published in this Journal.

At the outset I must tell you that all consulters, what ever the status may be, the first and leading question put to the Astrologer is "what is the financial position. When I well get income and how much wealth I well get" and all these connected questions. It has been noticed that every body wants to get wealth irrespective of the fact whether he has the capacity to of the job or not. 'Karma' is not to be performed thought the income/wealth is desired. We have some combinations in astrology when the native gets wealth without slightest effort – the cases of natives born in rich families and those getting wealth in legacy are well known.

 There are broadly two types-one who gets the wealth by mere birth in the rich family and other who has to work hard to get wealth and the particular dash/antra dash of a planet does help the native to achieve his target by setting a new business etc. Such people are called 'self-made' people and also paving way for their children to be 'rich'. But in some cases it has been seen that even the natives who get riches in legacy or form their parents, can destroy the same by 'Karma' i.e. because of the bad planetary position at birth, they cannot maintain the wealth got by them.

Apart from the Dash/antra-dash of the planet, the transit of the planet is equally important. Most of the principles have been considered in the old articles. Here we will discuss the results of the planets while transiting various sign/Nakshtra with-references to acquisition or destruction of wealth got on inheritance.

There are various ways for acquisition of wealth and one of them is acquisition of wealth by inheritance, as is known to all, refers to acquisition of property, both movable and in movable after the death of the parents or other personal relations who may have made the native as his legal hair.

Whatever be the question, a look at the Lagna and Lagna Lord cannot be ignored. Well placed Lagna and Lagna Lord would enhance the chances of acquisition of inherited property and weak Lagna and Lagna Lord may give rise to various types of litigation even with regards to properties left buy the ancestors.

For the purpose of inheritance, 8th house is most significant and all maters, apart from other matters represented by 8th house and 8th Lord, which relate to legacies, gifts, unearned wealth, hidden wealth and secret wealth etc. have to be looked form the 8th house. It may also be noted that 8th house is also the house of longevity and THE SATURN is significators of 8th house.

For locating wealth/treasury, Jupiter is the planet of treasury as per Jatak Parijat. Kupiter represent many things but of our purpose it would suffice to say that it become the representative of wealth/treasury etc.

Even according of Prashara Hora, wealth of the dead comes under the 8th house. It is stated in Prashara Hora that if 2nd lord is in 2nd or in an angle or in a trine will promote one's wealth but 2nd lord in 6/8/12 may deteriorate the financial conditions. Further, in will be wealthy if Jupiter is in the 2nd as the lord of 2nd or is with Mars. However, it has been noted that the Jupiter should be the ruler of 2nd for the native to become wealthy and this applies to Scorpio and Aquarius Lagna person. These people may check for themselves. Similarly, if the 2nd lord is in the 11th while 11th lord is in the 2nd, the native will acquire wealth. It would suffice to refer to one principle of Sarvartha Chintamani i.e. if the 2nd, the lord is located in its sign of exaltation or in its Mooltrikona in the 11th house, the lord of the lagna is strong and 2nd lord is located in Kendra, the native rules as a king i.e. acquisition of much wealth is indicated.

Potential of the 2nd lord and 2nd house cannot be ignored with regard to acquisition of property even by inheritance. Even according to Dr. B.V.Raman (How to judge a Horoscope), there will be acquisition of lands, cars, houses and financial advantages if the 2nd lord is in the 4th house with 4th Lord. Such persons may also inherit prosperity from mother or maternal grand – father.

Lagna Lord in the 2nd house is capable of giving good income and wealth. But if the Lagna Lord is associated with a malefic and placed in the 2nd house, it indicates loss of wealth.

Getting wealth, even on inheritance by wife, is indicated when the lord of the 2nd house is connected with 7th house/7th lord and is placed in Lagna.

If the Lagna Lord of the 2nd house have exchanged houses i.e. Lagna Lord in the 2nd houses and 2nd lord in Lagna, one is capable of getting and accumulating wealth.

Guru-Mangal Yoga i.e. Jupiter and Mars combining together also gives wealth specially if the 2nd house and 2nd lord get involved with this combination.

Association of 2nd lord with any of the two benefices i.e. Jupiter or Venus is capable of giving good amount of wealth.


  1. If the Moon is very weak and is neither associated nor aspected by benefits and there are no planets on either side of the Moon
  2. If the lords of 2nd and 12th houses exchange with each other. However, some exception is given by Venus in the 12th house.
  3. If the lord of the 2nd house is debilitated and has no strength.
  4. If the Saturn and the Sun are placed together in the 2nd house.

Apart form above, I have collected some other principles for acquisition of wealth by inheritance and they are:

              I.      Transit of Jupiter in the 8th house is capable of giving sudden gain of money and property, also trust-money apart from unexpected inheritance if the Jupiter in the natal chart is powerful supported by other good yogas.

           II.      Placement of Venus in the 12th house in one or more Lagnas i.e. Janama Lagna, Chandra Lagna and also Surya Lagna. But 12th house is an inauspicious houses-hence this principle need to be checked in actual practice. However, the view is also supported by B.Suryanarain Rao in his compendium of Astrology that Venus in 12th house makes the native wealthy though of questionable character.

         III.      The Sun in 9th house is capable of giving much inherited property.

        IV.      Lord of an auspicious house becomes Retrograde. Please check your horoscope, specially for Aries Lagna the beneficial planet Jupiter became Retrograde in its own sign Sagittarius. For later retrograding of planets, consult the Editoe.

           V.      The simple principle of acquiring wealth is that if Jupiter aspects Mercury. Even according to Bhavartha Ratnakara, the placement of Venus in the 12th house produces yoga to confer wealth and enjoyment. And according to Phaladeepka, when Venus occupies the 12th house, the person will have much wealth and enjoyment. Form the historical horoscopes; it is found that Queen Victoria had Venus in the 12th house from all the three Lagnas. Even Vsrahamihira had said that Venus in the 12th house makes a person wealthy.

        VI.      Venus in 6th house also produces yoga as per Bhavaratha Ratnakara but there is difference of opinion with regard to Venus being in 6th house specially if it happens to be lord of 2nd. If the lord of 2nd house id situated in 6th or 12th, it is an evil combination for wealth.

Summing up my discussion, it is stated that all the combinations for acquisition of wealth even through inheritance are part of guidance. One should be well equipped with all the astrological principles before making any pronouncement. The horoscope must be judged fully and from all angles and one should be very careful in giving predictions as the results would depend on several considerations. One should not ignore Navamsha and other avgas. As already stated, Jupiter is a wealth giving planet Dhanakara, and it gets exalted in Cancer ruled by the Moon, it is strong in its own signs Saggitarius and Pisces (now a day Jupiter is in Aquarius). Well placed and strong Jupiter is capable of giving good amount of wealth.

Benefic planets in the 4th house are good fro property, land, conveyances and happiness. One is said to earn well if both the lords of the 10th house and 2nd house happen to be in Kendras or Trikonas.

The Sun, the Moon and the Lagna constitute Tripods of life. Among these vital points, the Moon is the controller of wealth and financial prosperity and Jupiter, Dhamakarka is the dominating planet for wealth. Thus we have Gaj-Kesari Yoga had been noted even in the horoscope of beggars and other poor persons. Accordingly, as indicated, above the totality of the horoscope must be seen even when the horoscopes have exalted planets but may not have the required strength to give the desired riches/wealth to the native.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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