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3rd House and Its Importance!

Third house (III) of a horoscope has various matters under its cover and apart from brothers; it speaks of courage and boldness of the native and also the problems on right ear/ shoulder/ arms etc.  Depending on the affliction of the third house and third lord.

The planets in the 3rd house and the planets in association with the planet(s) in the third house are capable of giving different results. Similarly, retrograde planets in the 3rd house would also give effects of the 2nd house.

There are many facets for predictive astrology but here the predicative notes are made with reference to the lord of a particular house (from Lagan first house etc) getting to the 3rd house.

III house: Mental inclination, ability, memory, courage, valor, younger brothers or sisters, cousins, neighbors, short travel, communications, correspondence, writings, signing contracts or agreements, ands, throat, nervous system.

Predictive notes with reference of Lord of 3rd bhava-lagna when in…

  1. House: Idiot, loose morals, servant, cruel, bad relations in family, not rich quarrelsome.
  2. House: Beggar, poor, short lived; but if the lord of 2nd is a natural benefic the results are better. Then natives become fortunate and nor poor. Still this is not a beneficial position for the lord of 3rd.
  3. House: Friendly, religious minded gains from government and if the lord of 3rd is a natural benefic, there will be good relations amongst brothers and other near relatives. If he is natural malefic the relations amongst brothers etc. may not be good. Still it is a good position for the lord of the 3rd as he will be in his own house. Every planet whether, he is benefic or malefic gives good results of the house he owns if he is posited there in.
  4. House: Rebels against parents, greedy, notorious, squanders ancestral wealth, domestic unhappiness.
  5. House: Not intelligent, has children, is able to earn enough for his livelihood, good relations with brothers.
  6. House: Quarrelsome, bad connections with near relatives, helpful to brothers, respected.
  7. House: If the lord of 3rd is a benefic the wife will be beautiful and fortunate; but if the lord of 3rd is a malefic the wife will be of loose morals and may have illicit connections with any of his younger brothers. It is not good position for the seventh house to have the lord of 3rd posited there.
  8. House: Troubles from brothers or loss of brothers/sisters, bad relations with near relatives, loss of courage, good for longevity.
  9. House: Prosperity for younger brothers and sisters (because from ninth house the lord of 3rd aspects his own house), bad position for native. If the lord of third is a benefic the native gets help and respect from his brothers and sisters.
  10. House: It is stated in the classical tests that this is good position for the lord of 3rd and makes the native prosperous, respected and fortunate. The humble view which I will recommend is that if the lord of 3rd is in the 10th, the native has to put in colossal efforts to make he prosperous in life. If the structure of the horoscope is otherwise good and there are benefic influences by aspect or conjunction on the 10th house and the lord of 3rd, the natives gets brilliant success in his efforts.
  11. House: This again is considered a good position for the lord of the 3rd by our ancient; but my humble view is the same as have given in respect of the 10th house.
  12. The gains will be there but they will not be easy gains. To get them the native will have to put in hard work. In this position there is likelihood of the native getting gains through brothers.
  13. House: Does not like relatives or friends, jealous, goes to foreign lands, strange habits. The 3rd house is a dusthana (an inauspicious house) and so is the 12. if the lord of a dusthana is posited in another dusthana, he gives good results actually this disposition is called Vipreet Rajayoga. The principle behind this is that if the lord of a dusthana becomes powerful he does harm to the house he owns; but if he becomes weak he gives opposite results. The lord of dusthana becomes powerful if the is posited in Kendra or trikona or even in 2nd or 11th house. The lord of dusthana becomes weak if he is posited in any of the dusthanas, or rendered weak by aspect or conjunction of malefics. Wait for separate write-up on Viprut Raj Yoga.

The third house represents brothers and sisters and intelligence, short journeys. Neighbors, immediate relations and letters and writings. It also denotes courage, right ear and breast.

If a  malefic planet is in the 3rd or the 3rd is between two evil planets, one will not have brothers, or all the brothers may pass away.

If the lord of the 3rd occupies a beneficial navamsa and Mars is occupies the 8th, the 6th or the 12th and has no beneficial aspects, prosperity to brothers is rarely to be predicted.

If the lord of the 3rd is in the 12th and is inspected by evil planets, the persons will be funky and henpecked.

If the lord of the 3rd is in conjunction with Sun, the native will be bold in mind, stubborn and angry.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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