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Business and Your Horoscope!

make it rain laughing GIFThe minimum qualifications the horoscope should possess to represent a person designed for an independent occupation or a business career we have discussed above. We proceed next to study and examine the considerations and factors which make the horoscope of a small businessman differ from the one of a big businessman. What differentiates the horoscope of a small businessman from the horoscope of a bigger businessman is the proposition we have to study, explain the elaborate.

Once it has been finally concluded and adjudged that the person represented by the horoscope under consideration is designed for an independent occupation or a business career the job to ascertain the grade of the person as a businessman is not difficult and complicated. The hard task we have accomplished and it was to earmark the broad divisions of occupational activities, i.e., business or services for which the person concerned is designed. We are now simply to grade the businessman represented by the horoscope in question.

The horoscope improves the grade of the businessman concerned if the Lagna or the Chandra-lagna is strong besides the horoscope being in conformity to any of the planetary combinations, prescribed above. The businessman further gets upgraded if both the Lagna and the Chandra-lagna are strong and at the same time the horoscope contains any of the planetary combinations described previously which point to an independent occupation.

If instead of being normal in strength the Lagna, the Chandra-lagna, the four planetary insignificators of the occupation are all strong and the horoscope in question has the pride and privilege to possess one of the prescribed planetary combinations the highest grade has been achieved and the highest height has been reached.

In the materialistic world of today money is getting all important; money is becoming the only hardstick to measure one’s achievements; the other values are dwindling into oblivion. The monetary aspect of the occupation is very important; the other aspects are reputation, prestige and respect which a good and honourable behaviour and practice of the occupation yield. In order to measure the financial stability, to determine the accumulation of money and to assess the assets both financial and otherwise the 2nd, 4th and 11th houses are to be studied. Strong 2nd, 4th and 11th houses and the Sambandhan of the lords of these houses with the lord of the strong 9th house indicate wealthy people; money easily and quickly accumulates in their hands and these people enjoy very comfortable financial positions. They acquire and own landed properties also. If the 10th house and the 5th house are equally strong they enjoy a good reputation and occupy an honourable place of respect and prestige in the society also besides being financially very stable. If the 5th and the 10th houses are strong but they are weaker than the 2nd, 4th and 11th houses the wealth is there but reputation, respect, and prestige are proportionately less. Again the 2nd, 4th and the 11th houses the wealth and the assets both financial and otherwise are proportionately less than the reputation, prestige and credit enjoyed by the person concerned.

If the Surya (Sun), the Buddha (Mercury), the 5th and the 12th houses are weak there are chances for the ways and means of income and livelihood of the person concerned to the illegal and questionable; a weak Mangal (Mars) and/or a weak Shani (Saturn) if present further confirms the indications pointing to illegal and questionable occupation. The presence of a strong Guru (Jupiter), however, reduces to a very great extent the chances of such as eventuality.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

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