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Transit of Jupiter

Image result for jupiter transitJupiter’s return or Paryaya occurs every 12 years or so, when it undertakes one round of the zodiac from its natal sign. Say Jupiter is in Taurus at birth. From here he will cover Gemini, Cancer etc. till it completes Aries and regresses Taurus again. As soon as he enters Taurus, the second Paryaya commences. Subsequently each ingress of Jupiter in Taurus will initiate next Paryaya. Degree positions of Jupiter are not considered in such case. Although Jupiter covers 360 degrees from one ingress point to another, yet the Paryaya periods will be slightly different. Each Paryaya indicates a new phase of growth & development in life. It is the ideal time to push forward and be assertive, as efforts will usually be well rewarded. Some classical books like Jyotisharnava Navanitam and others give special & important effects for each Paryaya or return of Jupiter round the zodiac. However these results get further modified by Moorthy Nirnaya (as brought out in chapter 5) and according to occupation of Jupiter in various star/ Nakshtra from Janam Nakshtra. The results in 1st (Janam), 3rd (Vipat), 5th (Pratyari) and 7th (Vadha/ Nidhan) are particularly bad. The results may be neutralized by Vam/ Vipreet Vedha.

8.3.2 Effects during First Return (Birth to around 12 years of age). It concerns the move into adolescence & puberty. When Jupiter transits the natal Moon sign, the native may have bad health and cause financial loss to the father. In the 2nd house from natal Moon, this may provide financial gains and property to father or to family members. Jupiter’s transit in 3rd, may cause ill health to the native and loss of family wealth by dishonest friends. In the 4th from natal Moon, it may indicate sickness to the mother. In the 5th house, it may improve intellectual traits and the father may have better financial status. In the 6th house, native may suffer from dysentery & other digestive disorders, but cause father’s financial status to improve. While in 7th house, native’s father will enjoy multiple resources of income and native along with his family may visit religious places. In the 8th house, the native & his father may suffer illness. In the 9th house, native may gain from grandfather and his siblings may also be lucky. In the 10th house, it indicates loss of status or demotion in service of the father. The Jupiter, in the 11th house, brings all round prosperity to the family. In the 12th house, parents may incur heavy expenditure and some death may occur in near family. However during this period, financial status of father may improve. In the first round Jupiter may indicate auspicious results in general in Aries & Taurus, irrespective of the Moon sign at birth.

8.3.3 Effects during Second Return (13 to 24 years). It concerns the first real moves into adult world and time for acquisition of knowledge. Jupiter’s transit into Moon sign indicates bad health of the native. In the 2nd house, it may give success in education, blessing from family members, popularity among-st friends and appreciation from teachers. Transit in the 3rd house may bring mental worries, sickness and bad health & financial position of the father. In 4th house from natal Moon, it indicates ill health of the mother, quarrelsome nature and addiction to vices. Jupiter in 5th house provides good educational career, attainment of knowledge, success in competitions and better status of father. In the 6th house, it may create quarrels & bad temper with friends, disrespectful attitude to seniors and ill health. In 7th house it may give success in education, professional gains, and early marriage if promised. In 8th house, it indicates worry, anxiety, fatigue & bad health of father or some death in family. Jupiter’s transit in 9th house, gain from elders or some pilgrimage. In the 10th house it may cause loss of valuables, professional problems & changes. Transit in 11th house is always auspicious, there may be rise in job or expansion in business or birth of a child. In the 12th house it may cause excessive travelling, increased expenditure and cheating by some known persons. In this round also, Jupiter will be auspicious in general while transiting Aries & Taurus irrespective of the Moon sign.

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