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Know, how does the planet Jupiter help you?

What will happen if Jupiter is weak, and vice versa.

Related imageOpportunities, prestige, top posts and possessions of wealth means planet Jupiter is in extremely good positions in your horoscope.

The planet Jupiter strength depends on its own position and its associated planet’s influence on it. The weak Jupiter creates many crises in life, but due to the strong Jupiter (guru), person will get many benefits. The strong and well position Jupiter (Guru) means, auspicious in every sense, the person receives more spiritual benefits than physical means or materialistic things.

Every position of planet Jupiter gives different results. The zodiac in which Jupiter is present, is also influenced by the other planets. Planet Jupiter is the master in any horoscope, whatever the object or a person has, i.e. the magnitude of any good thing in person’s life, its factor is the planet Jupiter (Guru). 

The Jupiter is also representative of gold and valuable items and materials. Jupiter is the highest auspicious planet in comparison of all nine planets. Its presence enhances the purity. The Jupiter also gives his strength by putting his vision on his enemy.

The Jupiter is also a representative planet of Son. Jupiter’s presence in the horoscope of the woman, means is the factor of the husband. Weak Jupiter in any woman’s horoscope means a delay in marriage and also her husband is not happy for her. Balancing of the planet Jupiter is a necessary condition for a happy married life of a woman. In the same way, if planet Jupiter (Guru) is sitting on 5th house where Guru’s influence on son blessings.

With the strengthening of Jupiter, person is good critic, logical and blessed with all types of happiness along with lots of money. The other way, if its strength is impartial, the injustice, shame, blasphemy and fear of punishment etc. will be on their way always.

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