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Weather at the time of Birth Determines Personality Traits, A Study!

Related imageRecently I read an article from a reputed site. In which they have said, ‘weather during the birth determines your personality traits’. Let’s find out that how these facts are relevant in this scientific world where ancient Hindu Astrology also has irrepressible belief.

If we talk about ancient Hindu Astrology, there are many belief and logical reasoning of its way of calculations etc. In India, the time of birth, place and day are the main components. Also there are other ways of presumptions, which are palms and forehead lines. Now point is when these antique modes are very popular to get the impression of someone’s behaviour then how a particular type of weather at the time of birth affecting the existing stars movement in Jatak’s life.

Apart from this, Marine Science is other method which is popular in non-Hindu countries. Popularity of Marine Science is because of almost correct prediction calculations. Weather at the time of birth along with time and month are the main components for prediction of Jatak’s future and behavioural traits in Marine Science.

Here, we need to understand that how a particular type of environment play a major role in someone’s life while having a set destiny on the basis of Date, Time, and Place as per our system which is the Hindu ancient Astrology. Where Palm Science too is purely on the basis of lines on palm.

In a recent research, the initiative is being taken where weather at the time of birth is also one of the major components along with other regular components for predictions of Jatak’s personality. Calculated results are really interesting where accuracy level is satisfactory.

As per the research, they found some link between the weather at the time of birth and jatak’s personality traits. Now, this needs to understand that how weather at the time of birth affects the nature of a person and its entire personality.

In this research, the scientist’s theory is, the transmitters present in that weather at the time of birth, enters into a person’s brain and stay there till person grow to adolescence age. As per this theory they have provided some human behaviour on the basis of birth weather.

Summer born people
As per their research, summer born people are temperamental. The volcano present in their mind stays at all times to burst. So, you will not even be able to guess that when they may burst in on you? Apart from this, summer born people had excess energy. They can do many things at once and that too with full energy.

Winter born people
Children born in winter are very friendly, extrovert and social. They make people their friends very soon.  One of the major drawbacks of these people is, they become panicked in tough situations. They start arbitrating very quickly.

People born in Spring Season
People who are born in the spring, do not enjoy laziness at all. They like to live every way of life and like to help people.

Autumn Season
People born in this season always friendly with others and at the same time they also specialise in making friends.

But we differ here, our belief on the basis of Hindu Vedic Astrology, we do not agree on any link between weather (Marine Science) and significant personality traits. Minor body changes and working patterns can’t be denied where weather plays some role. Grooming arrangements of a child are the major factor on person’s behaviour and personality while having inevitable predestine patterns which are fixed on account of old ‘KARMAS’.

One can make their life in little ease and get out from predestine patterns on some certain level by doing real good in this present life. As per Ancient Hindu Vedic Astrology, you can’t change your predestine world, but can divert your livelihood by fetching sustenance due to on-going good KARMAS.

What are these sustenance which brings good in your life while having fixed predestine patterns. These are ways of fetching positive energy by doing some VASTU corrections, visiting places (temples, mosque, cathedral), preaching chants, meditation and sudden intrusion of a person in your contact who is full of positive energy.

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