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Delayed in Marriage, Why?

Combinations for delayed marriage:

Related imageWhen Saturn is in 13/5/7/10 either from Lagna or from the Moon and Saturn does not get beneficial aspect or does not own beneficial houses.

When Mars or Saturn own 7
th house and a malefic planet occupies 7th houses.

When Mars is in 8
th house or Rahu is in 7th house.
When 7th house lord and Jupiter are aspected by Saturn.
When 6/8/12 house are occupied by malefics.
When Lagna, Lagna Lord, the Moon or the Sun are under aspects of malefic planets.
When there is intense connection by aspect or otherwise Rahu and Mars in relation to 7th house or Mars.

When 7th, lord is posited in 6/8/12 house, girl marriage is delayed. More delay is indicated if malefic associated with 7th Lord.
When Rahu and Venus are in Lagna or 7th house or Mars and the Sun are in 7th house with other afflictions. With this combination, native can also run away for love or also involve in a scandal.

Combinations resulting in 'on marriage':
When the Sun, the Moon and 5th Lord are in conjunction with or aspected by Saturn.

When Venus is at a distance of 43 degrees or more the delectated Sun (Sun in Libra and Venus in Scorpio) and Venus is aspected conjoined with Saturn. In such a situation, even negotiations will fall through at the time of final stages.

When the Moon in the case of ladies and the Sun in the case of men is in Scorpio and is aspected by Saturn. With this combination, 7th house should have no planet.

When the 7th lord, Venus and Lagna Lord fall in barren signs i.e. Gemini, Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius.

When malefics occupy 6th, 7th, 8th house and even malefics on both sides of 7th house are considered unfavorable for marriage.

When Saturn is in 7
th and is aspected and conjoined by malefic planets.

When the Moon and Venus are in opposition without any benefit aspect.

When Lord of 7th is in 12th without any been aspect but receiving malefic aspects of Saturn Sun, Rahu all speak of separative aspects.

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