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What is Tratak Sadhana, How we can become a strong intuitive person?

 lamp GIFWhat is Tratak Sadhana? When a person meditates by concentrating on the extreme point which become absolute from the surrounding environment, even in the realm of relaxation. In this case, the center point of that person’s consciousness starts to be transformed towards from inner (an internal Brahm-system). This is the highest state, whereas the full powers of the human being are unified and able to attract and subdue others.

Is Tratak Sandhana a natural process of gaining any divine controls or is it based on any Hindu Vedic complex rituals? Yes, Tratak Sandhana is based on easy to follow certain rules, but these rules are absolutely very strict else person will not get any gain after spending hours.

Tratak Sadhana Method: Any medium can be adopted for this meditation, but it is preferable to use the means of ignited, a lamplight or point on some unstable things.

If you use pure ghee wick, it will be excellent. The lamp should be big and full of pure ghee. Also, the wick is to be placed carefully so that it never extinguish during meditation (Tratak Sadhana).

In the dark room, you should be alone while burning pure ghee wick, try to observe the flame of the lamp, absolute meditation towards the burning wick in that complete dark room is a must. Try to observe the deficiency of flamed wick, keep watching and try to move towards zero in the state of self-contemplation, keep continue with your absolute meditation while watching burning Deviation wick, gradually you will earn power which peep into your AGYA-CHAKRA. Initially this power accrues for a short period, but continue Tratak Sadhana will give you super strong intuitive power long-lasting.

Benefits of Tratak Sadhana: After reading this article, you will definitely be curious about its benefits. So, this Sadhana’s first advantage is that people or no one can oppose you. Every person or even crowd in front of you would be bound to be friendly to you and the second big advantage is that you are able to predict the occurring of any future event whether it is good or bad.

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