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Impact of Planet Venus transit in Zodiac Sun Signs!

 reality gold universe illusion byeee GIFPlanet Venus in any horoscope means luxury, prosperity and romance. Favorable status of the planet Venus in someone's life means, person never had to face the problems of money and love in life. Venus shows the direction of the person to fulfil all his wishes, makes him travel abroad and brings all comforts to his or her Life.
Suddenly, Leo people may get a romantic life, how? From time to time, planets of Solar System keep changing their place and zodiac positions, it is called transit in the auspices of astrological combinations. On September 15, 2017, at 10:43 a.m., the planet Venus is going to transit in Leo, where it will remain there till 21:37 minutes by October 19, 2017.

The planet of Venus is considered as planet of physical amenities. Obviously, it is going to have a big impact on the people of the lion. At the same time, this transit of Venus will leave the effect on other Zodiac signs as follows.

Aries sun-signs
People who have Aries sun-sign may affected by the transit of Venus in their 5th House. This transformation will strengthen their love relationships as well as private relations if any. Also, any misunderstandings or fights never create any major issues during the period of this transit.

Taurus sun-signs
This transit for the Taurus sun - sign will be in the 4th house and affect their personal life as well as love relationships positively. Their love for the family will increase and person will also try to spend more time with their family members.

Gemini sun-signs
Venus will occur in 3rd House by this transit. So, Gemini people can try for their long pending issues. They get success for sure. Also, they will get much time refining their hobbies along with fun trips.

Cancer sun-signs
Venus transit impact on people who are with cancer sun-signs are going to get big benefits during this period. Best time to deal in property, as well as improving your communication skill and style.

Leo sun-sign
This transit is very significant for Leo sun sign people. After this transition, the honour of Leo people will increase and will know for good deeds. Others will come to you and get your advice for solutions. They will also get the support of their siblings.

Virgo sun-signs
Venus transit in Virgo will be on 12th house. Their mind will be cool and in physical comforts, their success will also increase, but they keep themselves in control. The careers of Virgo people will get new opportunities and foreign travel is also possible. Long business trips will be beneficial during this transit.

Libra sun-signs
Transit of Venus will be in 11th house for Libra people, during this time they will experience prosperity in their life. Any wish of their heart is going to be fulfilled. Opposite gender people who are connected with Libra are also benefited.

Scorpio sun-signs
During this transition, Venus will be in the 10th house in the horoscope of Scorpio people. People who are into business and are in foreign companies, will be benefited. They may get complete cooperation from every connected person. Love and harmony in personal relationships will increase tremendously. Mother's health will be better than before. To get more and quick benefits, one must feed Jaggery (GUD) two cows.

Sagittarius sun-signs
Venus transit will be in Navam Bhaav in Sagittarius people. They will get the opportunities and benefited in business. You are going to get the full opportunity of your hard work. Father can also get promotions.

Capricorn sun-signs
In this transit Venus will travel in 8th house in Capricorn's horoscopes. Capricorns may have to face difficulties related to health. They also need to control their desires as well. There is a possibility of confrontation in their private life, there may be sudden loss or loss from somewhere. Take advantage of benefits while staying in an extent. Do daily chant of Durga Mantra will give some ease.

Aquarius sun-signs
Venus is transiting in the 7th house for Aquarius people. Kumbh will have an auspicious effect on your personal life. Their married life will be more pleasant than before. They will get a good opportunity to spend time with the family. They may improve their image in society and may achieve their goals.

Pisces sun-signs

Venus will travel in the 6th house in the zodiac of Pisces people. Their energy will be high during this period. Interest in sports may occur. Expenses are likely to increase. But separation can be seen during this period from the loved ones. Again, you also likely to be benefited from your siblings. Feed the flour and Jaggery to Cows regularly.

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