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Why Hindus Worship Lotus Flower!

 lotus GIFNature is beautiful, everything which is a part of nature is very beautiful. I alone is not saying this, but every alive creature love nature. These alive creatures are not only attractive, but also equipped with many such qualities which are used for human interest. Some of them are considered to be completely divine powers.

 lotus GIFIn Hindu culture and written in Vedic Hindu Puranas that Peepal and Banyan trees are considered symbols of divine powers; in almost all the holy rivers, there is divine existence, but if you talk about flowers, then there is a flower which few people know about it but It does not reduce its supernatural power.

In our Hindu culture, Lotus flower is symbolic to Brahma ji ka Kamal, it is considered to be the flower of Brahma ji, the creator of the universe himself. The flower which is found on the heights of the Himalayas also holds its mythological significance. It is believed that this flower is full of human desires. This lotus is white colored, which is really attractive to look at, it is also mentioned in many mythological stories.

In our Vedic Hindu Puranas, there are many mythological beliefs associated with Brahma ji Ka Kamal, in which one of them is, 'according to the creator of the universe, which is Brahma ji only, is born from a lotus flower (Kamal ke Phool se), and then Brahma ji created this universe.

 lotus GIFAccording to another legend story, when the Pandavas were on the exile in the forest, Draupadi (wife of Pandawas) was also with them during their exile. It was difficult for her to vanish past memories related with the Kauravas, and other difficulties of staying in the forests were also giving mental distress.

But one day when she saw one golden lotus flower flowing in wave of water, all her pain turned into joy, she gained some kind of spiritual energy in her. She immediately sent her most devoted husband Duryodhana to discover that golden flower, during this chase, Duryodhana met Hanuman ji.

A very popular belief related to Lotus Flower which says any person who sees this flower, his or her desires are fulfilled. But it is not easy to see it as it blooms in late nights for a few hours and that too once in 14 years.


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