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What is death really? Are you also afraid of death?

Robert Ek animation art loop 3d GIFWhat is death really? Why, we afraid of death? Are you also afraid of death?

These are very obvious and relevant questions in every human mind. Death and its fear, always haunting conscious creatures and every human being. 

In my dictionary, "Death is equal to complete wipe-out of our subconscious mind." 

I believe that death is simply a process of changing of new bodies of our soul, it is like we change our clothes every day. But on the other hand death in this fascinating world is such a route which no one wants to adopt. Death is unbreakable, it takes a person to make his own misery.

Why, we afraid of death, that is because nobody in any society wants to discuss death and its reasons. Only saints, philosophers, intellectuals talks about it, we must talk about it.

We are afraid of death because we are submerged in the "physical pleasures", "selfishness", "jealousy" and "greed".

Death is not a matter of mourning or fear, ask any philosopher or saint! Fear of death is for those who does not want to leave the pleasure of this materialistic world. Other than this we do not understand and try to know that death is always firmly rooted, it is the only truth of God's creation. One must try to understand, 'What is Death?'

Actually, we never die. Death is only about to leave the physical body made of PANCH-TATVA for our Soul or Spirit. So, here question arises then who dies? And the simple answer is no one but our body, it also has its own life which varies as per every individuals' handling. Our body also needs good care like other important things in everyone's life.

Here, we will try to explain that how we never dies, but our body dies. 

You must have seen some people lives beyond the age of 100. But have you ever seen them running or walking without any support? They all are dependent for almost everything. Still, you want to live, I think no one, at this span of time! 

Every person at this age wants to be in normal life, it is only possible with a healthy body, which is only possible when our soul leave this body and adopt the newborn body. This process is life and once we (our soul) move to the other newborn body, we (our soul) forget every memory linked with previous body.

So, complete wipe-out of our subconscious mind is death, which can be a normal course of action like changing clothes every day where the only difference is the time duration.

Imagine, if nature change this rule and we remember everything related to our previous body then what will happen to our materialistic world? Total chaos everywhere may be!

At the end we must say that Death tells us to leave the physical body made of PANCH-TATAVA i.e. Earth, Sky, Water, Vayu and Fire (पृथ्वी, आसमान, वायु, जल और अग्नि), if our body dies then do we think or say that we die?

And even when we do not die, this soul which is 'we' does not die, then where is the fear-factor, how it arises?

One must accept this change joyfully, feel happy for getting a new life, or according to karma, salvation is the most beautiful gift of this nature. 

This shattered sick body, painful life is going to go now, new morning is coming. This shattered sick body, life in pain, life is going to go now, new morning is about to come.

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