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Analysis of a Chart with regard to Marriage & Sex!

 wedding the office marriage john krasinski jim halpert GIFLet us take a chart and analyse the basics. My intent is to show you that a chart which looks powerful may give opposite results once we look at it closely. We need to apply the basic principle that i will try to explain.

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The first look at the chart. You will be fascinated by the exalted Jupiter which holds the Kartatwa for second, fifth, seventh (in case of ladies & this chart is of a lady born in 1979), ninth and eleventh. All houses related to family, marriage and good understanding with the spouse - Jupiter looks promising.

The situation is opposite. The husband  maintains no physical contact, emotionally gives little support, married life is on the brink of divorce and they have no children. Jupiter is with Moon and Mercury - a powerful yoga. 

Saturn, Sun , Venus and Rahu are in the 11th house (LEO) & Mars is in 9th house (GEMINI) and is also the 7th lord. 

Why has Jupiter (exalted) not given her the desired results. 

THE FIRST REASON IS THAT IT IS COMBUST. Combust Jupiter never gives good results. It gave marriage and it was a settled marriage & performed as per rituals. Jupiter whenever combust by Sun will never give good results for marriage. Sun as a planet does not auger well for marriage and straight relatioships. Jupiter gets those properties when it gets combust. 

Venus again as Lagna Lord is COMBUST.  Close conjunction of Sun and Venus.

Jupiter is in Ashlesha. This Nakshatra is not positive for marriage, married life and emotions. It is all about deception, illusion, tricks and ruled by the serpent kingdom.

Always look at the Nakshatra (not for the lord) but the characteristics of the Nakshatra and the Diety which presides over it. 

Ashlesha where Jupiter & Moon both fall is the best in present times to rise in life. It is also deals with communication and using mass communication to your advantage. The serpent looks glamorous and beautiful - has a different aura. Can make you very successful as one knows how to talk and do the required PR work. 

She is in the world of PR, event management and has started building her own events. She is presently an entrepreneur. She will do well but not reach great heights as Jupiter & Venus are not inherently powerful as they are combust.

Rahu in 11th with  Sun, Venus and   Saturn will take her to a good level though. Rahu has its own ways in giving & taking. In this case it will give money, powerful friends and the works. Sun in 11th will put the spot light on her network of associates, PR skills and she will also when the Dasha -  Bhukti helps give huge gains.

So the exalted Jupiter which rules marriage looses its power and characteristics nakshatra as I explained) to sustain marriage. Venus which is all about UNION is also combust but will give results of a different nature because of Rahu and it being in Magha Nakshtra (material side of Ketu becomes dominant in Magha).

Please remember not to start telling benefic results for Jupiter or Venus if well placed. They may give some results that are benefic and modify results with respect to profession or some other aspect. HAVE A CLOSER LOOK. NO PLANET IS A COMPLETE BENEFIC OR MELAFIC - MY VIEW. 

Lord of 7th Mars is in Gemini in Ardra Nakshtra (gives a dominating & unrelenting nature and ruled by Radra which is Shiva and has the energy of Rahu which is all about being in your own world of illusion. They can be deceitful and tricky) which will give her a very stubborn person  and a husband who can keep tricking her. That is what is happening. 

The idea of EXPLAINING this was NEVER look at exalted Jupiter and start predicting all great things on Marriage. Same is with Venus for sex and marriage.

Yes - all can never be bad so on the professional front she will do good and this Jupiter may not allow her to get out of the marriage easily. The husband represented by Mars is not a straight person as i have  tried to explain. 

I would like to end now as wanted to explain a limited point.

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