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What are the benefits of wearing 'Turtle Ring'!


With the advice of astrology, many people wear gems on their hands or they wear gems on a bracelet or on the neck chain. These gems are of different colors. The reason behind wearing them is also due to the horoscope of the Jaataak. But nowadays, in addition to the gems, many types of rings are seen in people's hands, one of which is 'Turtle Ring'.

Turtle ring
This ring I saw in the past few days in the hands of many people. And after seeing this curiosity, why such a ring is worn. Provided that its fashion will not be intriguing. When I searched about it on the internet to calm my curiosity, I got many answers which I am going to share with you.

Benefits of Turtle Ring
Indeed, the turtle ring is considered auspicious within Vastu Shastra. This ring works to calm many of the faults of a person's life. But if it is most helpful in some matter, then because of this 'increase in self-confidence'

Maha-Laxmi In fact, according to the scriptures, the tortoise that lives in water is considered to be a symbol of positivity and progress. This turtle is also an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to the mythology of sea churning, the turtle was born from sea churning and the goddess Lakshmi also came from there.

Wearing Turtle Ring is a Symbol of prosperity, Let us know How?
This is the reason that the turtle gives so much importance in Vastu Shastra. The turtle is considered to be a wealth addition by adding to Goddess Lakshmi. Apart from this, this creature is also a symbol of patience, peace, continuity and prosperity.

What benefits we will get after wearing turtle ring? And what are the precautions we have to take?

According to Vaastu Shastra, the turtle ring is usually made of silver. If you want to use any other metal such as gold or any other gem, then you can make the shape of a turtle in silver and attach the gold design or gem on it.

What is the basic rule of wearing Turtle Ring?
Keep in mind that this ring should be made in such a way that the person wearing the head of the turtle should come towards the person wearing the head piece. If the turtle's face is outward, then the money will go away instead of money.

What are the Precautions, we have to take while wearing turtle ring?
This ring is worn directly in hand. Wear it in the middle finger or index finger of the hand directly. The turtle has been linked with mother Lakshmi, so the day of holding it is also Friday, which is considered as a day to please the Goddess of wealth.

Buy this ring on Friday and bring it home. Put it in front of a picture or statue of Lakshmi for some time. Don’t stay there for some time atleast. Then wash it with a mixture of milk and water and finally wear it. If you want, you can also chant of Mother Lakshmi's seed mantra during this period.

It is not correct to rotate it after wearing the ring. If you rotate it, then the head of the turtle will also change its direction, which can bring obstacles in coming money.

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